19 Benefits of Having A Capricorn Kid

While there are those who question just how much stock you should put in astrology, even the most skeptical among us cannot help but admit that delving into the archetypes can be a lot of fun. Take, for instance, Capricorns (December 22 to January 19). They're the person in the room you turn to for guidance. They're the friend who always seems to have it together. But what about if you have a little Capricorn in your life? What are the benefits of having a Capricorn kid?

When it comes to raising children based on their star sign, parents of Capricorns seriously lucked out. That's not to say that parenting is ever easy. It's not. But Capricorns possess so many of the qualities people wish for in kids, including but certainly not limited to: responsibility, respect, ambition, intuition, clear and appropriate priorities, humor. They are the stereotypical "good kid." Sure, they might challenge you when they want to be too independent too fast, or get salty when you didn't get them the right pink cup, but on the whole Capricorn kids are so bright and put together that they aren't high maintenance. In fact, they're pretty good at maintaining themselves.

Sure, your baby was born in the darkest months of the year, but that doesn't mean they won't fill your life with warmth and light. Here's just some of what you have to look forward to:

They Don't Need To Be Pushed

Some kids need to be coaxed or convinced into giving an appropriate level of effort for any number of things, like school, chores, and extracurricular activities. Capricorns will require precisely none of that. They are internally motivated to do their best (though external rewards don't hurt, and Capricorns can be notoriously status-obsessed) and always bring their A game.

They'll Center You

I mean, all kids kind of center you because they're kids and they sort of demand that you focus on them for the first few years of their lives at least. That said, Capricorn kids seem to have a sense of their role in the family and lean into it (the way they lean into everything) in a way that's calming and comforting.

They're Responsible AF

A Capricorn's level head and desire to continue to be placed in positions of authority and control mean that your Capricorn is going to be the child all parents want their child to hang out with. Because, "So-and-So is such a good kid. I know that when my little What's-Her-Face is with them she's going to be all right. Yes, that So-and-So sure does have a good head on their shoulders."

They Do Well With Routine

Which, I guess is good if you're a routine kind of person, too, but maybe tough if you're not? Capricorn children like to know what's on the horizon and take comfort in routine probably because they're non-stop when it comes to working towards their often lofty goals, so they need something to ground them and keep them balanced. On the one hand this might mean they get cranky if things aren't as they expect them, but on the plus side you're not going to have to fight with them over bedtime!

They're Self-Sufficient

Capricorn kids (and adults) are supremely capable. They might surprise you at a young age when, rather than asking you for breakfast, they pull a chair over the the pantry, get some cereal, and help themselves. They're also quite content to sit in their room and come up with their own entertainment. It's not necessarily that they're laid back, go with the flow kind of kids (in fact, they're usually not) but they have absolutely no problem taking matters into their own hands.

They're Wise Beyond Their Years

Some astrologers evoke the term "old soul" when describing Capricorn children. This can manifest a few different ways, including a propensity toward being a grounding, calming presence in the home. It can also mean that your Capricorn is going to be born about 29 years old and get annoyed when you remind them that they're a child, but let's focus on the positives. (After all, even a small child who thinks they should be treated like an adult, while trying, can have great entertainment value.)

They're Outdoorsy

Despite being depicted as a sea goat (like, a weird mermaid goat thing), Capricorns are an earth sign, and that means they are often at ease and exhilarated by the great outdoors. From gardens to hiking trails, parks to mountains, they're the kid who might have to be reminded to come inside for lunch when they're outside playing.

They're Natural-Born Leaders

It's not enough for your kid to just sort of manage their own lives. They want to have a hand in managing everyone else's, too. Unchecked, this can turn into them being a bit bossy and dictatorial, but when they're kept in check this means they have incredible leadership skills. They're always going to be the ones organizing a neighborhood-wide game of freeze tag or running for class president. Little makes them happier than leading a group in a common vision.

They're Stubborn (That's A Good Thing!)

Yes, it might be annoying when they dig their heels in and disagree with you, but the great thing about a Capricorn kid is that they know what they're about and they're not going to let other people bully them into being anything else.

They're Determined

Capricorns are tenacious as hell, so they do not rest until they have set out what they're aiming to do. They might get frustrated when things don't happen exactly as they want when they want it to happen, so as a parent you might have to remind them that their hard work will pay off.

They're Hardworking

Capricorn kids don't just wait around for things to happen to them. They make them happen.

They're Logical

Level-headed and practical, the great thing about Capricorn kids is that while they can be stubborn, they can also be reasoned with. Appeal to their sense of logic and a Capricorn is more than willing to work with you.

They'll Keep You Laughing

A Capricorn's ability to see both the details and the bigger picture, coupled with their insight and wit, mean Capricorns have a sharp, often biting sense of humor. Capricorns are as quick with a quip as they are with a comeback. Keep a quote journal handy, because they will give you plenty to jot down for posterity.

They're Organized

Weirdly, even as kids, they like things tidy, from their rooms to their faces. (Indeed, the only sign more particular than Capricorn on the cleanliness front is Virgo.)

They Have Beautiful Manners

This speaks to a Capricorn's comfort in tradition and routine (and, probably, their desire to get ahead). Manners set a nice baseline for behavior that Capricorns appreciate and respect. You won't have to remind them about their pleases and thank yous, because they're on it.

They're Always Up For A Good Conversation

Given that they can sometimes act older than their years, Capricorn children hate being talked down to, preferring to speak to you on your level. This means that your little one can sit at the big kid table with ease and join your conversation about any number of (appropriate) adult topics. Politics? No problem, they pay attention when you listen to NPR. Movies? They have a lot to say about Moana. Let them join in, because they revel in mentally stimulating discussion (and in feeling like a grownup).

They Ooze Confidence

From day one, because they know what's up and how to deal with it.

Home Is Their Happy Place

Capricorns never forget where they come from. No matter how ambitious they become or how far up the ladder they climb, nothing will ever make them lose sight of what's most important: family, tradition, heritage, and home. These things are all tremendously important to them.

They're Going Places

I'm not saying you should depend on your kids to get rich and take care of you when you're old... but I'm saying that a Capricorn's implacable ambition and devotion to family put you in a pretty sweet spot.

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