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Your Capricorn 2022 Horoscope Says You'll Be Rewarded For All Your Hard Work

It’s nothing you can’t handle.

For some astrological signs, 2022 will bring about good fortune and time well spent with family. And that’s the same for you, too, Capricorn… except that you’re going to have to work for it. It shouldn’t be too surprising to you, you sea goat, especially since “sturdy” and “stable” are kind of synonymous with your sign. That’s why your Capricorn 2022 horoscope might appeal to that fiercely independent streak that you possess, since you’ll need to do some self-reflection to glean the benefits of the upcoming year.

You’re a “roll your sleeves up and get it done” kind of person. Sure, the world might sometimes see you as a little… um, structured, but that’s just part of your charm. Yup, a Capricorn knows how to take charge, formulate a plan, and execute it effortlessly. And you’ll need to take all of those traits into 2022, when those areas in which you excel will be put to the test — literally. “2022 is going to be a year of hard work but also great rewards,” Wanica Dunn, an astrologer tells Romper. “You'll finally see some of your big plans come to fruition and you'll feel more accomplished than ever.” But it will also be your communication skills that see you achieve great levels of success in the new year, too. “Since, communication is a major theme for Capricorns, a sharing of ideas and wisdom will help in creating a community,” Jordane Maree, an astrologer, tells Romper. “In true Capricorn style, your communication will assist in building your empire.”

But since Rome wasn’t built in a day, here’s what you need to build your own brand of success, sea goat style.


Capricorn, be prepared for a rollercoaster of a love life in 2022, thanks in part to a whole slew of retrogrades. But even though retrogrades can often make things a little wonky, these will work in your favor, says Maree. “We’re talking reflection, introspection, and room for beautiful change, growth and even new beginnings,” she says. “As we enter 2022 Venus is retrograde in your sign bringing a somewhat nostalgic feeling to your relationships and love life.” That lovin’ feeling might manifest as thinking about an old love, or a blast from the past who has made their way right back into the present. It’s an exciting energy, so be sure to enjoy it, whether you’re happily partnered or single as a pringle.


Money is an important matter moving into 2022. Because Saturn, your natural ruler, has been in your finances sector since December 2020, you’ve probably been assessing the way you earn (and spend) your moola. But saving your dollars and cents doesn’t make sense unless you know how to really master your money. Come 2022, “The cosmos is asking you to learn all there is to learn about building a long term, stable, and secure financial reality for your life,” says Maree. “This doesn’t mean it will be a free and easy ride – rather it means you are gaining incredible strength and wisdom when it comes to the material realm one step at a time.” Saturn will remain situated right where it is until March 2023, so you’ll have plenty of time to set some money goals — and achieve them, too.


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Get ready for some growth in your family life, Capricorn. Part of that is due to Jupiter, which moves into your home sector between May and October — and with it, comes ample opportunities for growth, good luck, and positive energy. So if you’re thinking about having another baby, 2022 might be the year you welcome another little one into your lives. “This could look like literal growth of the family in numbers, it could look like growth in connection as a family unit, or it could even look like luck in the real estate sector,” explains Maree. “However this energy may manifest in your unique life, this is a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your family, to bring joy into the home, and to connect as a unit.”


Your career might be humming along, but expect it to really take off in 2022, Capricorn. “Stepping into 2022, Jupiter sits in your 3rd house of communication, ideas, and even technology,” says Maree. “Jupiter is our planet of blessings, bringing luck and growth wherever it goes, so sitting in your 3rd house you have the luck of Jupiter on your side in the way you communicate, share your ideas, work with an online presence or any IT-related work. Jupiter will also return here as we close off the year.” Maximize this momentum to grow your career in the way that makes sense to you. Since Capricorn is so strong in communication, it makes sense that your achievements will come via conversations where you feel free to express yourself, or even building your presence in your workplace or in the community at large.

Although Jupiter might be guiding you towards major opportunities, be sure to keep yourself in balance, sea goat. “You have a lot of ambition this year so use it wisely!” advises Dunn. “Keep up the hard work, but don't forget that family is just as important.”

There is so much to look forward to in 2022 for all the astrological signs, and for you, too, Cap. The rewards can only be reaped by hard work, which is just how you like it, since you like feeling like you earned your prize. Just be sure to pace yourself, and soon, you’ll find yourself balanced in both work and at a home, making your nest (and nest egg) safe and secure.