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15 Cute Maternity Work Clothes You Won't Hate Wearing

For when you want to wear something besides your leggings.

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Besides the nausea, exhaustion, and general uncomfortableness of pregnancy, finding stylish maternity clothes is one of the more frustrating things when you’re expecting. This is definitely the case for casual wear, but it’s even harder to find maternity work clothes, especially options that are comfortable, professional, and actually look good. Seriously, what does an expecting parent have to do to find good clothes?

Anyone who has ever had to shop for maternity clothes of any kind knows how much of a struggle it can be. Yes, there are some hacks, like stocking up on flowy dresses or regular-size clothing a few sizes up from what you normally wear, but there’s usually no getting around the fact that maternity work clothes will fit and look better when you’re at the office. So, since appearances usually matter to some degree at work, it’s worth the time it takes to shop for a few staple pieces in maternity sizing.

Still, time is a luxury, especially for a working parent-to-be, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to spend what little you have trying to track down maternity work clothes. To help you out, here are some pieces that are stylish, comfortable, and appropriate for various office cultures.

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Stylish Maternity Suit

Starting things off right with this “mommy boss” suit. You get two pieces, a pair of pants and a jacket, that can be worn together or split up to create different outfits. The jacket features a gold button on the front for closure and the pants have a ponte knit waistband to accommodate your growing belly. This suit is also great for postpartum, especially the jacket since it has two zippers on the front for easy breastfeeding. Not to mention, details aside, with its gorgeous colors and pattern, you’re sure to confidently stand out when you’re wearing this around the office.


Stretchy Pencil Skirt

For a lot people, a pencil skirt is a staple work wardrobe item, but regular-sized options aren’t typically made for growing baby bumps. This one, however, is. It’s available in either black or leopard print and is designed to fit either above or below the belly so that it will fit throughout your pregnancy (and beyond). It’s made from two layers of super-soft, breathable stretchy jersey fabric that molds to the body and is great for any type of weather. One reviewer, Elizabeth, wrote, “I really love this skirt! It is super comfortable on the bump, double-layered so fits smoothly over bump / hips / butt, and looks cute. I can make it dressy for work with a sweater and boot, casual with a tshirt and sneakers, or 'date night-y' with a tank.”


Soft Knit Wrap Top

Wrap tops are always great for work (or life, really), and this one is no exception. It’s available in several color options and made with a fabric with spandex in it, so the top will continue to fit throughout your pregnancy. Additionally, it features a true wrap neckline that ties at the waist, so you can easily adjust it as your bump grows as well as after the baby arrives, since it’s a great top for a changing body and for easy breastfeeding. While there’s no doubt you’ll want to wear this top over and over, just know that it does need to be dry cleaned or hand-washed to keep it looking like new.


High-Quality Maternity Dress Pants

Look, there’s no getting around the fact that these pants are on the pricier side, but unlike tops, you can wear the same pair of pants a few times in a week without anyone really noticing (especially black pants at work), so think of these as an investment piece. They’re worth the price tag, too, because they have a clean, slim-fit cut with an ankle-length hem and are made from fabric that is stretchy and snug without being confining. Plus, these pants can be tossed into the washing machine when they need to be cleaned, which is always a win when it comes to work clothes.


Professional Maternity Dress

What’s really great about this maternity work dress, aside from how flattering and professional it is, is that it’s a style that can be worn as is in the summer or with a cardigan and tights in the cooler months. Also, because of the pleated design, it will adjust to your body as your baby grows, so it will fit throughout most of your pregnancy and during postpartum recovery. Finally, the dress’ fabric is made from viscose, nylon, and spandex, so it is soft, durable, and stretchy — all things that you will definitely want in your maternity work clothes.


Warm Maternity Sweater

Available in a range of color options, this tunic top is perfect for a business-casual workplace. Its silhouette is perfect for accommodating a growing belly and it’s made from a soft fabric that has some stretch so that the top will fit throughout pregnancy. It’s a good investment, too, because it can be dressed up with some nice pants and jewelry or dressed down with jeans or leggings and some cute flats, so it’s super versatile. Also, thanks to its flowy design, you can easily wear this top long after you’ve had the baby. Honestly, you may just want to go ahead and get one in every color.


Tailored Maternity Blazer

The design of this blazer makes it worth the investment. First, it’s fully lined and made from high-quality suiting fabric, so it will keep you warm in the colder months but won’t cause you to overheat come spring. Also, it features a tie at the waist that can be adjusted based on your belly’s size, or it can be removed altogether if you prefer an open look. The option to remove the tie to leave the blazer open also gives the flexibility to get a size that will continue to fit after the baby arrives. Above all else, though, it’s just a really good-looking jacket.


Comfortable Top With Zipper Detail

This is another top that can be dressed up for work or down for a more casual outing. It has elbow-length sleeves and a pleat along the front to accommodate your bump. There’s also a pleat on the back of the top that is hidden with a zipper that runs down the shirt. When the zipper is all the way down, the pleat is tucked inside, and when it’s unzipped, the pleat is visible (and functional). The zippered back is not only a stylish detail, but also gives the top flexibility to be worn throughout pregnancy as well as into the postpartum period.


Warm & Cozy Maternity Sweater Dress

For the cold winter months, just throw this sweater dress on over some tights (or your leggings, I’m not here to judge) for a warm, comfortable office look. The dress has a cable knit design on the front, features a turtle neckline, and falls around knee-length. The fabric is lightweight and offers some stretch, so between that and the overall relaxed fit, it’s something that you can wear throughout pregnancy and beyond. However, like most sweaters, you will need to wash this dress by hand and hang dry it to ensure it doesn’t shrink (especially since that would defeat the entire purpose of a maternity piece).


Skinny Dress Pants

These skinny work pants feature a full panel for bump support and offer a lot of stretch so that they continue to fit as your pregnancy progresses. They’re designed with an ankle-length hem and feature front pockets for some stylish flair. Since they’re made from a blend of cotton and spandex, it’s safe to wash them in the washing machine and toss them into the dryer when they need to be cleaned. These pants are a favorite among shoppers, too. One shopper, Katie, wrote, “These are the best wear to work maternity pants around. They are true to size and fit like a glove. Must have for expecting mamas in the work place!”


Classic White Button Front Top

If you were to look in the closet of just about anyone who works in an office, you’d most likely find a white, button-front, collared shirt. It’s a timeless style that will instantly make you look polished and that can be dressed up or down. Unfortunately, though, these tops aren’t great for growing bellies (or breasts), so that’s where this maternity option comes in. It has a relaxed “boyfriend” fit that offers plenty of space for your changing body and is made from a fabric that’s safe to put into the washing machine and dryer (but you will probably have to iron it, so be prepared).


Long Sleeve Nursing & Maternity Dress

This is a dress that can be worn as is on casual Friday or dressed up with some jewelry, heels, and a blazer. Regardless of how you choose to style it, though, you can be sure you’ll be comfortable since it’s made from soft, stretchy, jersey knit fabric. Between the fabric and its relaxed fit, you can expect this dress to fit throughout pregnancy. It’s also something you can wear postpartum, especially if you’re nursing thanks to the double-layer top designed for discrete feeding. This dress is safe for the washing machine and dryer and is available in a range of sizes and in four different colors.


Custom Styled Maternity Work Clothes

You can skip the shopping altogether by signing up for a subscription clothing service like Stitch Fix. Just go online, create a profile, and fill out the questionnaire about where you are in pregnancy, what type of clothes you're looking for, your favorite colors, styles you aren’t a fan of, and more. Once you’re done, you can schedule a “fix” and a stylist will look over your information, handpick a few pieces for you, and ship everything to you for you to try on. You can keep whatever you like (they’ll tell you how much each piece is) and send back what you don’t with a pre-paid return package that’s included in your shipment. From there, you can schedule recurring fixes, order them as-needed, or shop the website on your own.


Faux Leather Maternity Leggings

First of all, these are leggings, so right away you already know that they’re comfortable, but they’re also still work-appropriate. They have an elastic, high-rise waistband so they can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy (which makes the price a little easier to swallow). They’re made from a soft, stretchy material that provides support and looks like leather, but unlike leather, you can toss these into the washing machine on a gentle cycle when they need to be cleaned — but they do have to be line dried. Style the leggings with some cute flats, a long blouse, and jewelry for work, then switch to a sweater and sneakers for a more casual look.


Maternity Winter Coat

Don’t forget that you need to wear a coat in the winter months, and if you’re going to invest in a maternity winter coat, you might as well get one that looks professional for work. This one has a two-tone look with a hemline that falls around the mid-thigh. It also features a detachable hood, a front zipper as well as snaps, front pockets, and a stand collar. The coat is made from 70% wool, so it doesn’t have stretch, but it’s tailored for pregnancy (and a growing baby bump). Not to mention, it’s also super warm and cozy.

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