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32 Awesome Mother's Day Gifts For All The Moms On Your List

Unless you can gift her with some sleep, in which case do that.

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Whether it’s your mom, sister, best friend, or a mom-like figure, you know how important it is to make her feel seen and appreciated, especially on Mother’s Day. As the holiday approaches and you’re doing some shopping, remember that the best Mother’s Day gifts are the ones that she doesn’t have to share with anyone else. After all of the time, energy, and love she’s given to everyone else, she deserves a little something that’s just for her.

This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 9, so if you haven’t started shopping already, it’s time to get on it. Don’t stress over it too much, though, because it’s less about what you get and more about showing her that she’s loved and that all of her hard work does not go unnoticed. That being said, if you can get her something that will make her smile, help her relax, or just make her world a little brighter in general, that certainly doesn’t hurt.

To find the best Mother’s Day gift for the mom in your life, think about the things she enjoys most, and then find a way to tie some of them into her gift. It doesn’t need to be over the top (unless you want it to be, of course), just as long as it is meaningful in some way. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

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Silky Pajama Set

Pajamas always make for a great gift, but these are especially wonderful because they’re silky, flowy, and designed for comfort (plus, they have pockets). They’re part of the Summersalt and THE HOME EDIT collaboration and are available in several patterns and in sizes XS - 2X.


Mommy & Me Necklace Set

Anthropologie collaborated with Super Smalls to create several accessories as part of Anthro’s adorable mother + daughter collection which includes clothes, bags, jewelry, and accessories. This necklace set includes one for mom with a heart-shaped lock and one for a child with a key, but there are several others to choose from like matching star necklaces or headbands.


A Stylish Safety Bracelet

There are so many safety products on the market that are designed by women, but Flare’s bracelets are the most stylish and discreet. This lightweight cuff is equipped with Bluetooth technology that pairs with your phone and can send auto-generated texts to friends and family at the push of a button, make a “call” to your phone with a recording that you can use as an excuse to get out of a tricky situation, and even has an option to send 911 a message with your location (through GPS) so that you can get help. It’s the most important piece of jewelry a woman can have


Customized Tie-Dye Sweatshirt

With this hand-dyed sweatshirt, mom will stay cozy, look stylish, and have her baby’s name embroidered in white thread right to her collar. You can personalize this shirt however you’d like, but the shop owner does request you keep it “short and sweet.” The super-soft fleece sweatshirt will be delivered to you pre-washed and shrunk so it’s ready to wear right out the box.


Luxe Scarf

\This 100% cashmere scarf is super soft to the touch and, since it measures around 43 x 102 inches, can be used as a light blanket or a shawl on chilly nights. It’s thin, lightweight, and available in 14 gorgeous gradient shades.


A Journal

Maybe she likes to journal about her day, or she’s just always looking for a scrap piece of paper to write a note to herself on; either way, a pretty notebook is always a thoughtful gift.


Bouquet Of Flowers

Flowers are a classic for a reason: most people love to get them. Set your mom up with a bouquet delivery for Mother’s Day. Extra points if you can find her favorite flowers.


Decorative Planters

If she prefers to plant her own flowers or loves a good succulent, decorative planters are a great gift. Remember to play to her decor style and aesthetic as best as you can.


Stylish Sneakers

She’s probably been putting her own needs to the side for a while (especially if she still has little kids who are constantly growing out of their clothes), so she might be able to use a new pair of sneakers or sandals. Sneak into her closet to figure out what size to buy.


Combination Eye Shadow/Highlighter

Glowing skin never goes out of style, and if she’s a fan of makeup some pretty highlighter can give her that look. This highlighter comes in five different shades and also doubles as an eye shadow.


Silk Scrunchies

Scrunchies are stylish and easy on the hair, especially if they’re made from silk like these. They come in three color combos and two sizes.


Disney Adult Coloring Book

An adult coloring book is an excellent way to relax after a long day. Find one that suits her interests so she’s more likely to want to finish the pages she starts.


Hair Treatment Set

Scalp and hair treatments are both relaxing and rejuvenating. A set like this is a great gift for most hair types.


Insulated Travel Mug

Whether she’s always drinking water or is fueled by coffee every day, she can bring this travel mug with her to ensure her drink will stay hot or cold for up to five hours.


Some Encouragement

Motherhood is hard, so a little encouragement never hurts. With this keychain and sticker, she can get frequent reminders of how great she is.


Pajama Set

There’s just something luxurious about a matching PJ set like this shorts and button-up shirt combo. Find a set that matches her style so she can relax and look good while she’s doing it.


Gold Ring

This gold ring is simple, understated, and absolutely gorgeous. It’s made by the Kenyan jewelry brand Soko and will made a great addition to mom’s collection.


Book Of Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to get you hyped up for the day and put you into a positive state of mind, so a book full of them makes for a great gift. If the book happens to remind her how much of a badass she is, then that’s even better.


Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to unwind after a long day (or week) and they make for great gifts, especially when they play into the recipient’s interests.


Stylish Robe

It doesn’t matter if she’s a new mom or her kids have grown up and are out of the house, a nice robe is always a good thing to have around. Opt for a style that is classic and cozy without being bulky, like this one from ASOS.


Sugar Lip Scrub

Sugar lip scrub is a great mini spa treatment that can be done just about anytime and anywhere. This delightful scrub is available in three flavors and will leave her lips looking and feeling smooth.


Bath Bombs

For the mama who loves to relax in the tub, a bath bomb gift set like this is a great option. It comes with three bombs in different scents that will help her unwind and will leave her skin hydrated and glowing.


A New Yoga Mat

If she enjoys doing yoga or floor workouts, then she might be in need of a new yoga mat. Look for one that is high quality and is non-slip.


Meaningful Wall Art

Finding a piece of wall art that pays tribute to your mom’s favorite hobby will not only spruce up her space a bit, but will also show her how well you know her.


Dessert Box

If she has a sweet tooth, send her a box of her favorite desserts (and explicitly instruct her not to share). You can find a local chocolatier and create something custom or get something pre-made like this set of 12 colorful cake balls.


Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are great for creating a relaxing and soothing environment, so an oil diffuser is a must-have. Try to look for one that will blend in well with her decor.


“Mom” Necklace

This necklace is simple but beautiful, and perfect for just about any proud mom out there. If you don’t think she’ll like this, consider a necklace with her or her kids’ initials or birthstones.


Rose Quartz Skin Roller

A skin roller is relaxing, rejuvenating, and honestly just kind of fun. This one is small enough for her to take with her on the go and use any time she has a minute and just wants to get her blood flowing a little more.


Cocktail Recipe Book

If she loves a good cocktail, get her with a recipe book so she can try out some new creations. Even better? Find one that focuses on what she likes, like this one that uses prosecco, champagne, and sparkling wines.


Sheet Masks

You can’t go wrong with some sheet masks; they’re both relaxing and great for the skin. Depending on her skin type you can find some great multi-packs or you can purchase some individually for a more curated collection.


A Cool Plant Shelf

Another perfect pick for an indoor gardener, this chic maple wood shelf surrounded by brass-plated rings is the ideal spot to showcase a succulent or other small plant.


An All-in-One Cleansing Stick

Billed as a “magic eraser for your face,” this handy stick uses green tea extract, spinach extract and other antioxidant-packed botanicals to melt away makeup and other impurities while moisturizing in the process. Because you know she needs to multitask.