woman doing yoga at home, big exhales are in order for capricorns in 2023
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Capricorn, 2023 Is The Big Exhale You've Waited For

This is the year you lower your horns and focus on family.


For any Capricorn who has worked tirelessly through all that life has thrown your way lately, the new year ahead may just hold the sweet relief you’ve been looking for. If you’ve been waiting for a long-overdue break from the hefty weight that the sturdy and stable shoulders of your sign tends to bear, your Capricorn horoscope for 2023 looks promising. It’s finally time to let out that breath you’ve held for the past year (or two or three) and settle in at home with your family.

As a Capricorn myself, I know intimately the intense pull to grind it out at work, keep everyone at home happy and healthy, pinch pennies (because you never know what the future holds, am I right?), and do it all without losing your cool. (Ha. If only.) Structure may be a Capricorn’s strength, but 2023 looks to be a year that members of this astrological star sign can relax a bit without their whole world imploding.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a rough patch here or there, but astrologers Maria Sofia and Lisa Stardust say that this year should hold lots of contentment despite any changes that may come your way. “For you, Capricorn, 2023 is about recommitting to what matters most and experiencing joy closer to home and with the ones you love,” Sofia says.


The theme of relief is ever-present for Capricorns in 2023 and your love life is no exception. If you’ve felt worn down by intense soul-searching and boundary-setting recently, expect things to turn around this spring. “Luckily for you, by March, you’ll feel like some of those cobwebs have cleared and there’s a new and revitalized you that’s ready for the kind of love you desire and more importantly, deserve,” Sofia says. Connections that exist will deepen and you can expect smooth sailing in matters of the heart, so long as you keep your wits about you. “Your love life may have a few bumps and twists — but overall matters of the heart will go swimmingly well as long as you don’t start trouble,” Stardust says.

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Capricorns are savers by nature, so it makes sense that you may have felt the strain of the rocky economy lately. If you’ve been in what Sofia calls “super saving mode” through 2021 and 2022, you’re due for a bit of financial relief. “You are entering a phase where you have the potential for massive abundance and wealth, so look for new opportunities to appear,” Sofia says. Could new investments be your ticket to financial freedom? Potentially, yes. Just don’t spend it all at once. (You’re still a savvy Capricorn, after all.) “Money matters are getting better — but that doesn’t mean you should go on a spending spree,” Stardust says. “Impart the lessons you’ve learned about money and apply them to your life.”


This year is all about family for you, Capricorn. “Home is where your heart is this year — especially during the spring and summer,” Stardust says. “You’ll be more focused on family matters than anything else.” Between more time at home and a deepened connection with your partner, does that mean a little Capricorn baby could be on the way in 2023? “If you’ve been thinking about expanding your family, 2023 is extra lucky for you and there is major abundance and ‘growing’ energy in your home sector,” Sofia explains. Don’t let this growth energy startle you if you don’t want anymore kids, though — you could just be in for some home renovations or that new furniture you’ve had your eye on. Either way, home and family takes center stage for Capricorns in 2023.


If your focus for the New Year is mainly centered on your family, it makes sense that your career may take a backseat in 2023. Change could be afoot in the workplace, according to Stardust. “You may even decide to take a step back from your career and focus on family matters instead,” she notes. Sofia predicts stability at work for the first half of the year, but also suggests that changes in the form of a career shift or relocation could be in store by late summer. “If you’ve been feeling like you’re stuck in a rut in your career or not doing what you really love – just a job you’re really good at – you could decide this is the time to start exploring alternative career options and opportunities,” Sofia says.

All told, the Capricorn horoscope for 2023 looks promising. There’s potential for growth in your relationships, at home, financially, and at work, but there’s also a lot of relief and rest available for you, too. So, just keep your eyes on the prize (like always) and your heart focused on what matters most.