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6 Things To Know About Libra Babies

They’re all about happiness and harmony, beauty and balance.

You might not have thought too much about the timing of the arrival of your baby. But if you’re expecting your little one to come sometime between September 23-October 22, well, you’re in luck, because a little Libra is about to enter your life. But what is there to know about Libra, the seventh sign of the astrological zodiac? As it turns out, there is so much to love about Libra, since their sign is all about justice, harmony, happiness, and beauty.

There’s a good reason why Libra is represented by The Scales, which symbolize balance and symmetry, something that this sign is obsessed with (in a good way, of course). “Libras are so tuned into harmony that it often seems that Libra babies can readily tell when something is off kilter around them,” according to Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Astrological Self-Care Journal. You can expect a Libra child to be attached to their parents and place a high value on what they think.

Curious about what other Libra facts you can find out before Baby’s arrival? Read on!

Relationships Are Important To Libra…

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… starting, of course, with their first one to their parents. This makes sense, since Libra is ruled by Venus. “Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the planet of love, art, relating/relationship and money,” says Georgia Marcantoni, an evolutionary astrologer. “A Libra’s mother’s opinion shapes their behavior in the world.” “Because of this, Libra children have an inherent understanding of how to compromise. In short, Libra knows that they’re not the only person in the room — and they’re totally okay with it.

Libras Love To Please Their Parents

There’s a reason why Libras are so lovely. It’s in their nature to make everyone around them feel happy and important. “Libra children are such sweet souls who will learn to understand themselves through their relationships with others,” says DeFranco. “They are highly social and naturally willing to compromise.” While that might sound like a dream come true for parents, since Libra kids won’t offer too much resistance to rules, they can also be too easygoing, which can sometimes lead to people-pleasing. “Libra children strive to please their parents more than any other sign in the zodiac,” she says. Since parental input is so pivotal to a Libra child, it’s very important that they receive positive feedback from their parents to build their self-esteem and self-worth.

Libras Can Be Indecisive

Unfortunately, being so amenable can mean that a Libra kid can’t make up their own minds easily. “Making decisions is a skill that does not come easily or naturally to the Libra child, so it is crucial that their parents are proactive about teaching them how to choose wisely,” agrees DeFranco. “From an early age, parents should help their Libra child learn how to identify their goals and desires, discern all of their options for achieving these goals, and how to choose the best option(s) based on the child’s best interests.” After all, a Libra who can’t make up their minds might become prone to procrastination and hinder their overall potential. So work with your child to ensure that they learn to validate their own voice and advocate for their needs.

Libra Kids Care About Harmony

It’s not to say that there won’t ever be any squabbles between siblings, but Libra kids care about everything (and everyone) being in absolute agreement. It’s part of their innate nature, after all, says Marcantoni. “These lovers of beauty, companionship, and your attention are always searching for ways to create harmony in their environment,” says Marcantoni. And because things can get out of sync (which affects their delicate nature), be sure to let your Libra channel their inner desire for balance in creative ways, such as the arts or music. Says Marcantoni: “This can help soothe their diplomatic soul.”

Libra Has Good Manners

You won’t have to worry about making sure your kiddo says “please” and “thank you”. For a little Libra, good manners come quite naturally, says Gailing. “Libra kids are usually quite gracious, love beautiful things, and look to make sure everyone around them feels good,” she says. It probably has to do with the fact that they want everyone to feel equal and happy.

Libra Children Are Highly Intelligent

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That’s not to say that other signs don’t shine as brightly, but Libra babies are just born with an extreme intelligence and perceptiveness. Still, as smart as they are, they can sometimes doubt their own competence. “Because they’re aware from an early age that they are not the only person who matters, they may feel insecure about their capabilities at times,” says DeFranco. “It is important for parents to set clear and reasonable expectations for their child and provide positive reinforcement when they fulfill these expectations.” In addition to packing on the praise, be sure to give your sweet little Scales lots of areas in which to show off their stuff, whether it’s an art class or other talents to develop their individuality and understand just how awesome they are.

If you’re expecting a Libra baby, then be prepared for a very pleasant baby who wants everything to be happy and harmonious.