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17 Children's Books About Moms & Their Love For Their Babies

All you need is love.

As many moms know, there are some children’s books that are hard to read without getting a little choked up. Touching illustrations and storylines that speak to the unspeakable love a mom poses for her kids can leave you looking for your hanky mid-tuck-in time, especially around Mother’s Day. So fair warning, keep some Kleenex handy if you read any of these 17 children’s books celebrating moms.

Each is sweeter than the next. These books bring the world of motherhood to readers from around the globe and showcase the universality of a mother’s special bond with her children. Some of the books use simple language, ideal for the littlest listeners, while others get more poetic. Some are silly, some are extremely heartfelt, but all of them are great choices to pull off the bookshelf as you sit down for some quality holiday time with your crew.

And when in doubt on what to choose, pick a few. Because the four greatest words in the English language (out of the mouths of babes) are “can we read another?” So settle in for a cozy afternoon of storytime this Mother’s Day.

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A Book Celebrating Lesbian Moms

A beautiful celebration of a lesbian couple and their child, this lovely board book shows children that all families are special and important.


A Book About the Magic of Moms

What makes your mom magical? That’s the question this book asks readers as it gives suggestions of the magical powers mamas hold.


A Tale for Moms and Daughters

Introduce your child to feminism from a young age with this book that follows one brave mom and her gutsy daughter as they attempt to tackle challenges in their life.


A Book About Mothers’ Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is difficult to explain to a child. So use this book instead. In it a mama fox explains how she loves her children whether they’re frightened, happy sad, or bashful.


A Story About How Every Mother Is Unique

A little giraffe wanders off from his mother, then searches the jungle to find her finding many look-a-likes along the way. But only one true mom will do in this sweet story.


A Story About Sharing Wishes with Mom

In many ways, shared wishes are the foundation upon which children and parents form their relationships. And that’s the heart of this book that looks at how a mom and child share their wishes with each other each night.


A Picture Book About Taking Mama With You Everywhere

In this book a racoon mama kisses her baby’s hand so he can always carry her with him. This has become an elementary school favorite and a great way to reassure children on their first days at school.


A Love Story for Little Stinkers

“But Mama, but Mama, what if I were a super smelly skunk, and I smelled so bad that my name was Stinky Face?” Yep, like most moms, even in this scenario you’d still love your child unconditionally. That’s what this story teaches children.


A Mom For What Ails You

A dose of mom a day keeps the doctor away in this tale about how moms make everything better.


A Book About The Lengths We’ll Go to for Our Mamas

In this incredibly touching picture book, a family is about to take their annual family photos. But mom doesn’t want to be included because chemotherapy has left her without hair. So her loving son goes on a quest to find her some hair.


A Story About Sharing Mom

Author Miranda Paul and Caldecott Honor Artist Jason Chin deliver a story that helps big siblings understand the arrival of a new addition from lessons on baby’s growth inside mom’s belly to the actual birth scene.


In Honor of Military Moms

Military moms are a special kind of superhero. They serve and protect at home and abroad. Which is why they deserve special attention and gives them just that.


A Story About Wanting to Be Just Like Mom

This beautifully illustrated book follows one girl’s desire to dress up in saris to look just as lovely as her mother. Will her wish come true? You’ll have to read the book to find out.


A Book About Bedtime Bonding

Family’s evening traditions can be a big part of the bonding experience as author Nancy Redd showcases in Bedtime Bonnet. The book looks at how one family takes care of each other by donning various headgear each night.


A Book About Love in the Little Moments

This heartwarming tale is still an ideal book for moms because it shows, in sweet verse, how a bear and its cub spend a day, just doing the simple things together. And isn’t that a lot of what motherhood is about?


A Story About Limitless Love

Kids will test a mother’s limits. In poetic verse, this book shows that push and pull while interspersing lovely arctic characters including whales, wolves, puffins, and sled dogs, throughout.


A Happy Tale from Hoda Kotb

Today Show co-anchor Hoda Kotb wrote this children’s book after being inspired by her daughter, Haley Joy. And you can tell it’s written from the heart. It looks at all the little moments that make them happy each day. A sweet story to share any night during tuck-in time.

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or just another Tuesday, these books are worth adding to your child’s library or picking up from the library and sharing with one another.