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These 18 Gifts & Toys For Babies Will Last Longer Than 2 Seconds

Who doesn't love a chewable giraffe, I ask you?

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Baby gift shopping. The words alone sound so promising. Yet ask any parent and they’ll tell you that not all baby gifts are equal. Some of the most jazzy, light-up, noise-making toys end up being a total bust while the cardboard box they came in is the real winner. So how can you pick something a baby will actually enjoy? Try this cheat sheet of 20 gifts for babies that will last longer than 2 seconds.

Using knowledge of early childhood development paired with research of toys and baby gifts that have received positive parent approval, Romper has put together a list of toys and gifts for little ones proven to stand the test of time. These items are wonderful because they’re washable, safe, help develop fine motor skills, introduce babies to colors and textures, and, wait for it... aren’t obnoxiously loud.

Bright and beautiful, these are toys you won't mind looking at (because while you may aspire to putting your baby’s stuff away every evening, ultimately it’s just not going to always happen). Kid stuff tends to take over a home, and when the living room inevitably becomes the playroom, you’ll want toys that you can actually stand to have around, like these.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


A Playful Playset

Here’s why a sweet Pottery Barn activity mat is a great gift: baby will find it wildly entertaining and be so distracted that baby’s parents can take a breath and do something, like sort the laundry or wash some dishes. Win/win.


A Toy Boat They Can Ride

This is for babies starting to walk. Pop them in this little ship, sing “Row, Row, Your Boat,” and they’ll be happier than a sailor just returned from sea.


A Cube To Help Them Sort Shapes

When in doubt, buy a baby gift from Melissa & Doug. The children’s toy brand just gets it, and this sorting block — which teaches babies about shapes and spatial awareness — is no exception.


Artistic Cards to Develop Perception

This stack of black and white cards may seem like an infant Rorschach test, but they’re actually a great way to help encourage a baby's visual perception. Even better, babies love them.


Veggie Rattles

Rattles come in many forms, but we love this squishy set because they double as snuggle buddies when the baby needs some comfort.


Rainbow Stacking Blocks

Colorful stacking elements are a great way to let babies explore shapes and sizes. Plus, this rainbow just looks really cool.


A Toy That Introduces Baby To Instrumental Sounds

OK, I know I promised no obnoxious sounds and I meant it. While this is a noise-making device, it’s actually pretty subtle so you won’t have to stuff your ears with cotton each time the baby in your life reaches for it.


A Firefly That Promotes Tactile Development

There’s a reason you see this little toy dangling from so many car seats and strollers; it’s a major hit with babies who love its colorful bug and delightful tabs and pulls.


A Chewable Giraffe

You know how old Sophie Giraffe is? Sixty years old. And yet babies are still gaga for this chew toy-meets-doll that first appeared in France in 1961. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke… go ahead and buy it.


Uniquely-Shaped Stacking Toy

Babies love exploring. Every moment is a new opportunity for a sensory experience. So encourage that development with this unique stacking toy, which wee babies have been known to play with for hours.


Squishy Vehicles

If you know a baby that’s beginning to get really into cars but not ready for Hot Wheels, introduce them to these lovely squishy vehicles. They can drool on them, chew on them, or just roll them to their heart’s content


A Baby Boom Box

Remember boom boxes? Good times. Well, this is essentially a baby boom box with (it’s important to note) a volume button, so they can jam without making you want to yank your ears off.


Cups For Water Play

Waterplay is such an amazing activity for babies, whether it’s in the bath or outside. With these cups they can stack and sprinkle water while developing their fine motor skills.


An Octopus To Keep Baby Occupied

Another hit from Lamaze, this octopus has all kinds of fun things to look at on each of his arms so the baby will never tire of playing with him.


A Double Rainbow Unicorn Mobile

Mobiles are a lovely thing to hang above a crib, but so many are just, well boring. Not this double rainbow mobile that parents will find funny and baby will enjoy watching spin.


A Plush Pineapple Toy

How cute is this plush pineapple? Why give a kid another teddy bear when you can give them something as darling as this?


All-Natural Teething Ring

No two ways about it, teething is inevitable. So prepare parents and their baby for it with this natural beechwood teether that’s as attractive as it is therapeutic.


Balls That Spark Sensory Learning

Let babies explore textures with this pack of sensory balls that are soft and flexible enough to be safe for even the tiniest explorers.