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25 Holiday Gifts For 3-Year-Olds That Will Grow With Them

These gift ideas are perfect for little ones that aren't quite preschoolers, but are past the young toddler years.

The magical age that follows the "terrible" twos, but doesn't come with quite as many demands as early elementary school is such a beautiful, fun time — especially around the holidays. The best gifts for 3-year-olds are the ones that light up their little minds to spark creativity and curiosity. (Bonus points if it's covered in shiny paper they can rip to shreds.)

Watching a 3-year-old dive head-first into a pile of holiday gifts is one of the most enjoyable things I can think of about parenting kids that age. When my boys were that age, they were absolutely amazed by each and every thing they opened. The excitement on Christmas morning at our house was palpable. It didn't really matter what their gifts were because opening any new toy at that point was thrilling.

Because my kids were so excited by just about any new thing, I took advantage of this age to stock up on toys that would grow with them and help them learn through play. Since preschoolers are always learning, even gifts without a defined educational element can help them expand their already blossoming critical thinking skills and help foster their sense of imagination.

From building toys to dolls, kitchen sets, instruments, ride-on toys, and more, even if you do happen to have a sassy "threenager" on your hands, the gifts on this list are still sure to impress your 3-year-old.

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At 3 years old, the ability to build, create, and make new shapes from existing shapes using Magna-Tiles can keep a little one entertained for what feels like eons. This 32-piece set is the perfect amount to get your little one started constructing masterpiece after masterpiece from these colorful magnetic tile sets.

Kinetic Sand

Is there anything better than squishing sand between your fingers? For a 3-year-old, there definitely isn't. This kinetic sand set is a great way for your kiddos to get the full sand play experience without a messy trip to the beach. It comes with 10 plastic tools for molding and sculpting the sand, and a bin to keep everything nice and tidy.

Play Tent

Having a space all their own to hide out and play in can help encourage your child's creativity. Whether they use it as a reading nook, a sleepover space, a fort, or a stuffed animal den, this adorable rainbow teepee from Crate & Kids makes a beautiful addition to any playroom.

Dress Up Clothes

Playing dress-up is basically a rite of passage for every preschooler. Your 3-year-old can pretend to be an explorer, an aviator, an archeologist, and more with this adventurer dress up kit from Lakeshore Learning. This kit includes all of the accessories your little one needs to dream big.


This Play-Doh Fun Factory set has everything your 3-year-old needs to build and sculpt every single Play-Doh creation their minds can dream up. With more than 30 tools to cut, shape, and mold with, and six tubs of colorful doh to choose from, the options for play are truly endless.

Baby Alive Doll

If your 3-year-old enjoys playing pretend, they will likely love pretending to care for their very own Baby Alive doll. The Baby Alive Step 'N Giggle doll has light-up shoes and says phrases like "Whoa, look at my shoes" to encourage kids to play with the doll and help her "learn" to walk.

Pretend Piano

Much to the displeasure of their parents' ears, little kids love to make music. If a musical instrument is on your 3-year-old's holiday wish list, this preschooler-sized grand piano is an adorable choice. It features 18 working keys and a fun rainbow dot color scheme that's perfect for any kid's room.

Safari Animals

Little animal lovers will just adore receiving this safari animal set as a holiday gift. Its gorgeous wooden aesthetic and display box ensure that even once your 3-year-old has outgrown the desire to play pretend with their animal friends, the set can become a treasured keepsake for years to come.

LEGO Duplo

If your 3-year-old's room isn't already overflowing with millions of toddler-sized LEGO bricks, this LEGO Duplo Brick Box is the perfect set to kick-off their brick-building years. The 65-piece starter set gives your little one everything they need to build their very own LEGO creations over and over again.

Sticker Book

For 3-year-olds who love animals and also can't resist the urge to cover everything they own in stickers, this farm animal sticker activity book is a wonderful gift to give. Perfect for keeping little ones entertained without technology, lights, or sounds, they can enjoy sticking animal stickers on each and every page of this activity book.

Kitchen Toys

My kids have always loved helping out in the kitchen, and having their own kitchen toys to play with helped keep them out of my hair when they were still too little to mix without sloshing brownie batter all over the floor. This baker's mixing kit with a wooden stand mixer, cookie sheet, spoon, rolling pin, and faux cookies is perfect for 3-year-old aspiring chefs.

Baby Shark Ride-on

Yes, you do-do-do-do-doo need another Baby Shark toy in your life. (I know, but just this one, I promise!) Your 3-year-old will love hearing their favorite tune while they ride this battery operated Baby Shark ride-on toy all through your house. With a maximum speed of 2.5 mph, they'll get a kick out of "swimming" through the sea with their ocean-loving pal.

Veterinarian Play Set

With this veterinarian play set, your 3-year-old will have everything they need to pretend they're just like Doc McStuffins. With a wooden thermometer, stethoscope, syringe, and vaccine bottle, two x-ray films, a medical collar, and a bag to put it all in, they can give every stuffed animal in their collection a proper check-up.


A three-wheeled scooter is the perfect scooter for beginning riders to learn how to cruise. This Micro Kickboard is small enough for riders as young as 2 years old, but with a 110-pound weight limit, it can also grow with your child. The LED light-up wheels are an added element of fun for your little one.

Balance Board

There are so many ways your 3-year-old can play with a balance board. Standing, rocking, sitting, sliding, stacking toys, and crawling under — the options with a balance board are truly limitless. Choose from three different sizes to fit your child's height range and watch your little one enjoy endless ways to play.

Climbing Stones

If you have an active 3-year-old who just can't stay still, these Gonge Riverstones are incredible for helping little wiggle worms get their energy out. Kids can jump, climb, balance, and hop over the stones, creating fun games and challenges for themselves as they go. Use indoors or out and watch your child's imagination soar.

Building Bath Pipes

Bath time is the perfect time to let your little ones play until they just can't play anymore. (After all, they're contained in one spot and you can relax for a moment, right?) These Building Bath Pipes can be moved around to pour water through and are an adorable way for your 3-year-old to enjoy learning in the tub.


Three is the perfect age to start investing in key playroom pieces that your child can enjoy for years to come. I played with my dollhouse as a kid form toddlerhood well into elementary school. This Melissa & Doug dollhouse set includes figurines and furniture to fill each and every room.

Busy Board

For 3-year-olds learning how to dress themselves, this busy board is the perfect tool to help them master buttons, ties, zippers, buckles, and more. It comes in a convenient carrying case, so it's great to have to keep your little ones busy on-the-go when traveling in the car, on an airplane, or even if you just need a moment of peace at home.

Floor Puzzle

Giant puzzles that your 3-year-old can get down on the floor and put together are so much fun. Puzzles are also great gifts for families with kids of multiple ages because they can put them together with each other. Your kids can move their body while challenging their mind with this adorable dinosaur-themed floor puzzle from Puzzle Huddle.

Magnetic Fishing Set

Wooden play toys that imitate real life activities are so much fun for 3-year-olds. With this magnetic fishing set, your little one can pretend they're deep sea fishing as they cast, catch, and reel in the five wooden fish shapes included in this set. It's a simple, adorable way to help encourage their imaginations.

Clock Puzzle

As a 3-year-old, learning key life skills like telling time is a big deal. Toys like this glow-in-the-dark clock puzzle can help little learners explore the concept of telling time while they play. Between the puzzle elements and the bright colors, your little one won't even know they're learning — they'll just be having fun.

Mom & Baby Stuffed Animals

My best friend told me that her 3-year-old is currently enamored with stuffed animal sets that include a baby and a mommy or daddy. If your little one's heart is this pure as well, they will likely love receiving this stuffed sea turtle mom and baby set this holiday season.

Fire Engine Set

For little fire truck-loving 3-year-olds, having a fire engine play set of their very own is kind of like a dream come true. Make all of your child's holiday dreams a reality by gifting them this set complete with a fire engine with working ladder, two firefighter figurines, and the station Dalmatian.

Balance Bike

For 3-year-olds who are just starting to learn how to ride a bike, having a balance bike to practice with is a great way to get the fundamentals of riding down. These bikes without pedals help them develop the coordination needed to pedal with confidence when the time comes.