6 Things To Know (Good & Bad) If You're Raising A Capricorn Baby

As the tenth sign of the zodiac and with Saturn as its ruling planet, Capricorn babies are truly a bundle of joy and passion for so many reasons. Although you may think you know everything about the sign, there are a few things to know about Capricorn babies that will help you navigate the waters as a parent of this earth sign.

If your little one was born between December 22 and January 19, then you've got a stubborn, smart, and confident yet sensitive Capricorn on your hands. New babies always come with a different set of struggles and joys. As much as we wish for it, there's no handbook for raising each individual child. But it never hurts to know some of the major traits behind a baby's zodiac sign, considering they can often help you make some sense of behaviors that might not be familiar to you.

If you want to know the best way to soothe your baby or what type of toddler they'll soon be, there are some tried-and-true tendencies for Capricorns. It's pretty astonishing how well you can pinpoint some of your baby's expected traits just by identifying them by their sign. So if you're on the hunt for a few of the major things you can expect from your Capricorn baby, check out these interesting and unique attributes.


Although They're An Earth Sign, Your Relationship Is A Fiery One

Astrologer Annabel Gat told Broadly that "Capricorns have a very fiery relationship with their mothers." Because of a Capricorn's personality, the intensity of a mother-child relationship can definitely create some strain, head-butting, and frustration at times. Not to worry though, because no matter how high tensions are, you can always find reasons to be proud of them. And as they mature and grow into adulthood, your relationship dynamic will go through changes, and it's possible that your Capricorn baby will become your best friend down the line.


They Like Consistency & Predictability

Whether it's a bedtime routine or knowing what to expect throughout their daily activities, foods, interactions, and more, Gat also shared that Capricorn babies thrive with consistent and predictable parenting. Although this doesn't mean you can't enjoy spontaneous, new things, it can translate into fussiness or frustration for your baby when something different or unexpected is thrown their way. Capricorns like to be prepared, so if you know that a major change or new environment is coming their way, try thinking like a Capricorn and preparing your baby — and yourself — for the upcoming experience.


Excelling Is Their Forte

According to BellyBelly, Capricorn babies are successful and thrive off new challenges. If you notice them becoming listless or ornery, simply give them a new task or educational endeavor to complete, and their focus and drive will come into play. Although they may seem like a very serious baby to you, they crave your attention and love to continue excelling too — because they have a soft side they won't always show easily.


They're Stubborn AF

If you're the parent telling her mom friends that no matter how many different kinds of soothing methods you try, nothing works, it's likely your baby is a Capricorn. The best chance you have at getting your little one to do what you want could be bribery — and that's nothing to be ashamed of, at all. The good news is that Capricorns are inherently independent, so stepping away for a few minutes will often allow your baby to sort things out alone, whether it be getting over a tantrum or falling asleep for nap time.


Adapting Is In Their Nature

Although they're likely stubborn and enjoy predictability, your little one still has a knack for adjusting to whatever situation they're in without a major issue. The Capricorn sign is actually a goat and fish hybrid, signifying the ability to adapt to any environment. So even if your baby shows frustration in a new situation or environment, take comfort in knowing that they'll adapt flawlessly in no time.


They Seem Like A Loner...

...but they're really not. Because Capricorns are great at adapting, as mentioned above, it means that they can often thrive in social environments and on their own from a young age, according to Bubhub. Capricorns are old souls, however, which means that they're perfectly happy hanging out at home and will probably choose to have only a couple truly close friends.

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