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31 Perfect Elf On The Shelf Name Ideas

Get your kids in on the naming game, too.

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It’s that time of year again: When Christmas music invades every store you go into, holiday lights glitter and gleam from the homes all around you, and the mischievous little Elf on the Shelf comes back to take over your home. Many parents have a complicated relationship with their family’s Elf on the Shelf, but they also can’t deny that bringing them out in the beginning of the season is fun. Seeing that Christmas joy all over your kid’s faces as they realize what the Elf is doing there is just special, you know? To make it feel even more real, you need a good Elf on the Shelf name.

The Elf on the Shelf definitely comes with some high expectations, as some parents go above and beyond figuring out where to find him or her every night. But that doesn’t mean you have to make yourself crazy trying to figure out the perfect name (or the perfect setup). Kids will be happy with a cute, Christmas-inspired name for their Elf on the Shelf, and an elf name that is creative, festive, and easy for them to remember is key. You can pick an elf name based on a character from a Christmas movie, a classic holiday name, or something based off holiday treats.



Sure, Rudolph is the star of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, but I think we can all agree that Hermey is the other star. Hermey is one of Santa’s elves, but he actually doesn’t want to be an elf — he wants to be a dentist. He even sort of looks like the Elf on the Shelf. His personality is great for this role.



Clark W. Griswold embodies that true Christmas spirt. Of course, a lot goes wrong in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (i.e. getting your car stuck under a truck, a crazy cousin coming to stay with you and winds up kidnapping your boss, and that poor kitty cat), but really, can you come up with a better name for your elf than Clark? Probably not.



The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear — and naming your elf Buddy. That’s right, your Elf on the Shelf can bear the name of the tallest elf, er, human around, Buddy the Elf. Inspired by the classic Christmas movie Elf, your own elf will probably become a buddy to your child, too.



Bernard is the grumpy older elf from The Santa Clause (one of my personal favorite Christmas movies) and his name is definitely a more unique choice for your elf… and it’s perfect because his character is an elf. He’s also a little mysterious, which is ideal, and he works very closely with Santa Claus, so your kids will love that.



When you think of an elf from the Harry Potter series, you probably automatically think of Dobby, the house elf determined to help Harry succeed. Dobby is a great name for your elf, but if you want something different, opt for Winky instead. Winky was the devoted elf who worked at Hogwarts and who loved being an elf and had no interest in freedom.



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Sure, you might think of the name Santa when you hear the surname Claus, but it can also be a great first name, too — and an awesome one for your Elf on the Shelf. It’s also a wink and a nod to the movie The Santa Clause.



A Christmas Story isn’t your typical kids holiday movie, but it’s still a classic, so picking a name from the film is a solid choice. Ralphie is the main character of the movie: adult Ralphie narrates the film, while the younger Ralphie is the center of attention. Mischievous, spunky, and funny, his name is just right for your elf.



Another perfect name from The Santa Clause is Charlie. He’s not an elf, he’s just one of the main characters of the film. Charlie is the little boy who convinces his dad that he really did turn into Santa Claus, and since he’s the one spreading Christmas cheer and a belief in all things magical throughout the film, his name is really just right for an elf.



The Elf on the Shelf is supposed to be a little bit of a trouble maker, so it only makes sense to name him after Kevin from Home Alone. Can’t you just see your miniature elf getting themselves into the kind of situations Kevin gets himself into throughout the movies? Exactly.



If you’re looking for a female name for your Elf on the Shelf, consider Jovie from the movie Elf. Jovie, played by Zooey Deschanel, is the Gimbels elf who works with the Gimbels Santa Claus and ends up with Buddy the Elf. Her name is perfect for Elf on the Shelf, not to mention it’s just completely adorable on its own.



You might think of ivy or holly when you envision Christmas foliage, but there’s one that’s the master of them all: mistletoe. A sign of love and peace in Norse culture, mistletoe is the plant to pick when you want to pucker up with somebody special. But it can equally be a sweet name for your elf as well.



If you want to keep things merry and bright during the holidays, why not start with naming your elf Merry? Just the word alone inspires happy thoughts because it means “joyful” and “lighthearted”.



Looking for elf-naming inspo? Search no further than Santa’s reindeer. While Rudolph might rank as the most popular reindeer, consider some of the other reindeer who pull Santa Claus’ sleigh, like Dasher, for example. It might be a better option than, say, Vixen, for example.



Hope is one of those faith-based names that can be particularly appealing especially at this time of the year. And if you’re hoping that your elf makes a quick appearance and then heads back to the North Pole, Hope is the perfect fit.



Eve, as in Christmas Eve. It’s also a cute female name and you can nickname the elf “Evie,” which is adorable and sweet. And Eve the Elf? It goes so well.



Noelle can be a reference to one of two things. It could be a different variation on Noel, which comes from a Latin word that means “to be born,” and is often used to reference the Christmas season in Christmas carols. But it could also be a reference to the Disney Christmas movie Noelle, about a woman who tries to save the holidays by acting like Santa Claus. Either way, it works!



Flake is a shortened version of the word “snowflake,” and it’s just kind of a unique take on a popular name choice. Flake feels spunkier and has a bit more personality, and we also love that it’s totally gender neutral.



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It’s hard to think about Christmas without picturing holly, a green winter shrub with bright red berries that just look like the holiday season. Holly is another sweet female elf name and it’s easy for little ones to remember and say.



OK, honestly, Sparkles just feels like it should be the name of an elf. It’s not a word that immediately comes to mind when thinking of the holidays, but it just seems to fit with the overall vibe: Sparkly lights, sparkly Christmas trees, and sparkly decorations.



Tinsel refers to the decorative material popular around the holidays that mimics the look of ice hanging. It’s often used on Christmas trees to add a little bit of sparkle and glitter. Tinsel is a fun and funky name for your elf.



There are so many names for Santa Claus, but Kris Kringle is one of the older ones. It’s the American word for Father Christmas and comes from the German word Christkindl, which means Christ child. Kringle is a different way to pay homage to Santa through your elf.



They might be roasting on an open fire, but chestnuts can be so much more than part of a holiday song — they can be the name for your elf.



Sweets are everywhere during the holidays, especially candy canes. They traditionally come in red and white stripes, which will pair perfectly with your elf, since they’ve got the red part down pat already.



A perfect mix of cinnamon and sugar, snickerdoodle cookies are a holiday favorite. They’re sweet with just the right amount of spice, which makes them a perfect fit for the Elf on the Shelf.



During the holiday season, you’re either baking cookies or eating ‘em. That’s what makes Cookie such a natural Elf on the Shelf name idea. It connotes warmth, sweetness, yummy food, and being home with your family — all of the things that the holiday symbolizes.



What would Christmas be without gingerbread cookies, gingerbread bread, or gingerbread houses? There’s something about these spiced baked goods that just resonate with the season. This name is cute and Ginger could be a nickname.



Sugarplum is a word that you really only hear in December, so that makes it an ideal name for the Elf on the Shelf. A sugarplum is a hard candy and is referenced in Christmas carols as well. It’s the sweetest name for your little elf!


Candy Cane

Candy canes are a must-have around the Christmas season, even if they’re just out for show and no one actually eats them. (Although you should, they’re good!) Candy Cane is also a fun name for your Elf, and then you can nickname them Candy or CC.



What is Christmas without a steaming cup of hot cocoa? Or maybe some cocoa cookies? Cocoa is an adorable name option that just fits with the holiday season and works so well.


Figgy Pudding

If you really want to name your elf something different, name them Figgy Pudding. This is a traditional Christmas dessert from Great Britain and is another word for plum pudding or Christmas pudding. It’s not what it seems, which is kind of like that sneaky elf.



Peppermint is a flavor you cannot avoid during the holiday season, so why not name your elf after it? Peppermint is cute, fun, and a nickname could be “Minty” or “Pepper.”

Whatever name you choose, just remember: Don’t forget to move your elf around each and every night. It’s time to keep the magic alive.

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