The Most Adorable Cat Halloween Costumes For Babies & Kids

These are some paw-sitively purr-fect looks.

Who knows why black cats have been so maligned for so long. But somewhere along the way these poor felines became persona non grata. A symbol of bad luck, the wily cat noir makes for a perfect Halloween costume. But really, why limit cat costumes to just black kittens? Cat Halloween costumes of any make or model — calico, stripped, spotted — are great costumes for kids.

And there are plenty of them to choose from. Whether your child is looking to embody the ultimate furball or wants to channel a sleek Siamese kitten, the internet, as usual, delivers.

From fluffy onesies to multi-piece cat tutus, there are all kinds of cat looks online to match the many variations of real life domestic cats. Of course, there are also some rather wild interpretations. One costume here features a cat face on the belly with a mouth open wide, all the better for people to drop candy in. Another comes in pink which has yet to appear in nature, but that we wholeheartedly endorse should evolution deem it useful to start producing cats in the shade of dusty rose.

So if you need a cat costume right meow, look no further than these purrfect options.

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Basic Black Cat

Want a few Cat Halloween costumes to choose from all on one site? Pottery Barn is selling not one, not two, but three different cat costumes (not to mention three choices of Cat in the Hat outfits as well). But this one is especially cute. The two piece design features a pullover fuzzy tunic and a cat head complete with tiny pointed ears. The head piece secures with Velcro below the chin. Behind the tunic, a nice long tail hangs. Both pieces are made of 52% acrylic fur, 44% polyester and 4% modacrylic so it’s soft and comfortable. Undergarments are not included in this costume; however, a pair of black tights or leggings are really all you need to complete the look.


Cute Cat Onesie

For kids who like their costumes as snuggly as their pajamas, there’s this easy, breezy onesie cat costume. Made out of polyester fleece, this is basically footie pajamas with cat ears. A zipper down the front lets your kitten quickly hop in and out of their suit while ribbed ankle and wrists means that the suit won’t be dragging down the sidewalk or get caught in a child’s hands while they try to gather candy. The cat face is embroidered on the hood of the one piece and a long black tail hangs from behind. In this cat Halloween costume a kid can comfortably run around during the spookiest night of the year, or curl up and take a cat nap.


Light-Up Cat Tutu

For cats and kittens who prefer their frisky look to be a bit more glam, turn to Pottery Barn’s tutu cat costume. Even better than a tulle skirt? This costume glows. That’s right, soft white LED lights at the front of the skirt can be turned (with two AA batteries) on so you can keep your eyes on your kit-cat while they race around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Signature cat ears are depicted on a headband that comes with the skirt, shirt, and gloves. On the back of the skirt is a fuzzy tail for your cat to spin around as they do twirls in their pink and black skirt.


Inflatable Cat Costume

Not all cat Halloween costumes are alike. But some take the trope and flip it on its head. That is the case with this wild, inflatable cat costume. Made of polyester windbreaker material, a child operates a battery powered fan that blows up this suit so they look like a giant cat when they take to the streets. And we do mean giant. This suit blows up to 6 feet tall. Remarkably, it hits that height with just four AA batteries. In some ways it looks like a child has been eaten by a mega feline as their head pops out just below the cartoon mouth.


Striped Kitty

Not ready to blow up your child into a bloated cat? No worries. They can embrace their inner theater kid with this very Cats-esque costume. This little curious cat suit uses screen printing to depict a striped kitty with a white belly. With the exception of the face, the body suit covers them head to toe with mittens attached at the wrist and shoe covers that feature elastic bands in order to secure them under each shoe. A hook and loop fastener holds the hood in place under the chin so their ears will be upright the whole night through.


Meow Cat

If your toddler loves to pretend to meow, dress them in a cat costume that says the same with this Etsy look. This costume has gotten rave reviews from buyers who say it’s Halloween picture perfect thanks to a onesie with the word “Meow” and two paw prints and tutu with a choice of a cat ear headband, flower headband, or flower clip. If you have a demanding cat who wants to have many accessory changes throughout the evening, then you can opt to buy all three with the five piece option which comes with additional “barefoot sandals” (little elastics with bows on them).


Baby Cat

Don’t forget the tiniest trick-or-treaters. They make darling cats too. And there are costumes to be found even in the smallest baby sizes. With this crochet cat costume, you can outfit your newborn in a tiny knit cat hat with pink and black ears (although the Etsy vendor is open to making the ears different colors) and a darling diaper cover that comes with a little fluffy tail. Even if you don’t think your baby can stay awake for a whole night of candy-coated fun, you can at least get some great pictures for their first Halloween in this super sweet ensemble.


Blue Cat

So you have a child that wants to be a cat for Halloween. But they’re insisting they want to be a blue cat. Don’t stress. Just look up Etsy vendor DoraForKids to find what you need in the Halloween cat costumes department. This handmade cat outfit is two pieces, a pair of blue pants and a cute kitten zip up hoody, which makes putting it on as simple as getting dressed in the morning. Cotton velvet makes up the exterior while the lining is a silly cat print. Better yet, the jacket can really double as a piece of every day wear long after All Hallows Eve is over.


Cat Overalls

Persnickety kitties might not like the thought of zipping themselves into a hooded body suit (and frankly, who can blame them). If your wannabe-feline prefers something a bit more breathable, cat overalls like this are a great option. The cats face sits on the chest, just below the two straps, and ears hide the attachments. Meanwhile, the pockets were designed to look like cat paws. Essentially a playsuit disguised as a costume, this is a tear-free option to make Halloween costume choices a little more easier this year. Plus, your child can pop this same outfit on the next day and roll off to daycare.


Snowball Costume

Many a white fluffy cat has been named Snowball and for good reason. These poofs of fur really do resemble big piles of snow, and your child can get the same effect when they don this super puffy kitty costume. Made of polyester fake fur, the tunic and hat are about as cuddly as a sheep skin rug. A little cat face tops the hood, which secures at the base of the chin, and the tunic features an equally fluffy tail. Perhaps best of all, this costume is so large and fluffy it will be easy to keep an eye on your cat come Halloween.


Pink Kitten

It’s hard to choose a favorite part of this absurdly delightful cat Halloween costume. Is it the sweet grey bow? Or the fluffy anklets? Really everything about this shaggy pink cat costume is extra adorable. A big poofy hood straps on a child’s head, while they step into this little one piece bodice. Then to up the cute factor, anklets and bracelets of poly fake fur come with this uniform to give your child a certain Persian kitten je ne sais quoi. Prepare the Fancy Feast because it doesn’t get much fancier than this.


Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are one of the most distinct breeds of domesticated animals. Often with blue eyes and short hair in white and brown, they cut a striking figure. If your child has a certain fascination with Siamese cats, let them be one for Halloween in this polyester velour costume. A one-piece jumpsuit kids can easily step into is just one part; it also comes with a hood featuring the signature Siamese cat face, as well as mittens attached to the sleeves and separate booties they can slip on so they’re entirely covered. A short thin tail, just like the real thing, hangs off the back. And, just like so many Siamese kitties, this suit includes a soft white tummy.


Feed Kitty Costume

One of the more creative cat costumes on the market, this one doubles as a trick-or-treat bag. That’s right, your hungry kitten can feed itself thanks to a poly/foam tunic featuring an open mouth. Now they can ask for candy paws-free without the need to carry around a cumbersome bag. In addition, this costume comes with kitten paw mittens, so they can feel like a real cat. Cat ears, however, are not included. You’ll have to track those down on the black, er, cat market.


Cat Dress

If comfort is key, and what cat doesn’t agree with that, then go with a cat dress this Halloween. Carter’s has this sweet tutu dress on sale now at 40 percent off and even though it’s technically normal clothing, it could do perfect double duty on Halloween for cat lovers. A tulle overlay attached to the jersey cotton shirt makes this a nice blend of casual and fancy, especially with the sparkly skirt. All you need to add are some cat ears and maybe safety pin on a tail and your kitty cat is ready to party.

Already in hiss-terics at the thought of your kiddo becoming a cat. Embrace that feeling and use this list to get shopping for a costume that’s better than the cat’s pajamas.