Mother's Day

These Mother's Day gift ideas from husbands should go at the top of your list.
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53 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Wives

If you need to drop a hint, send your spouse this list.

My kids are just now at the age where they want to pick out their own gifts for me for Mother’s Day. Before, my husband could lean on giving a joint gift with the kiddos, but now, he’s on his own, and I’m hoping these Mother’s Day gift ideas for wives can be the hint that I drop to help him figure out exactly what I want this year.

Unless you buy yourself a gift, getting what you want for Mother’s Day instead of a handcrafted popsicle-stick photo frame and a one-of-a-kind construction paper airplane usually lands squarely on your partner’s shoulders. (And yes, those are actual gifts that I have received.) It’s not that your beloved couldn’t figure it out on their own, but if they need a bit of assistance in the gift-giving department, try these suggestions.

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Mother’s Day Jewelry Gifts For Your Wife

A partner can usually do no wrong when they give their wife something sparkly on a holiday. Better yet, for Mother’s Day, they could pick out a bracelet or a ring with special meaning and really hit it out of the park. Nothing says I love you and I appreciate you like a beautiful pair of earrings or a necklace not made from macaroni.

Edible Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Wife

I’m the kind of mom who is easily pleased with a gift of food that I don’t have to share. Instead of hiding in the closet eating my kid’s leftover Easter chocolate, I really want my husband to present me with a giant box of chocolates, mini pies, or donuts on Mother’s Day. (Ideally, he will then announce to everyone in the house that this treat is for mom and mom only.) If his gift also includes coffee, fancy tea, or a bottle of wine, my day will be made.

Relaxation Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Wife

If instead of planning out an entire spa day getaway your partner prefers to give you a physical gift that you can open, they can still give the gift of relaxation. From deliciously scented candles and luxurious skin creams to stone sleep masks and a heated back massager, these gifts will encourage relaxation at home day after day.

Home & Office Gifts For Mother’s Day For Your Wife

When it comes to buying things for our home and office, my own husband knows that there are usually a few things I have my eye on at all times. A luxurious throw blanket to wrap up while working from home, a new espresso machine for days when an extra boost of caffeine is necessary, a decorative calendar to keep everyone organized — these are things moms want and need for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Memory Gifts For Your Wife

Sentimental gifts always have a special place in a mom’s heart — especially on Mother’s Day. Perhaps a photo journal to document your lives, a personalized puzzle or sign with your children’s names, a special piece of art, or a custom keychain is exactly what should be on your spouse’s shopping list this Mother’s Day.

Pampering & Skincare Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Wife

Some of the best “me time” a mom will get happens when she’s taking care of herself. Whether it’s slathering on a pampering face cream or getting glam with some new makeup, these skincare gifts basically force your wife to sit down and relax. (Honestly, sometimes you’ve gotta motivate them to do that.)

Mother’s Day Accessory Gifts For Your Wife

The thing about being a mom is that sometimes you just want something for you. Something you don’t have to share, something that isn’t for the good of everyone in the house, and something that you love. Something that makes you feel like you. And these accessories do just that.

Mother’s Day Subscription Gifts For Your Wife

As a mom, I absolutely love a good subscription service. Self-care, flowers, underwear, chocolates — you name it, if I can have it delivered right to my doorstep month after month, I’m all about it. These subscription service ideas are perfect for spouses who want to gift their wife a gift that will keep on giving long after Mother’s Day.