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These Elf On The Shelf Apps Will Keep The Holidays Full Of Festive Fun

Get the most holiday entertainment mileage possible out of Elfie this year.

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You've snapped pics with Santa, you've driven by the best holiday lights in town, and you've decorated cookies. By now, you’ve probably had your Elf on the Shelf out and about for a bit, and you may be in need of a dash of Christmas creativity. If you could use some help mixing things up for the kids, there are Elf on the Shelf apps out there that have your back.

After all, by now, the kids might be pretty used to that mischievous, moving-overnight elf, and no doubt, if you're a serious Elf on the Shelf parent, you've already put the little critter in a number of interesting poses and elaborate scenes. Once you’re out of ideas, check out these Elf on the Shelf-themed apps, which will help you surprise and delight the kids all month long. And once you’ve got plenty of ideas, read on for Elf on the Shelf apps that have nothing to do with hiding your elf, but are just sweet, fun little games to get your kids in the elf spirit.

Free Ideas For Elves App

Good Housekeeping UK suggested the free Ideas for Elves app, which can be downloaded for phones ranging from iPhones to Android as well as to your tablet, lets you page through idea upon idea of elf inspiration — elf-spiration? — as well as follow step-by-step how-tos.

The clever concepts range from filling up whole doorways in your house with festive balloons and ribbons or playing "mini-golf" with your elf with candy canes and a mint as your equipment, not to mention cute and inexpensive ways to outfit your elf.

The app even includes such marvelously messy projects as making "snow angels" from a pile of flour in the kitchen (don't invite me over for that one, though, the cleaning sounds awful).

Scout Elf Ideas App

This is the same concept as the Free Ideas For Elves app, but straight from the official Elf on the Shelf people! You can see photos and tutorials from Elves on Shelves all over the world and what their families do to bring some cheer into their homes.

This app adds the extra help of sending notifications when it’s time to bring your elf out of storage and send him back to the North Pole, as well as nightly notifications to remind you that you need to reposition the elf in time for morning. Major bonus.

But there are also a number of other Elf on the Shelf-themed apps available this time of year for your kids to play that won’t take away any of the magic of discovering their scout elf in a pile of flour or candy canes. Here are a few:

Find The Scout Elves App

Santa needs assistance finding his Scout Elves in this Christmas game. Kids can work towards becoming one of the North Pole’s skilled "Scout Elf" spotters, rising from "Rookie" to "All-star" and earning special certificates on the way.

And, as explained on the Elf on the Shelf site, kids should definitely know who the Scouts are, because they're the helpers who help Santa manage the "naughty" and "nice" list. That's kind of key for kids who know they have a long list of presents they want, right?

Spot as many elves as you can for extra points. Stuck in a long Christmas shopping line with your kids in tow? This might just save your life!

Elf Pets Virtual Reindeer App

In this cute Elf on the Shelf take, young users can adopt a virtual reindeer and care for it enough to create the Christmas magic that will get Santa's sleigh to do its thing on Christmas Eve. You can earn "badges" by caring for the reindeer virtually, or through buying the related "Reindeer Tradition" box set.

On the app, dragging food items to your reindeer's mouth will ensure it is being fed. Give it a "sponge bath," followed by a rest, in which you can turn off the lights and tuck your reindeer in for the night. You can even get some lullaby music going for your pet so he will have some good rest to start more training in the morning.

Elf Pets Pup App

The Elf Pets Saint Bernard app helps boost Christmas spirit with six mini-games that encourage young fans to be generous by caring for the cute pup, whose golden-heart charm on the barrel around his neck helps captures enough Christmas spirit over time, according to the Elf on the Shelf site, to make the magic of Christmas happen on the big day.

Players earn helping badges toward assisting Santa in keeping the North Pole magical.... and your house very, very quiet.

Elf Make A Cookie For Santa App

In this virtual baking session, you can make and send a delicious cookie to Santa, your Scout Elf, or Elf Pets. Don't forget to add plenty of decorations.

A "Cookie Fun Facts" section lets you get the scoop on what Santa and Mrs. Claus’ favorite cookies treats are. Kids can also add custom messages to send along with their baked goods. This one sounds like hours of fun for little ones... and the virtual sugar part sounds really good. That way you won't have hyper offspring when screen time is over.

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