So, Like A Bribe?

Image of an Asian Chinese baby boy looking out window for airplane at airport terminal
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Carter's Airplane Apology Agreement Is Supposed To Take The Travel Stress Off Of You

By letting you give your fellow passengers straight-up petty cash.

My first baby was 10 months old when I took her on her first plane — an 8-hour overnight flight from Atlanta to London. To say I was nervous is an understatement, and every parent knows why. It’s not that you’re nervous about flying with your baby, it’s that you’re nervous about flying with your baby and a bunch of other people. What if your baby starts crying and doesn’t stop? Is someone going to make a Twitter thread about how you let your baby bang on the window because it was the only thing keeping her calm? Will you sweat through your shirt as the person next to you passive aggressively sighs every time your baby makes a squeak? Probably, but Carter’s has an idea. The retailer is introducing the Airplane Apology Agreement, which is a contract and cash package for parents to pass out to their fellow seatmates and travelers on their next flight to avoid all of those little comments and huffs.

I know, the word apology is there, but Carter’s doesn’t want you to say that you’re sorry to anyone on that plane. The idea behind this is that you make cranky travelers shut up by offering them a contract that says if they keep calm and let your baby be a baby on the airplane without any judgmental comments or side-eyes, then you can give them a $100 cash card courtesy of Carter’s. I mean, it’s a little better than a bag of candy or buying everyone on the flight a Wi-Fi pass, right?

Look, I don’t think you have to pay anyone for your child to just live their life, but if having 15 envelopes, each with a $100 cash card inside, to pass out to those around you on the plane so that you can relax while your kid watches their iPad without any headphones, then I want you to go for it. It’s easy to thrive while traveling with slightly older kiddos, but traveling with babies is all about learning to survive. If you’re interested in trying out Carter’s Airplane Apology Agreement, you can enter for a chance to win a bundle that includes the contract and 15 envelopes, each with a $100 cash card inside, plus a fun Carter’s bodysuit for your baby to wear on the plane. The giveaway is open from April 11 through April 17, and five families will be the recepients.

And Carter’s doesn’t say it, but if you happen to pass out the cash card and your seatmate still gets huffy and annoyed by your baby, please take that envelope back. That’s a breach of contract and even newborn babies know better.