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Finding gifts for kids from Black-owned businesses makes a big impact.
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11 Gifts For Kids From Black-Owned Businesses

Give your kids something they'll really be excited about and help an incredible Black-owned business this holiday season.

Admittedly, for many years I never once considered who owned the stores I was buying from — and that's a problem. Yes, I did my best to shop small, but I wasn't doing my due diligence to make sure I wasn't shopping in a bubble. That's why I'm making it a priority to find and shop for the best kids gifts from Black-owned businesses this year and every year from now on.

The sheer variety of goods that these stores offer is amazing. It doesn't matter if you want jewelry, toys, clothing or cookware — there is a Black-owned store that is selling it. The wonderful world of Etsy has really helped smaller businesses flourish, and there are a ton of Black sellers on the platform. Hopefully these small businesses can grow with booming sales and expand their operations, giving them the opportunity to hire more (Black) workers to help everyone thrive. Buying holiday gifts for your kids is also a great way to help small businesses because it's reliable income for stores as kids' tastes and desires shift from year to year. But buying from Black-owned stores is putting your money, trust, and reviews right into the hands of a business owner who hasn't had the privilege that many other stores have had as they open. You're doing more than just shopping small and helping a specific person rather than a corporation — you're helping to build a foundation for them so they can be on the same footing as everyone else. It's a big deal.

So if you're looking for a special gift, try one of these items. The gifts I've chosen represent a variety of what's available, in differing price points. Make sure to order soon so that everything arrives on time.


The Sweetest Journal

This sturdy journal from ByKeeksWithLove on Etsy is only $20, and it's personalized, sending kids the perfect message. I love all the sweet words of affirmation, and you can of course personalize it to your own kiddo so it feels extra special just for them. They are who they are, plus all of those words.


Donut Earrings

I love these whimsical donut earrings from CraftyLittleDreams on Etsy. They're just under $11, and they're sure to be your child's favorite pair of earrings they own. They're just so sweet.


Lookit These Sneakers

Do they sell these shoes in a women's 11? Asking for a me. But seriously, these unicorn sneakers from Neon Kisses are $110, and quite possibly the cutest shoes to have ever been made, and I'm in love. The high, high tops, the coordinating laces, it's all gorgeous.


A Hand Carved Mobile

I love how this gender neutral palette isn't overwhelming, but still manages to please everyone. Did I mention it's hand-carved and only $35 at Ade+Ayo? I mean, what? Something this stunning should cost at least twice that.


Love A Good Science Kit

You'll be surprised at how much comes in this kit from Fun Weird Science. There is a base of five experiments with two bonus projects, keeping kids interested for hours and hours of STEM play. For only $30, this is a true steal.


DIY Art Kit

My daughter is in love with these fancy paint kits. Not only does this one from Designs By Van come with everything you need for $30, it's made with lustrous paints and real canvas -- which isn't standard.


Extra Comfy Pants

If your kids are anything like mine, they will love these joggers from Breuklyn Threads. They're only $30, ultra soft and also stylish as heck. The bold color invites parents to throw caution to the wind and really step up their kids' clothing game.


Amazing Dolls

These dolls are roughly the same size of the other popular dolls that appear similar, but instead, they're made by a small, Black-owned company called The Fresh Dolls that puts diversity first. The detail on this Malik doll is spectacular for $40, down to the tiny braids that cascade past the doll's shoulders. Grab a few, and they'll work with play sets, toys, and other accessories you already have for 11" fashion dolls.


A Really Helpful Book

Zara's Big Messy Bedtime, the sequel to the popular Zara's Big Messy Day was written by Rebekah Borucki, a Black woman who owns her own publishing company. The book, just $15, deals with the stresses of bedtime in a way that's more helpful than Go The F*ck To Sleep. Plus, kids absolutely adore Zara and her antics.


Nintendo Switch Accessories Are What The Tweens Really Want

Yeah, this marble Nintendo Switch skin is right up my kids' alleys. The bonus is that they are easy on and easy off, so when they inevitably scuff the crap out of this, you can just buy another one. The store, Switch Skin has a gajillion options, each better than the last.


A Really Beautiful Puzzle

I love this beautiful puzzle from Kido for little hands. It's possibly the prettiest puzzle I've ever seen, and it's strong enough that your kids could chuck it across the room at the fridge and it won't get damaged. That's a real win, and at $40, you know it's going to last forever.