Camp Romper

Camp Romper is back in Brooklyn on June 27.
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Camp Romper Is Back On June 27!

And the Rugrats are going to help kick it off.

Every year, we’re told it’s our time to “reclaim” something. Reclaim your life, reclaim your freedom, reclaim your sense of humor — no pressure, right? But look, it’s 2021. People are vaccinated. Kids are able to be kids again. And one thing I’m 100% ready to reclaim is summer. Camp Romper is here to help all of us do just that.

June 27th, in Industry City in Brooklyn, Camp Romper kicks off with live music, food, sweet treats, curated activities, and more for free. Wait, let me say that part again — for free. And an extra added bonus? The babies from Rugrats — yes, Rugrats, which is streaming as a new series now on Paramount+ — will be helping out, which is just an added dose of nostalgic delight. I know I spent a good chunk of my own summer days, in between pool splashing and LEGO building, with Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and the whole Rugrats gang. (Also, I feel the need to confess that I relate more now to Charlotte Pickles than any of the babies.)

Camp Romper will be happening between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and is going to be full of all the things that make summer summer. It’s been a really long time since parents felt like they could give their kids a super fun day without any anxiety, stress, or panic about masks and hand sanitizer, but Camp Romper is hoping to change that. From Rugrats-themed activities like a giant wall mural to be painted by Camp Romper attendees with washable paints (I mean, is summer even summer if there’s not a mess?) and a baby bottle lemonade stand, Paramount+ and Romper are hoping to spread some sunshine and smiles.

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If you’re in or near Brooklyn, be sure to check out Camp Romper on June 27 with your own little Rugrats in tow. (Maybe double check none of them have a screwdriver in their diaper, plotting a separate adventure you’re not privy to.) And if you can’t make it to the IRL event, have no fear — much like Tommy and the gang, we know how to have some fun wherever you are, so follow along for all of our Camp Romper coverage this summer. We have ideas of things to do with your kids, inflatable pools and splash pads to grab, movies and books to watch and read, and tons of ways to make your 2021 summer the best one ever. Luckily for all of us, there’s a pretty low bar. It’s basically “add marshmallows and a sprinkler” time over here for real joy. And maybe an afternoon of watching Rugrats on Paramount+.