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These subscription boxes are great for at-home date nights.
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15 Best Subscription Boxes For Couples

From baking kits to mystery dates, these subscriptions can shake up date night.

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What if the next delivery that comes to your door isn’t an Amazon purchase that your partner is going to balk at, but a fun surprise for the two of you to enjoy together? Subscription boxes for couples are a great way to shake things up, introduce you to new foods and drinks, and even help set the mood for a romantic night in.

With subscription boxes, the possibilities are endless. Explore new cocktail recipes in your own kitchen, enjoy the fun of an escape room-style mystery from your living room, or make crafts together. (Just try not to laugh too hard at your partner’s painting skills, OK?) There are also subscription box options that encourage you to get out and explore the world with your partner.

Some of these subscription boxes are admittedly a bit pricey, but remember, this is an investment in your relationship and time spent together. Just like you might splurge on a fancy hotel suite from time to time to spice things up, refresh, and renew, a fun surprise delivered right to your door every month or so (or even just once) can have a similar effect.

If you’re bored of the typical dinner-and-a-movie routine or are just looking for more at-home date night ideas, these boxes have you covered.

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A Subscription Box For When You Can’t Go Out

The Date Night In Box subscription lets you skip the babysitter, but have just as much fun with your partner past bedtime as you would if you went out. (Maybe even more since you don’t have to Uber anywhere.) Each themed box includes everything you need for date night — games, activities, and even treats to enjoy. Past themes include a roaring ‘20s game box, a make-your-own pizza kit, and a throwback dance party.

When you sign up, you can choose from a month-to-month subscription plan, or save a few bucks per month with a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month plan. You can also shop for one-time purchase boxes with varying themes as a special gift idea for your partner’s birthday or holiday.


A Subscription Box For Wine Lovers

If you and your partner love to try new things and also enjoy a good bottle of vino, a subscription to The Wine Party Co. may be exactly what you need. Choose from different subscription styles that fit your preferences — organic and all-natural, hand-crafted wines from small winemakers, and options like reds-only or all-rosé boxes.

Each box is delivered monthly and comes with four bottles of wine that’s hand-picked by a sommelier, beautifully packaged with goodies like tasting notes, winemaker profiles, recipes to make at home and pair the wine with and more.


A Subscription Box For Making Memories

This budget-friendly subscription box option is just perfect for adventurous couples who want to capture every fun moment together and who also love a good retro photoshoot. Each month, Snap-It sends you a disposable camera to help prompt you to make memories together that you can look back on for years to come.

Choose from subscriptions that include photo development, or just drop the camera off at the drugstore if you want to save a few bucks. There’s also an option to have the photos you take developed by Snap-It and sent right to your phone so that you can share your memories digitally with friends and family.


A Subscription Box For When You Want A Cocktail

Explore new spirits and craft cocktails without heading to your local bar when you have a subscription to Shaker & Spoon. Each box comes curated with everything you and your partner need to sip and taste delicious drinks at home.

Customers rave about how well the hand-crafted glass bottles are packaged and how easy the recipes are to follow. With new ideas and drinks to make each month, you’ll explore interesting liquors, get tips for bartending techniques to try, and more. Past box themes have featured tropical rums, gins paired with citrus, and adventurous ryes to try.


A Subscription Box That’s Like An Escape Room

For couples who love a good murder mystery, you can experience the chills and thrills of an escape room at home with a subscription box from Hunt A Killer. Choose from a mystery-themed box that lets you play detective together or a horror movie-themed box that puts you right in the middle of the action.

Together, you can piece together different clues, crack codes, and decipher messages to figure out how to catch the bad guys. Think of it like a suspense-filled team-building activity for your relationship. Choose from a month-to-month subscription or pre-pay for up to a full year of fun delivered monthly.


A Subscription Box For Crafty Couples

I am admittedly not crafty, but my husband loves making art (and he’s amazing at it) and every time we tackle a new craft project together, we have so much fun. You and your partner can make a variety of arts and crafts projects with a subscription to Adults & Crafts.

Each crate includes supplies, instructions, and materials to make home goods like a wine caddy, a cement planter, or coasters that you can enjoy together. Past kits have included items to make things like a wooden string art sign, a homemade hot cocoa candle, and painted throw pillows.


A Subscription Box For Fun In The Bedroom

Looking to spice things up between the sheets? Mystery Pleasure Box promises no sample sizes and your box will contain sex toys, lotions, and accessories totaling approximately $100 in value. You can choose from different gender combos with the couple’s box option so that the contents of your box will come tailored to your relationship. There are also male and female solo boxes if you want to go that route as well.

Subscriptions are also packaged discreetly, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors, delivery person, or even your kids seeing what you’ve ordered or where it’s from.


A Subscription Box For When You Want To Laugh

Developed by marriage and family therapists, a Crated With Love Subscription aims to help couples focus on connecting in a fun way — specifically by laughing together. Each themed box features different activities, prompts, and questions to explore together.

From a box that lets you both look back and laugh about your awkward teenage years to one where you pretend to be stranded on a dangerous island, each box is full of surprises curated to encourage a night of silliness together. For an additional fee, you can add a date night digital download to your subscription with 12 bonus date night ideas per month and weekly relationship challenges.


A Subscription Box For Connecting In The Kitchen

Delivered monthly to your door, each box from The Innocent Baker includes pre-measured ingredients, easy-to-follow instructions, and a kitchen tool or two to help you create gourmet baked desserts like eclairs and macaroons at home. Perishable items like eggs and milk aren’t included in the box, but you probably already have them in your fridge or can find them easily at your local store.

One of the most fun ways to connect as a couple is to get messy in the kitchen, so break out the mixer and don’t be afraid to lick the spatula. (Because you already share plenty of germs with each other, you know?)


A Customized Date Night Subscription Box

When you sign up for Happily, you and your partner will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire and set preferences about the types of date night boxes you do and don’t want to receive. Activities range from making homemade ice cream to having an indoor campout, and each kit includes everything you and your partner need to have a fun night in, tailored to your specific likes and dislikes.

This is the perfect subscription box for busy parents who just want a fun new way to connect at home. To save a few bucks, couples can also opt for a digital date subscription for about $8 per month.


A Subscription Box That Makes A Romantic Meal

Enjoy all of the romance and deliciousness of an authentic Italian meal right in your own kitchen. When you want to gift your partner with a trip to Italy, but don’t have the time, budget, or a babysitter who’ll take the kids for a week, this is a great choice. With a monthly subscription to Eattiamo, you and your partner can enjoy artisan Italian products for meal-making bundled and shipped straight to your door. Included with your delivery are recipes and tips for transforming these authentic ingredients into a tasty, romantic meal.


A Subscription Box For Fun & Fantasy

Whether you want to relax with some massage oils and candles or don some fancy lingerie and slip between the sheets, Fantasy Box’s monthly subscription boxes will help you and your partner engage in a night of fun and fantasy. Choose from an essentials box filled with fun items that won’t break the bank, the classic box mid-priced option, or splurge on a platinum box with upscale, luxe fantasy items for couples. When you want to kick things up a notch in the bedroom, this is the subscription box you want.


A Subscription Box For Couples Who Love Surprises

Part of the fun with this date night box is that you truly never know what you’re going to get. For couples who love to be surprised, a subscription to Unbox will give you both something to look forward to month after month.

Many of the monthly boxes will include an activity to enjoy together like a board game, a movie, card game, trivia questions, craft to assemble, or other activity that fits in with the box’s theme, paired with themed snacks. Past themes include a Time Machine box with a retro ‘80s and ‘90s theme and a Castaway box filled with tiny umbrellas to put in drinks and pirate-themed games.


A Subscription Box To Encourage Snuggling

For couples who are totally into all things cozy, a subscription to Hygge in a Box can encourage even more time spent together snuggling and enjoying the warmth of your relationship. Inspired by the Danish lifestyle trend that evokes feelings of comfort — think candles, fluffy blankets, and hot tea — this box can do just that for you and your partner.

Subscriptions include a quarterly delivery of a box full of Hygge essentials for the current season that are made with natural ingredients and focus on sustainability. Select the large box to enjoy seven to nine products with your partner that will help you focus on quiet evenings in and developing peaceful habits together.


A Subscription Box For Couples Who Love Music

One thing my husband and I both love is discovering new music together, and there’s something so intimate about our shared love of a great lyric. With a subscription to Safiya’s World Music Playlist, you and your partner can learn about new music from across the globe together.

With a general admission box, you’ll get a curated Spotify playlist to download, a travel guide, a handwritten note from the artist, some postcards from their country, notes on music history, and a USB cassette tape with high-quality digital downloads. It’s a cool way to enjoy a musical experience together from the comfort of your own home. You can also upgrade your experience with different subscription plans that include virtual Zoom concert experiences, artist Q&As, and more.

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