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These 20 Free Coloring Pages Are For Every Kind Of Kid

There’s something for everybody.

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When it comes to coloring, kids know something that we as adults sometimes forget: It’s fun. There's just something relaxing about following the pattern, picking out crayons or markers, and filling a black and white page with color, bringing the image to life. Of course, sometimes all it takes is for a younger sibling to scribble in a coloring book to ruin their masterpiece (and cause a major fight). That's why you need to check out these 20 free printable coloring pages for kids: They'll inspire your kids to pick up their crayons, and you can always print out more.

The cool thing about coloring pages is that you can find them on almost any topic. You can even match them to something that your kids are learning in school (think science or reading). They aren’t stuck with the same theme for pages and pages, like they might be with a regular coloring book. And coloring isn’t good for just keeping your kiddo occupied (which, obvs, is a big bonus) — it’s an essential therapeutic tool when it comes to relaxing and winding down, Kid Companions reported. Not only does it help pave the way for mindfulness, but it can even help boost your child’s fine motor skills as they learn how to maneuver their fingers to hold the crayon and color within the lines, according to Scholastic.

So what will your kid color today? Be sure to have enough paper and ink ready to find out.


Llama And Sloth Coloring Page

When it comes to coloring, you can’t beat Crayola. The coloring giant is offering tons of free pages, with designs from sleepy sloths and llamas to space-traveling unicorns to a road trip scavenger hunt. There are totals underneath each free page to see how many times it’s already been printed by other people. But if your child is wondering whether a llama actually sleeps upside down, they might be disappointed to learn that they snooze curled up with their legs underneath them, and not, you know, hanging from a tree branch.


LEGO Coloring Page

From flowers to fruit and car logos to cartoons, there are so many coloring pages to choose from at Coloring-4Kids. The Disney printable pages feature iconic characters like Buzz and Woody, Lady and the Tramp, and even Wreck-it-Ralph. And if you want to avoid tripping over Legos IRL, you can print out some fun pages to color instead. This one features two LEGO characters planting in front of a house, and with its clean lines, it makes it not just fun to color, but can help your child learn their shapes (think squares, rectangles, and triangles), too.


Peanuts Coloring Page

The website for the Charles M. Schulz Museum is packed with fun, free activities, including some of the cutest printable coloring pages ever. For those looking to take their Peanuts-inspired art to the next level, there are also downloadable cartooning instructions for how to draw Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock. (You can also head over to the Snoopy YouTube channel to watch short video tutorials on how to draw your favorite beagle and his pals.) This scene of Lucy taking the ball away from Charlie Brown is a total classic.


Cupcake Coloring Page

Your kiddo can color something as simple as a shark or opt for a more intricate design, like giraffes or elephants, on the Just Color Kids site. There are seasonal pages, like Christmas or Dia de los Muertos, and even a Precious Moments page. And for something sweet, kids can color in cupcakes and cakes, like this one adorned with heart-shaped sprinkles and a cherry on top that’s begging to be bright red. It might inspire a baking sesh after your kiddo has finished coloring.


Ladybug Coloring Page

On this site, you can pick from coloring books or individual pages. The Famous Places coloring book allows your kiddo to take a virtual vacay by coloring in well-known landmarks, like Chichen Itza in Mexico or the Eiffel Tower in France. The toys and dolls section has toys that your child probably already knows (and loves), like Shopkins, American Girl, and L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Your child probably won’t mind coloring in a creepy crawly bug, like this cute ladybug.


Nick Jr. Giant Coloring Pack

Your kiddo can color all of their favorite Nick Jr. cartoon characters (think Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer, PAW Patrol, and Blue’s Clues) with the Giant Coloring Pack. There are 25 fun pages in this pack to choose from, so your child will have a blast coloring in all their beloved characters. Just be sure to have a lot of paper in your printer, since this free download has a whopping 25 pages to color in.


Animal Coloring Page

With more than 30 different categories, your kid won’t know which page to pick and color first. They can color in Humpty Dumpty or Little Miss Muffet in the nursery rhymes section, or learn the days of the week. And if your kiddo is musically inclined, they might like the music section, which is broken down into various categories complete with people (and animals) playing musical instruments. Of course, it’s funny to see a frog playing a string instrument, or in the case of this coloring page, a parrot playing the maracas. Although their origin is up for debate, some historians attribute the invention of the maracas to pre-colonial Tupi people in Brazil, as well as Tainos, native Indians from Puerto Rico.


Birthday Cake Coloring Page

If your kiddo is having a birthday, they should print out some pages at Coloring.WS. The birthdays section has birthday cakes and a cute teddy bear blowing out the candles. You can print out the pages in anticipation of your child’s birthday as a countdown to the big day, or simply have them on the table with markers, crayons, glitter, and glue for a fun birthday party craft.


Asparagus Coloring Pages

If you thought that Dole only offered fruits and veggies, think again. Dole is now serving up some coloring pages to entertain kids — and hopefully influencing kids to reach for healthier snacks. For example, they can color in Bobby Banana, Amber Orange, or Christopher Cantaloupe, which are (almost) too cute to eat. Our faves: Annie and Arthur Asparagus, the green veggies that might make your pee smell slightly sour, but are loaded with antioxidants as well as vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6.


Essential Workers Coloring Page

If you want your child’s coloring to go to a good cause, download some sheets from Fun 365. Your kiddo can show their thanks to essential workers like truck drivers, store and delivery workers, officers and more — all the while coloring to their heart’s content. They can give out the artwork after they're done or just use it as a means of self-expression. And as they’re selecting a new crayon to color with, you can explain just why essential workers are so incredibly important to not just our communities, but our daily lives as well.


Castle And Dragon Coloring Page

Learning their ABCs and 123s will be easy when they color them in using the free printable pages from Printable Free Coloring. They can get in touch with nature by coloring in bouquets of flowers, or dream of sand between their toes with the beach pages. There are also superheroes and supervillains that could be cut out after coloring and played with afterwards. But by far, some of the best coloring pages for kids on this site are the castles. And this one comes with turrets, flags, and the obligatory fire-breathing dragon... all to color in.


Alice in Wonderland Coloring Page

For kiddos who are new to the coloring game, the color by number coloring pages on Hello Kids can help them learn their colors and their numbers. There’s also an option to create and color your own drawing. Or, you can take a page from literature (literally), and print out an Alice in Wonderland coloring page. But unlike the White Rabbit who is always rushing about, your child can take their time as they color in all the characters.


Baby Yoda Coloring Page

Your little troll (ha) will love the Trolls World Tour pages — and so much more — on the Get Coloring Pages site. There are popular characters like Sonic and Super Mario, as well as coloring collections of Sheriff Callie or Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker. It might be Baby Yoda for the win, though, since he’s one of the cutest free printable coloring pages for kids out there. Just be sure to have a lot of green markers for your kid to color with.


Barbie Coloring Page

There are so many coloring options to choose from on Coloring-Book, including Chuggington Train, Coco, Frozen, and much more. The site lists its pages alphabetically as opposed to categorically, which means you might find a retro character (like Holly Hobbie or Hello Kitty) for you, er, your child, to color in. But the Barbie coloring pages are the ones that might make your kiddo grab their crayons. Interestingly enough, the first Barbie, which appeared on the fashion doll scene in 1959, was created by Ruth Handler, who co-created Mattel, Inc.


Ballerina Coloring Page

Let’s say your little artist wants some recognition for their coloring capabilities. On The Color, kids can register for a free account and potentially have their picture featured on the site. Categories include endangered animals, airplanes, famous paintings and places, as well as planets and U.S. presidents. If your child has a passion for pink, though, they might love the ballerina coloring pages, and in particular, this pair of ballet shoes that are begging to be colored in a blushing (and beautiful) pink color.


Spiderman Coloring Page

There are over 3,000 pages waiting to be printed (and colored) at All Kids Network. They’re organized by category (think holidays, animals, movie and cartoon characters) along with a substantial Disney section. Kids can also color in the connect the dot pages, along with the hidden pictures pages, too. For the child who’s just stuck on superheroes, the Spiderman coloring page will make their spidey senses tingle. Your child can marvel over their artwork as they color in this Marvel character.


Farm Coloring Page

From superheroes to sports, your child won’t know where to start coloring. There’s a "community helpers and people" section, which features not just people pitching in to make the world a better place, but also an emotions coloring page which just might help your child express how they’re feeling. For a more relaxed afternoon of coloring, you can’t beat this farm scene, which depicts a family tending to a wide variety of animals. It’s estimated that there are over 2 million farms in the U.S. alone, with the average farm size measuring in at 444 acres.


Coloring Home

If you’re looking for fun little Fisher Price characters, you’ll find them at Coloring Home. In addition to toys, you'll find many other categories like Little Einsteins or even Snow White. For kids who love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, they’ll be all ears for this free printable coloring page. It features the two lovebirds (um, mice), apparently making a Thanksgiving meal. That could be a good printout while everyone’s waiting for the golden bird to be done roasting.


Rainbow Coloring Page

Education.com adds an extra educational element to its free coloring pages. For example, your kid can learn about the water cycle program while he colors in the sun and lakes. Or younger kids can practice counting while connecting the dots and coloring in objects like cupcakes. And if you’re trying to get your child to understand the concept of ROYGBIV, this coloring page will help them see every color of the rainbow.


Earth & Moon Coloring Page

Give your child an out-of-this-world coloring experience with this Earth and Moon coloring page. Not only can your little one learn about our planet (and how to protect it by becoming more eco-friendly), but you can also explain the moon’s synchronous rotation with Earth (i.e. its ability to rotate around the Earth as well as on its own axis once every 27 days), which makes it look like it never moves— but it does.

Coloring has never been so calming or fun than with these fun pages. And with so many options to choose from, better stock up on crayons and markers, momma.

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