royal bluey and bingo plush toys are one of the best toys for bluey fans
These Are The Bluey Gifts On Every Kid’s Wish List

To know Bluey is to love Bluey.

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Move over, Paw Patrol. There’s a new top dog in the toy store and her name is Bluey. If your little one can't get enough of the Australian kids’ show that has captured the hearts of so many, these are the best Bluey toys and gifts to give them. Whether you need something for the holidays, to give as a birthday gift, or anytime you purchase a present, these Bluey toys are exactly what they'll want to unwrap.

Drawing inspiration from real life, Bluey encompasses everything sweet and hilarious about childhood and parenting young children. Bluey (age 6), and her sister, Bingo (age 4), are the offspring of their Blue Heeler parents. Bandit, aka Dad, is an archaeologist, and Chili, aka Mom, works in airport security. The episodes are incredibly silly, relatable, and digestible (read: short). Even the episodes without dialogue (check out Sleepytime from season 2) are captivating and thought-provoking.

Naturally, young fans of the show will want to recreate the antics of Bluey and Bingo, and these appropriately-themed toys will help them do just that. Are they partial to Rita and Janet, Bingo and Bluey’s cheeky “Granny” characters? Or perhaps the Shadowland episode inspired them to play the outdoor game in their own backyard. Even the littlest fans under 3 can enjoy various plush options out there, from simple plush dolls to more complex dancing dogs.

Maybe they haven't picked up an Australian accent just yet, but if your kids watch Bluey on repeat, these best Bluey gifts are worth taking a look at. From plush toys to play sets and everything in between, here’s what to get for kids who are fans of Bluey.


Bluey Hammerbarn playset

Moose Toys

Sure to be one of the hottest toys of the year (just like last year’s foldable Bluey dollhouse) meet the brand new Hammerbarn Shopping Playset. It features four interactive stories, and an elevator to shuttle figurines floor-to-floor, and each of the featured departments from season’s Hammerbarn episode, from lighting to paint, are represented. Of course it’s interactive (it spits out 50 iconic phrases from the episode and show), lights up, and the main cast of the Heeler family is included. This product will be available starting July 2023 at $69.99 and it’s likely going to be the toy to get Bluey fans this year.


Bluey doctor set

How about a Bluey-themed check-up kit for a kid who loves to play doctor (literally 99% of all the kids out there)? This 7-piece set includes a stethescope, glasses, bandage, syringe, bandaids, ID, and the cutest cloud-shaped carrying case with rainbow handle to carry a medic’s essentials.


Royal Bluey & Bingo Plush Bundle Pack

For just $16, you can score both of these two cute stuffies: Royal Bluey and Royal Bingo complete with headpiece and capes. They are about 7-inches tall, which makes them the perfect size for little Bluey fans to bring with them literally everywhere.


VTech Bluey Bluey's Book of Games

From the company that brings you those brilliant musical light-up books for reading and learning, this totable interactive Bluey book will keep kids entertained and engaged. Fans of the show Bluey can play games, sing songs, and hear their favorite catchphrases from the show on repeat. The handle is extra thick for little hands to easily hold onto.


Bluey Paint Your Own Light-Up Figurine Set

For kids who love to craft and paint, this Bluey and Bingo Paint Your Own Light-Up Figurine Set is a truly unique gift for Bluey fans. It’s a vinyl figurine of Bluey and Bing in embrace (cute!) that fans can paint themselves. Paint and brushes are included to get the pups’ fur tone just right. All you need to provide are three AAA batteries to make the color-changing LED light turn on.


Bluey pajama sets

For toddlers, this adorable Bluey and Bingo pajama set (2 sets for under $15!) featuring Bluey and bingo chasing a red balloon on a pink background is a total win. They’ll go to bed dreaming about their favorite Blue Heelers and their silly shenanigans.


Bluey scooter

You literally cannot go wrong with this cute 3-wheel scooter that has a happy Bluey propped between the front two wheels. As it’s a beginner scooter, it’s intended for children 3-5 and has a weight limit of 75 lbs. If this is cute but doesn’t feel quite right, there’s a similar light-up version that just might do.


A Bluey bicycle mini set

Meet Bin Chicken — it’s what Bluey calls the long-beaked birds that frequent her local park. In addition to a posable 2.5-inch Bluey figurine, a two-wheeler bicycle with working wheels, and helmet for Bluey to wear, the Bluey’s Bicycle Mini Playset comes complete with a park bench and a bin chicken to recreate your child’s favorite park scenes from the show. While you don’t need the park-themed set to enjoy this one, they do make great companion toys to play with together.


A transforming Bluey takeaway set

With the Bluey Takeaway Playset, your kids can take Dad, Bluey, and Bingo for some takeaway at the Golden Crown restaurant. This compact set unfolds to reveal the restaurant’s interior where they can set up all of the fun accessories including two chairs, a table, fridge, a menu, takeaway bag, and platter of food. This set also includes figurines of Dad, Bluey, and Bingo to play with. When playtime is through, the entire set packs up nicely back inside of the restaurant. For playing on-the-go, the set has a handle at the top, so it’s easy to carry from one place to another for fun anywhere your little one goes.


A Bluey mini ice cream cart with Bingo

Despite being described as a “mini” set, this Bluey toy packs a ton of fun in a small package. The Bingo’s Ice Cream Cart Mini Playset has 6 different flavors of faux ice cream, real wheels that move the cart back and forth, and an umbrella that rotates. Even if your kids already have a number of Bluey figures to play with, this new set will give them an additional Bingo to enjoy. Unique to this set is a posable 2.5-inch Bingo figurine dotted with splotches of melted pink ice cream all over herself and a silly expression on her face.


A camping set with Jean Luc & Bluey

If your kids love the episode of Bluey where the Blue Heeler pup meets her pal Jean Luc while camping, they’re sure to enjoy this caravan adventures playset. It comes complete with a replica caravan from the show with stickers to customize it to their liking. The caravan also folds out when it’s time to play and there’s room for the 2.5-inch Bluey and Jean Luc figurines to hang out inside. Also included is a campfire kitchen set and everything they need to enjoy a marshmallow roast.


A Bluey bus playset

With so many excursions from the show to re-create, this adorable adventure bus set is a cute choice for any kid who loves Bluey. The set comes with figures of Bluey and Bingo wearing their exclusive Chimp and Chutney shirts from the show, plus a yellow Brisbane bus that can fit up to 6 figurines. The dial on the front of the bus shows a different destination with each spin.


A Bluey playhouse with real lights and sounds

Your kids can pretend that they're actually part of Bluey's family with the Bluey Ultimate Lights and Sounds Playhouse. Made for ages 3 and up, the set comes with figurines of Bluey, Bingo, and Chattermax, and is fully-furnished with furniture. At 17 inches tall and 30 inches wide, there’s plenty of room to play. The house makes more than 50 sounds and phrases and even has a moving dance floor. After a long day of play, you can close up the casa to keep all the furniture (and the figures) inside — and prevent you from stepping on them in the middle of the night.


A dancing Bluey plush

With Dance & Play Bluey, your little one can interact with their favorite Blue Heeler pup in a whole new way. Bluey comes to life with just the press of a button on her plush tummy, and says more than 55 phrases including, “for real life” and “I know a game we can play.” She can talk, sing, and dance right alongside your kids (or yourself!), stand on one leg, wave her arms, or dance to the beat in “dancemode.” Bluey can sing four songs and play three different games, including the game called Statues, just like they play on the show.


A Bluey garbage truck playset

There’s likely a lot of crossover in the group of preschoolers who love to watch out the window for the garabage truck to drive by and kids who love the show Bluey, so it makes sense that the episode titled “Bin Night” inspired this Bluey garbage truck playset. The set comes with two trash bins, the garbage truck itself, and figures of both Bluey and the Bin Man. The lever on the side of the truck actually lifts them toward the truck to empty them out, and the back door of the truck lifts up to store the bins inside when playtime is over.


A go-karting playset with Bluey & Rusty

Kids can zip and zoom around the playroom with this Bluey go-kart playset. Inspired by the show, this exciting set includes a miniature go-kart with spinning wheels that are race track-ready. Also included is a pair of Rusty and Bluey figurines wearing their adorable lightning bolt t-shirts. Standing 2.5-inches tall, with arms and bodies that can be moved and posed, these friends are ready to race. Just pop on their helmets and they’re ready to ride. The set also comes complete with a tiny toolbox and three tools that the figurines can hold, perfect for pretend pit stops.


A figurine set with Bluey’s school mates

When it’s time to play, this set of four Bluey figurines will help your child’s imagination come alive. They can reenact all of their favorite Bluey school scenes with Bluey and her three friends from school, Jack, Pretzel, and Mackenzie, each with their own lunch basket. Each figure stands 2.5 to 3 inches tall and has moveable arms for posable play. Intended for ages 3 and up, your little one can play the day away with this all-new Bluey playset.


A Bluey school playset with Bluey & Chloe

Some of the best Bluey lessons take place at Bluey’s school. This playset of Bluey’s school has three areas to play in: the classroom, Cozy Cove, and a dual stage/fort area. Included in this are Bluey and Chloe figurines, with their backpacks on and ready to learn. After learning time, jump from the classroom over to Cozy Cove, and then play in the fort with two included pillows. Then, flip the fort onto its side to transform it into a stage for Bluey and Chloe to act on. It’s totally customizable with the included sticker sheet, so your kids can recreate all of their favorite school time scenes from the show.


A Shadowlands board game

The goal of the Bluey Shadowlands Board Game is to stay in the "shadowy" places as you move your game piece across the board. Your goal: to collect five cupcake cards. And if you're the first player to make it to the picnic, you win the game! This board game is intended for two to four players ages 3 and up. The game is based off of the “Shadowlands” episode, so your child will feel like they’re really a part of Bluey’s world.


A Bluey hooded bath towel

When your kids are young, it feels like you can never have too many hooded bath towels. This Bluey hooded bath towel features your little one's favorite blue heeler pup on a yellow hood, attached to a navy blue towel. Best of all, this towel is the size of a full-sized bath towel (about 54 inches long) with a 10-inch hood, and can be machine washed and dried. Still, if the idea of actually getting to wear Bluey weren’t enough, this bath towel from Etsy seller Joyful Bundles can be personalized with your child’s name, or even monogrammed with their initials for extra fanciness.


A Bandit & Chilli plush set

Most kids would be thrilled to open a plush toy of their favorite character, but if your Bluey-loving little already has a plush of Bluey (because, of course they do) consider adding this set of Bluey's mom and dad in snuggly soft stuffed animal form to their collection. The ‘rents stand about a foot tall, which makes them the perfect size to play with.


A fun Bluey card set with 5 games to play

This Bluey card game set features five fun games for you and your child to enjoy. Play games like Cheese 'N" Crackers, Bluey's Battle, Go Fruit Bat, Grannies, and Memory, which are all riffs on classic games like Go Fish and Old Maid. The set comes with 53 cards which are jumbo sized, which makes it easier for your child to hold them.


The Bluey family vehicle with surfing accessories

Head to the beach with Bluey and the whole doggie family in their Heeler 4WD vehicle. The top opens up so that your little one can put all of their Bluey figurines inside to go for a ride. Included in the set is a Bandit figurine, two surfboards, and the vehicle with a rack on top to hold the boards. And if the Heeler 4WD is looking a little bland, your child can create some cool designs with the already-included sticker sheet. While it’s not specifically a water toy, there’s no reason why you couldn’t take this on your next trip to the shore so that your kid can have even more fun adventures.


A 4-pack of Bluey figurines

No Bluey fan's toy collection is complete without the entire family of Bluey figurines to play with. Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli are all ready for hours of fun with your little one. Each figurine is poseable and measures between 2 and 3 inches tall. For even more playtime fun, check out the friends figurines 4-pack with Snickers, Coco, and Honey included. Unlike some other figurines that can topple over, Bluey and her fam have their feet firmly planted on the ground, so they’ll be able to stand, smile, and wave as part of your child’s playtime.


A jumbo Bluey plush

If you’ve got a little Bluey fan at home, you probably have more than one version of the precious pup. After all, one Bluey might be in the car to keep your kiddo company on road trips, while another smaller one might be put in a backpack for Show and Tell. But at 18 inches tall, this oversized Bluey plush is begging to be snuggled by your little sweetie at bedtime. The plush’s jumbo size makes it the perfect playtime companion for little kids, so your child can roll around, toss it — or just give the squishable toy extra big hugs. Best of all, your kiddo can collect Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Rusty, all in extra-large stuffed form. Can you just imagine how excited they will be to be gifted this plush pal?


A backyard BBQ playset with Bandit figurine

When Dad's at the grill, Bluey's family always has a blast. Your kid's imagination can run wild as they help Bandit Heeler cook up a delicious meal on this backyard BBQ playset. It makes for a perfect addition to the Bluey Family Home Playset, but can also be enjoyed with numerous other Bluey figurines and toys. It has everything your child will need to have a pretend cookout of their own. There’s a picnic table along with two benches for sitting, as well as a BBQ grill that’s just begging to be used.


A Bluey playroom playset with Bingo figurine

This playroom playset is a playtime replica of the place where Bluey and Bingo enjoy hours of endless creativity playing together. The set includes a Bingo figurine, the room's iconic kiwi-shaped rug, a tent, bench, and several tiny toy accessories like a xylophone and a claw grabber for the figurines to interact with. The pieces are small enough that they might be able to fit into your child’s dollhouse, too.


A set of 2 Bluey puzzles

If you’re looking for an easy-to-gift stocking stuffer, this set of Bluey puzzles is perfectly packaged to drop right into any gift bag for your kids. Plus, if you happen to have two Bluey-obessed kiddos, this is a really great deal that gets you two gifts with just one purchase. The two 36-piece jigsaw puzzles come in themed storage tubes — one featuring Bluey and the other with Bingo on the outside of the tube. Inside, one puzzle shows the whole family at the beach and the other is the crew posing in front of their home. The puzzles themselves measure 9 square inches each when fully assembled.


A giant Bluey coloring book

What’s better than a Bluey coloring book? A giant Bluey coloring book with 18 supersized pages filled with Bluey, Bandit, Bingo, and all of your kid’s favorite characters from the hit show. From Crayola, each page of this coloring book measures approximately 19 by 12 inches, which means there’s plenty of space for your little one to express their creativity. (Pro tip: Put giant coloring books under the bed for easy storage.) When they’re done with a page, they can tear it out and hang them on the wall just like a poster.


A Bluey park-themed playset

Of all of the places that my kids love to visit the most, our local park is at the tip-top of their list. Of course, Bluey, Bingo, and their pals are no different — they love a slide and a swing just like every other kid. Your kids can re-create their favorite moments from the show or play out their very own park-themed adventures from the comfort of their playroom with this deluxe park playset from Target. This play set comes with four figurines of Bluey, Bingo, Rusty, and Indy, that are all pose-able so that they can seamlessly interact with the slide, see-saw, swing, and picnic table included in the set.

Whether your little one has just discovered their love for all things Bluey, or you need something new to add to their collection this year, these Bluey toys really do make the best gifts for fans of the show.

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