Teacher Appreciation Week

Show Your Undying Gratitude With These 21 Teacher Appreciation Week Cards

Thanks, Teach!

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It’s teacher appreciation time. Do you have a Teacher Appreciation Week card ready? Every year is challenging and this one was no different, but through it all there were amazing educators on the line each and every day helping kids push through and learn more. So it’s worth taking a minute, beyond just an Instagram post, to select a great greeting card to say thanks. They deserve a teacher appreciation card for all of their hard work.

Teaching is always a tricky job, but coming off of two years of lockdown, hybrid learning, and socially distant classrooms, the teachers who got all of our students through it truly deserve our unwavering thanks. Just to still be in the profession is something of a hero’s journey, so tell the teachers in your life how much you care with a teacher appreciation card. Whether it’s a DIY print-at-home item, an old-school Hallmark affair, a little something extra like a pop-up card or a jumbo epistle, these cards for Teacher Appreciation Week will do more than you know in letting a teacher feel like they’ve made a difference.

Delivered online or in person, it is always the thought that counts. Given how thoughtful they are about your children’s progress and development, there’s no more touching way to share how you feel than with a card for Teacher Appreciation Week.

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Heartfelt teacher appreciation cards

If there was ever a time to share your feelings and appreciation with a teacher this is it. So don’t shy away from sentimental greeting cards. What those have to say might just be what your child’s teacher needs to hear.

Funny teacher appreciation cards

Who couldn’t use a laugh after the past few pandemic school years? Teachers certainly could. So consider a silly or punny teacher appreciation card to say thanks.

Printable cards for teachers

We’ve learned a lot about the power of the internet in the past few school years and how it can keep us connected, so it only makes sense that it plays a role in saying thanks as well. With printable greeting cards, you can purchase a designer’s layout online, then print it at home.

Free digital teacher appreciation cards

If you have a feeling you’re going to forget Teacher Appreciation Week or just want to avoid a child losing a card in their backpack, consider a digital card. These can be sent via email so your fave teacher is guaranteed to get it.

Pop-up teacher appreciation cards

If you feel like this year demands a little bit more showy of an appreciation card, a pop-up card is a bold alternative. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes and displaying things like pop-up words or bouquets, a teacher can display them on their desk long after they receive them.

Novelty thank-you cards for teachers

Dazzle your favorite educator with a teacher appreciation card that does a little something extra. From confetti-laced cards to audio greetings, these options add a little something special to your sentiments.

Whether you’re going big with a novelty card or are looking for a classic printed notecard, you have plenty of choices to make an educator feel special. So pick one soon and share your thanks with a teacher who deserves to hear every word of kindness.

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