woman in nursing sweater
You Can Actually Breastfeed Easily In These Cute Sweaters

Snuggle up.

If you have an infant at home right now, you probably spend a good deal of time every morning bundling them up from the winter chill. But what about your own warmth? If you’re breastfeeding, you’re constantly having to break the tatas out in this frigid air. You can’t operate at full capacity in a thin nursing tee. No way! You need some layers, but at the same time, something that can help your babe easily access lunch. The answer? A cozy sweater. Thankfully, the maternity industry understands that comfortable, fashionable pieces are just as essential in the winter as they are in summer.

The thing is, each day is different with a newborn and thus one sweater likely won’t cut it. You need options. A nursing sweater dress, perhaps. Or a nursing Christmas sweater for the holidays. Maybe it’s a crazy Monday, but you need to pull it together for a Zoom work meeting. There’s a nursing sweater for that. Maybe you just want to chill and snuggle your baby on a Saturday afternoon. There’s a nursing sweater for that too.

Take a look and you’ll see that you need not live with cold-induced goosebumps any longer. Not when you have a few of these great nursing sweaters.

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Nursing Sweater Dress

When you’re in full blown nesting mode after bringing home a baby from the hospital, you want everything, including your clothing, to feel as comfy as possible. That’s what makes this nursing sweater dress so appealing. It hangs long, past the rump, so you won’t feel like your buns are all over the place in leggings. It has a soft turtleneck to keep you warm from head to toe, but it also has long slits up the side, all the better to pull away the sweater and feed your baby. This easy to lift flap also can double as a little blanket/privacy wrap when you don’t feel like sharing your nursing moments with others.


Long Nursing Cardigan From Nordstrom

This is a long nursing cardigan from Nordstrom, but it’s also long enough to feel almost like a dress, a nice professional look for the nursing and pumping mama who also needs to clock in at an in-person job. For anyone who has pumped in a work bathroom, you can see the appeal of a garment like this. Made out of spandex and rayon, the stretch allows easy movement. Available in two colors, red and black, you can buy two and double your nursing options. The high low hem fully covers the backside, but is short in front to allow you to easily pull your baby to the breast.


Nursing Turtleneck From Kindred Bravely

A classy, solid color knit turtleneck is a great piece to pair with jeans, slacks, hey snow pants, why not. But if you’re nursing, you need a classy turtleneck you can easily shrug open, no easy feat with a tube neckline. This nursing turtleneck from Kindred Bravely solves the problem with a thin slit above the breast line that easily pulls down. Baby can be fed, but then, after nursing, you can let the shirt go back in place and look ready for a conference meeting, cocktail party or lunch date. No problem. It’s a maternity wear option for effortless elegance.


Nursing Mock Neck Sweater from Seraphine

Gotta love stripes. They’re just so upbeat. And that’s the kind of vibe an exhausted mom needs when she’s staring down a day of multiple feedings, diaper changes, and soothing. This mock neck sweater from Seraphine not only looks good, it’s functional. A cotton mock shirt underneath is the key to easy breezy nursing. Plus, this also features a detachable ruffled collar to dress it up even more. So you have three pieces for the price of one. Perk up your day with stripes to go with your star, your little bundle of joy who can easily nurse without ruining (well, unless there’s spit up) your look.


Nursing Button Sweater From ASOS

Finding easy to wash sweaters is fundamental to maternity wear in the frosty winter months. Spills, spit-up, and unidentifiable oozes just come with the infant caregiving territory. It’s just inevitable. But that’s not a problem when you buy this side button nursing sweater from ASOS that buttons up the sides with oversized buttons. Stylish but also machine washable, this sweater will surely become a staple you’ll wear over and over. And because its design is so straightforward, you can wear it long after your child has been weaned as its construction doesn’t give away the fact that it was originally designed for nursing.


Ribbed Nursing Sweater from Pink Blush Maternity

Here’s the great thing about this ribbed cardigan from Pink Blush Maternity. You can buy it while pregnant and continue to use it once your baby has arrived. It makes a great nursing cardigan as it doubles as a cozy blanket you can snuggle your infant in while they nurse. Made out of a poly/cotton blend, you can hand wash it and hang dry it so it keeps its shape. Made with pockets, you can also easily hold onto essential items like your phone, a pacifier, or bottle when your hands are full holding your baby in place. And a long cardigan never goes out of style. You can keep this one in your closet for years to come.


Nursing Sweater From A Pea in the Pod

Want to really make yourself look pulled together with very little effort while still being able to bounce out of a room to feed your baby at the drop of a pin? Buy this sweater. A gorgeous look from A Pea in the Pod, this is a two piece set. A lovely light feathery crew neck tops a flowing nursing top that hangs out below. To be honest, on its surface, nothing about this looks like a maternity garment. And that’s what’s so magical about this. It is. It really is. Just pull the sweater up and you can easily access the, well, goods. But once baby has finished, you pull the whole situation down and you look more put together than likely anyone else in the room.


Cable Knit Nursing Sweater from Queen Bee

A simple cable knit sweater may not sound like a nursing sweater, but it is in this iteration. The front is cropped, the back is long, therefore you can easily pull it up to let a baby eat without, essentially, undressing. Plus, it’s such a classic look. This is the same pattern moms have been wearing all over the world for years while caring for their children. So it’s a timeless cable knit nursing sweater from Queen Bee while also being easy to pair with, well, anything. Leggings, jeans, a skirt, whatever you want, it works. This is a critical must-have addition to any nursing mama’s wardrobe.


Three-Quarter Nursing Sweater from Macy’s

Ever been nursing a baby and suddenly become so hot from your burning brick of a babe that you feel like you might actually melt? Trust us, it’s a thing. That’s when you need a three-quarter sleeve, rather than a full sleeve. Instead of trying to reach across your child’s radiator body to pull up your sleeve, you’ll already be halfway there. Whew! What a relief. That’s what makes this Jessica Simpson brand sweater a winner. Slits up either side make the rest of the nursing process super easy. Machine washable, the polyester/rayon/spandex three-quarter sleeve nursing sweater from Macy’s will hold up over all the nursing moments you and your little one have.


Wool Nursing Sweater from Boob Design

The charm of this wool sweater from Boob Design is that on quick glance it appears to be just that, a simple, well made wool sweater. Take a closer look and you’ll see it’s brilliant design with a cross body opening so you can easily pull it open to nurse. This overlap design also means that you won’t have to worry about a strong gust of wind exposing your nursing item. Instead, the double panel keeps you comfortably covered and warm at the same time. Even better, this sweater can be washed on wool cycle and then laid out to dry, so you can pop it on all over again the next day.


Cowl Tulip Sweater from Ingrid & Isabel

Let’s hear it for a cowl neck. On super cold nights, a sweater is just not going to keep you warm enough. You need a neck covering too, but in the rush to grab everything for your diaper bag, chances are you might forget your scarf in the race out the door. Never fear, you’ve got your favorite cowl nursing sweater from Ingrid & Isabel on here. This sweater offers a lovely tulip design that spreads open to allow for easy access. But at the neck, rather than a tight turtle neck, there’s a loose layer of fabric to keep you extra bundled up. With drawstrings you can tighten it as well to stave off the cold.


Cashmere Nursing Sweater From Hatch Collection

This gorgeous 100% cashmere nursing cardigan is what we call a splurge. Is it wildly expensive? Yes. Will you likely live in over the winter months as you cocoon your tiny baby in your arms and feed them? In all likelihood, yes. So maybe it’s worth investing an exorbitant amount knowing that everything else you wear will be inexpensive leggings and an easy, comfortable t-shirt. There’s beauty in the simplicity, no? Especially when you allow yourself to indulge in what is basically a wearable cashmere blanket. If that’s not self-care, what is? That’s like the ultimate gift to yourself as you climb the mountain that is motherhood through the darkest season of the year. Treat yourself.


Christmas Nursing Sweater

Want to feel like you’re part of the holiday fun? Grab a Christmas nursing sweater to spread cheer while caring for your baby. This hoodie is bright red and covered in “ho ho ho” so no one will get it confused that you’re feeling all kinds of Christmas magic. Even more magical? The hoodie’s concealed slit that allows you to breastfeed on the go. Made with a horizontal overlapping layer across the top, just below the breasts, this festive long sleeve makes it easy to enjoy the holidays with an infant. Plus, the hood keeps your head warm when a frosty breeze powers through.

Dressed up or down, these nursing sweaters will keep you as cozy as your baby is in their onesie. And there’s nothing wrong with that.