These Hocus Pocus Costumes Are Fit For The Whole Family, Even The Dog

They’ll put a spell on you.

Like many a cult classic, Disney’s Hocus Pocus was a flop when it was released in 1993. But fans persist and Hocus Pocus costumes continue to sell. Even though the movie about three zany witches — Winifred (Bette Midler), Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), and Mary (Kathy Najimy) — only took in $39.5 million at the box office, according to The Lily, and earned just one star from famed movie critic Roger Ebert, it’s gained traction through the years. Maybe it’s due to the millennial kids who, thanks to VHS tapes, watched it over and over. Or maybe in hindsight, we just love the fact that the Sex in the City mega star was a total nerd in the fantastical spooky tale. Whatever the case, Hocus Pocus love persists and that’s why these costumes are going like hotcakes.

Naturally, the main characters make up the bulk of the Hocus Pocus costumes selection. However, you will also find a few variations on Billy Bucherson — Winifred’s ex-boyfriend, a zombie, natch. There are also Dani Dennison costumes, the precocious 8-year-old who fights the witchy sisters.

So whether you’re new to the Disney film or an old fam, the appeal seems to be the same: if you know, you know. And in that case, snag one of these Hocus Pocus costumes to share your appreciation with the whole neighborhood.

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The Best Mary Sanderson Costume For Adults

You gotta love actress Kathy Najimy. While not a household name, she is a star character actress who brought the same hilarious energy she gave in Sister Act to Hocus Pocus as well. Bumbling and absurd, as Mary Sanderson she tries her best to stay on her wicked sister Winifred’s good side. Become Mary with this retro outfit featuring a red dress, lace up vest, and apron (all the better to brew up some magic without dirtying her skirt). Unfortunately, Mary’s signature hair, a towering tornado of black curls, will have to be purchased separately.


The Best Sarah Sanderson Costume For Adults

SJP before SITC is hard to recall, unless you were a child of the 1980s. Then you have vivid memories of her in Footloose, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and, of course, Flight of the Navigator. Her supporting role in Hocus Pocus is often overlooked, but that’s all the more reason to appreciate it. Here we see the breadth of Parker’s range where she plays ditzy perfectly. You can be a bird-brained witch too with this Hocus Pocus costume that’s made up of a dress and underskirt. Built like a German dirndl, the dress laces up the front and is made of taffeta, satin, interlock knit, and lace fabrics. Hitting roughly below the knee, this is the short and sassy version of Sarah’s uniform.


The Best Winifred Costume For Adults

The Divine Miss M, as Bette Midler is lovingly referred to, is peak camp in Hocus Pocus. She wears an exaggerated lip and fake horsey teeth to give her wicked witch optimum absurdity. So it’s only natural that people might want to become her for Halloween. Of all the Hocus Pocus costumes, you can manifest your best Winifred interpretation in this one. An emerald green gown is made of polyester and is a layered look with a purple dress that secures via Velcro in the back. The bodice includes faux laces and bell sleeves complete the look. You can find her red wig (sold separately) here.


The Best Hocus Pocus Cape

Need a cape to really cap off your Hocus Pocus look? Who doesn’t? You can buy their glossy, shiny hooded cape here. Made of polyester taffeta, it glistens when it catches the light. A hook and loop fastener holds it in place at the neck and an elongated pointed hood gives it an especially witchy effect. All the better to reenact the film’s scenes, like when the witches are on the loose and crash Max’s parent’s party or when Winifred famously sings "I Put a Spell on You" enchanting all the adults at the fete causing them to dance until they die.


Best Billy Butcherson Costume For Adults

In the silly saga of Hocus Pocus, who can forget Billy Bucherson? The undead ex-boyfriend of Winifred — she poisoned him then sewed his mouth shut when she discovered he cheated on her with her sister Sarah, Billy awakes from his eternal slumber when she sends him on a mission to retrieve her stolen spell book. Dead for the past 300 years, Billy is dressed in 1690s era clothing. In this costume that means a double-breasted coat with a built in shirt with frilly exposed sleeves. To make it even more authentic, the costume comes with a black wig of long, messy black hair appropriate for a man who just escaped the grave.


Best Dani Dennison Costume for Kids

Brave and precocious the character of little Dani Dennison isn’t scared of a pack of batty old witches. Nope, she stands up to them even at her own peril. If your kiddo has that same pluckiness, put them in this Dani Hocus Pocus costume this Halloween. The oh so ‘90s costume includes a red dress, black witch’s hat, jacket covered in stars and moons, and a tassel-trimmed scarf just like the one Dani wore in the film. You can make it all look even more accurate by pairing it with red tights and black lace-up boots, all the better to take on the sister’s dark magic.


Plus-Size Mary Costume

Just like the other great Mary look but available in sizes 1X and 2X, in this Hocus Pocus costume you’ll be able to become “that witch” in this three-piece ensemble. The polyester costume includes Mary’s orange dress, a lace up vest, and a sparkly apron. The vest is accented with gold hoops while the skirt is a flowing layered construction made of handkerchief light fabric. Once again, Mary’s awesome is not included. But you can probably put a spell on your own hair with enough products. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to use wires to get the proper height.


Plus-Size Winifred Costume For Adults

Go ahead, be extra this Halloween in this extravagant Winifred plus-size costume. A multi-layer affair, this costume features bell sleeves that brush the floor, a purple dress with attached green bodice, and enough gold detailing to bewitch any Winnie fan. The gown pulls on over the head and secures in place by a tie in the back. Plus, it’s just as show-stopping from the back as the front. Featured behind are detailed gold screen prints of snakes seemingly slithering up the sorceress’s skirt. All the better to warn any other ex-lovers that this witch means business, when you step into the party wearing this not-so-subtle ensemble


Plus-Size Sarah Sanderson Costume For Adults

Be your own SJP in all her sorceress glory with this plus-size gown. Intricately detailed, it’s made up of two pieces: a corset and skirt. The corset has a shimmery pink bodice with sheer sleeves while the skirt is a trifecta of red, purple, and gold pieced together. The skirt holds in place with a zipper closure while the bodice merely goes on over the head. All of the fabric is polyester and can be spot cleaned after the party is through so no need to be vexed. Add a blond wig, a dopey grin, and two evil sisters, and your Hocus Pocus costume is complete.


Best Mary Sanderson Costume For Kids

Not satisfied with just a Dani costume option? Never fear, there’s a Mary costume for kids too. This mini version looks exactly like the other two Mary depictions but is just sized down so your kiddo can don a dress, skirt, and apron and look just like the sister witch on Halloween. Also, this costume is hand-washable, so there’s no need to go search for spells to get out stains. You can complete the look with tights and lace up boots and, once again, you’ll need to track down a wig or doctor up your child’s hair yourself, as this set, like the others, does not include Mary’s wig.


Best Sarah Costume For Kids

If your child and their friends have just fallen in love with Hocus Pocus, a great group costume can be theirs as each of the three witches’ costumes come in kid sizes. In this case, Sarah’s tween costume is a one piece dress made of red, pink, and purple polyester. To give it the Sarah effect, it features a lace bodice and the suggestion of a bum roll as was popular at the time. To fully embody Sarah, all you need to do is find a long blonde wig and apply some exaggerated white makeup to the face with darkened eyes.


Best Winifred Sanderson Costume For Kids

If your kids are doing a group Hocus Pocus costume theme, then they certainly can’t leave the house without Winifred. She gets her own kid version in this costume that’s made a single dress that Velcros up the back. The dress is the same emerald green petticoat and purple dress design seen in the adult version which also features a faux lace up bodice, bell sleeves, and gold trim. Moon and star screen prints line the top and extend through a popped collar. Top with a red wig and maybe throw in some fake teeth and you’ve got Winnie to a T.


Best Winifred Costume For A Dog

Be prepared to be upstaged by your pooch. There’s a Winifred dog costume and it is amazing. If you can manage to get your pup to put on this emerald and deep purple gown (or Winnie’s fire red wig), you will surely win every Halloween costume contest there is. Just don’t be surprised when your canine sorceress starts to act possessed. The polyester fabric isn’t exactly a dog’s best friend. Plus, who’s ever seen a pup rock a wig longer than 10 seconds? That said, it’s still worth a shot just for the photos. C’mon. Do it for the ‘gram.

Ready to cast a spell? Honor Disney’s favorite flop with a haunted Hocus Pocus costume theme this year.