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Bluey Hammerbarn playset
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This Bluey Hammerbarn Playset Is A Perfect Replica That Will Delight Your Kids

Time to pick up a pizza oven from aisle 300.

If you know everything about Bluey, then you know exactly what Hammerbarn is. For those who don’t, it’s the Bluey universe’s equivalent to Home Depot, but instead of it being the place where doers get more done, it’s the place where the Heelers go to buy a pizza oven in order to not be outdone by their neighbor, and make pretend pizzas out of the free paint chips. Coming soon, this Bluey Hammerbarn playset will bring the store and the pups’ antics to life for your kids.

There’s no shortage of awesome Bluey toys in the world, but there’s never been a Hammerbarn playset — until now. Moose Toys will release the Hammerbarn Shopping Playset in July 2023, and it will retail for $69.99. And a note for toddler parents: it’s recommended for kids 3 years and older.

The Hammerbarn Shopping Playset is a perfect replica of the Heeler family’s local home improvement store as its depicted in the episode of the same name. It’s nearly 2 feet tall and includes four stories with all the different departments of the store, creating eight separate zones for play. The Bandit, Chili, Bluey, and Bingo figurines can browse through the lighting department and garden center, and look for paint chips in a special flip-around wall.

Moose Toys

Kids can take the Heelers up and down throughout the different floors of Hammerbarn using the elevator, and when they’re done shopping, they can check out on the first floor. But don’t forget to take them all the way up to the rooftop café to share a pizza or sausage sizzle before heading home. Throughout the Hammerbarn playset, lights and sounds bring scenes to life, including 50 beloved phrases kids will recognize from their favorite episodes of the show.

When the Heelers are ready to head home after lunch, pop the shopping cart into the cart return and watch as it spirals down to the ground floor, ready for the next animated canine family to use on their shopping trip. (Speaking of shopping, there are a few interactive play pieces, like the dog garden gnomes and a yard flamingo, that kids can place around the store and in their carts.)

Moose Toys’ Bluey products, like the Hammerbarn playset, are available through Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Keep an eye out for them in stores and online this July.