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Poison Apples, Inflatable Mickeys & More Disney Halloween Decorations You Need

From The Haunted Mansion to Hocus Pocus, including hidden Mickeys.

The Haunted Mansion. Halloweentown. Hocus Pocus. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Maleficent. Frankenweenie. Disney knows how to do Halloween just right, with the perfect amount of creepy crawlies and spooky spirit, but an overall not-so-scary spin. It’s one thing to watch your favorite films once fall rolls around, but true lovers of Disney and the holidays know that decking their houses out in Disney Halloween decorations is equally as exciting as screening the movies.

There’s just something special about movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus, so it’s no wonder fans of the movies want to incorporate them into their home décor this time of year. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of Oogie Boogie inflatables or Sanderson sister plushies for sale. Don’t forget a talking Madame Leota for your mantle, either. How else are you going to break a curse on your own haunted mansion (or apartment)?

And now that Disney+ is a thing, don’t forget to show your kids some of those amazing Disney Channel original movies we couldn’t wait to watch as kids: Phantom of the Megaplex, Under Wraps, and Twitches. They may not sell decorations inspired by these lesser-known movies, but the nostalgia when watching them is just as real for you millennial parents.

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Jack Skellington Singing Cloche

From September 1 until December 31, The Nightmare Before Christmas becomes the main feature on the big screen in our living room. My husband and I always renew our annual debate of whether it’s a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. This year, Lowe’s has a whole collection dedicated to this classic animated movie, including this decorative cloche depicting Jack on that iconic curly hilltop overlooking the cemetery. Press the button on the base to hear “This Is Halloween” and see color-changing lights dance while bats take flight. They also carry a snow globe of Sally and Jack, and a lantern of the duo with Zero.


Hidden Mickey Pumpkin Wall Hanging

Do you love finding hidden Mickeys around the Disney parks when you visit? This wooden pumpkin wall hanging pays tribute to the fun of searching for those secret Mickey Mouse icons. It doubles as a wreath as well, and comes unfinished so you can easily stain It or paint it any color you like to match the rest of your Halloween decorations. And heads up for you holiday lovers: the woodworker behind the Etsy shop also makes hidden Mickey Mouse Valentine’s hearts, Christmas trees and more so you can celebrate in the same theme all year long. They’re definitely worth checking out.


Poison Apple Decoration

Want to take your Disney Halloween decorations all the back to one of their very first (and perhaps one of the scariest to this day) villains? The evil queen in Snow White disguises herself as an old witch and convinces Snow White to take a bite of a poison apple, sending her into her deep sleep. This poison apple is intended to be used as a prop for cosplay, but would honestly be a super cool and subtle addition to your Halloween décor. Imagine it sitting on your fireplace mantle, or even in a bowl of edible apples on your dining table. Don’t choose the wrong one…


Inflatable Mickey & Minnie Mouse

Inflatable yard decorations are kind of the ultimate holiday décor. They’re so easy to set up — just plug them in, turn on the air pump, and stake them down — and they don’t take up much storage space once they’re deflated. With all that in mind, it wouldn’t take long for you to turn your whole lawn into a Disney character reunion for Halloween. But to pull it off, Mickey and Minnie have to be included. This outdoor inflatable features the iconic duo waving to passersby with a pair of smiling Jack-O-Lanterns, dressed in their not-so-scary best as a witch and a vampire.


Light-Up Mickey Maleficent Wreath

Maleficent is one of Disney’s more infamous villains thanks to her signature horned headpiece, which originated in the animated version of Sleeping Beauty from 1959. The more recent reimagining the character, played by Angelina Jolie in Maleficent (2014) earned her a whole new fanbase. This Mickey Mouse-shaped wreath pays homage to the beloved villain’s all-black cloaks with dark, fluffed up tulle. The horns, well, of course they’re included. It looks menacing enough during the day, but when night falls, turn on the battery-powered LED lights for a wicked green glow. This maker on Etsy has hundreds of five-star reviews, so you should be pleased with this purchase.


Oogie Boogie Outdoor Inflatable Scene

Collectors of Disney Halloween decorations may already have a few Oogie Boogie items, but it’s much harder to find décor items that include Lock, Shock, and Barrel, the three mischievous children who kidnap Santa Claus. It’s designed for easy inflation that only takes seconds.

One happy reviewer gave it five stars, saying, “We love it and my kids love turning it on and off to watch Oogie ‘melt.’ And families have said they’ve changed their daily walk route to make sure the kids can say hi to the blow up. It’s a great addition to the rest of the Nightmare Before Christmas décor but this inflatable steals the show!”


Madame Leota Animated Crystal Ball

If you’re going to talk about Disney Halloween decorations, you have to include some décor honoring The Haunted Mansion, don’t you think? It’s not only a beloved Halloween movie, but many people’s favorite attraction at the theme parks.

Madame Leota is a clairvoyant spirit who is trapped in her crystal ball. You can have your very own at home now, and watch it light up with mystery as you wave your hands above it in true fortune-teller style. Listen closely as she tries to communicate with the spirit world and maybe you can learn some of her magical skills for your own purposes.


Disney Halloween Directional Sign

Whether you need to find your way to Halloweentown to visit the Pumpkin King, over to the front steps of the Haunted Mansion, or into town to stop those zany Sanderson sisters, this sign has you covered. It’s a great wall hanging or wreath option that incorporates three of Disney’s most beloved Halloween films into one piece. Some reviews on the piece even say the shop owner allowed for some customization of the colors, so it sounds like you can work with them to make their product fit your décor (the perks of shopping small — you can talk directly to the maker).


Halloweentown Storybook

Of all the Disney Channel original movies, none has become nearly as beloved as good old Halloweentown. The Cromwell family is such a cool group of women witches who are determined to save Halloweentown and its magical, monstrous residents from the clutches of the evil wizard, Kalabar. Grandma Aggie first reads this book to Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie when she visits them in the mortal world for Halloween, teaching them all about Halloweentown and the kinds of creatures who live there. Even though their mom, Gwen, wants to shield them from it at first, she eventually gets won over and allows them to embrace their magical side.


Mickey & Minnie Halloween Countdown Calendar

Countdown calendars are really popular around Christmastime, but why not add one to your Halloween décor as well? Not only do they add a fun, festive element to every day when you get to move the numbers one day closer to Halloween, but if you have young children learning to count, this can actually be a great learning tool too.

This countdown calendar features Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed in their Halloween costumes, with pumpkins, cornstalks, and autumn leaves taking on the shape of Cinderella’s castle for a backdrop. Oh, and the adorable Figaro the cat with his very own pumpkin pedestal.


Disney Halloween Kitchen Towel Set

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing scarier than a sink full of dirty dishes (especially if they’ve been sitting overnight *gulp*). But with these Disney Halloween towels, at least you don’t have to clean up all alone. This set of two kitchen towels features a purple patterned towel — covered in Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lanterns, ghosts in mouse ears, and more — with a black pom pom border. The second towel is embroidered with an in-costume Mickey Mouse, too-cute pumpkins, spooky bats, and a happy Halloween message. The set only has a few reviews but they’re all five stars, so chances are, you won’t be disappointed by these.


Mickey Ear Candy Corn Vessels

Don’t you just love technology? These Mickey Mouse candy corn vessels are created using 3D printing, and they’re made of an environmentally friendly plastic created from 100% renewable resources. You can even recycle them if you ever decide you don’t want them anymore (though that is unlikely to happen).

These vessels come in three sizes, with the largest retailing for $49.99 but smaller ones available for less. Not only would they make perfect candy serving dishes, but they could also work as tabletop planters for smaller sprouts, or festive desk organizers for paperclips, thumbtacks, and more. You can even order custom color combinations.


Zero’s Dog House Pet Bed

There’s no reason your furry friends can’t get in on the Halloween action. Besides, animal friends are kind of what make Disney so magical. So, why not swap out your pet’s bed for something more festive? Chewy has a pet bed modeled after Zero’s dog house in The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it comes in both medium and large sizes to accommodate a bunch of different sizes of cats and dogs. This bed has four and a half stars on Chewy’s website. Check out this review:

“I have a pretty big cat, so I went safe and ordered the large. He loves it! It’s super easy to set up, and looks so cute. If I can’t ever find him, I can almost guarantee he’s in his little house! Great for people who love The Nightmare Before Christmas, and want to spoil their fur babies.”


Zero Yard Stake With Sound

Speaking of Zero, this little ghost pup doesn’t get nearly enough décor fashioned after him! The Zero yard stakes from Party City are designed to look like the real star of The Nightmare Before Christmas (I’m not salty) is hovering around your front lawn waiting to greet trick-or-treaters and warn you if Oogie Boogie decides to show his mug. His pumpkin nose lights up when activated and he barks when he detects sound. So, flip him on, stake him in the ground, and boom: you have yourself a new, undead guard dog. Not sure how many people he’ll really scare off, but it’s a start.


Sally Tabletop Pumpkin Decoration

If Sally is your favorite character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, you need this Sally Jack-O-Lantern in your collection of Disney Halloween decorations. Be sure to check out the accompanying Oogie Boogie and Jack Skellington light-up pumpkins to create a complete set of these iconic characters. They plug in and have three-foot cords so be sure to group them somewhere with a few outlets (and keep them inside, as their materials aren’t meant to withstand the elements). If you’re trying to show your love for the movie outside, check out some of Lowe’s Nightmare collection’s yard décor. Now, if only they made a lighted Jack-O-Lantern of Zero…


Frozen Halloween Costume & Decoration Kit

Frozen isn’t the first movie to come to mind when thinking about Disney Halloween decorations, but if your kiddo is totally obsessed with Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf, you may not have a say in the matter. This decoration set from Party City is designed for car parades, so if you’re celebrating a socially distant Halloween this year, it’s a great one-click kit to purchase so everything you need to decorate your house or car comes at once. It even includes an Olaf costume if that’s who your chlid wants to be this year. Not a bad deal at all!


Mickey Mouse Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pillow

When it comes to Disney Halloween decorations, it doesn’t get more Disney or more Halloween-y than this Mickey Mouse ear Jack-O-Lantern throw pillow. The orange pumpkin has a black and purple embroidered Mickey face “carved” in, and black buffalo check patterned mouse ears on either side of its purple, leafy little stem. The opposite side says, “Hey Pumpkin” in the cutest font. The pillow has lots of five-star reviews, including this one:

“I was looking for a Halloween pillow and this one is perfect. I love that I can use it for October as a Jack-o-Lantern and and in November with the Hey Pumpkin side! It is soft and I am so excited!”


The Nightmare Before Christmas Light Projector

Is that Dr. Finkelstein? Sally, quick, grab the deadly nightshade! Phew, that was close.

This little light projector packs a big decorative punch, throwing images of all of your favorite characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas around the room in a vibrant purple hue. The lights inside are super bright, energy-efficient LEDs for maximum light show, minimum power requirement. This projector is intended for use indoors only. If you want something to decorate with outdoors, Lowe’s also has a Jack Skellington light projector that throws a purple fiery haze of lights against a flat surface, like the front of your house, and is rated for outdoor use.


Winifred Sanderson Plush

Winifred Sanderson (famously played by the one and only Bette Midler) makes a surprisingly adorable plush considering how truly menacing and wicked she can be in the movie itself. Sewing Billy Butcherson’s mouth shut over a lovers’ quarrel so he couldn’t tell her secrets, even in death? SIS. Thankfully, in this form, she’s totally harmless. And, you can add her sisters, Mary and Sarah, and Thackery Binx the black cat to your Disney Halloween decorations as well. They all feature detailed embroidery, are made of a velvet material, and feature attached velveteen costumes.


Halloweentown Wall Art

Do you have a gallery wall or some family photos on display in your house? Purchasing digital downloads and printing them at home (or your local printing store, if you want a higher quality paper than you have on-hand) is a super affordable way to turn existing artwork and frames into Halloween decorations. This piece depicts the giant Jack-O-Lantern in the town square of Halloweentown, its city hall, and the memorable bus and taxi cabs from the movie. You can print this poster in 8X10 or 11X14 sizes. Personally, I say go for the biggest one possible, because as Aggie Cromwell would say, “being normal is vastly overrated.”


Mickey & Minnie Mouse Halloween Candle

It’s no black flame candle, but until Disney figures out the technology to give us one of those, this Mickey and Minnie Mouse candle, complete with cute little ghosts, will definitely work. The high-quality container reads “Happy Halloween” on one side and “Trick Or Treat” on the other, so no matter which way you spin it, it’s festive. The adorable wee ghouls wearing their mouse ears are simply to die for, and naturally, it is pumpkin spice scented! The stoneware container is cute and really solid, so once you burn through the candle fully, you can keep it for a pen holder, small vase, or whatever else you can think of.