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Your Libra 2022 Horoscope Is All About Finding Your Balance Once And For All

Introspection will help keep your scales steady.

As a perpetual peacemaker, Libra loves when things are calm, fair, and in balance. But then, welp, 2020 and 2021 didn’t give us much of that now, did it? Thing is, Libras don’t like to be out of whack for too long, since it upsets their innate desire for symmetry and diplomacy. So what’s an optimistic air sign to do? Look to your Libra 2022 horoscope, of course. Luckily for you, Libra, you’ll find plenty of things that will give you happiness — and healing.

The upcoming year promises to bring about big changes for all of the astrological signs, but the core components of sanctuary and soothing energy is what will probably appeal to you most, Libra. It’s almost like what’s in store was designed entirely for you, since your whole being revolves around stability (heck, that’s why your symbol is the scales, after all). “There are many Libra-themed energies throughout 2022 for you,” Jordane Maree, an astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon tells Romper. “Balance, harmony, and partnership are allowing for safety in the body and self, so where you find balance, you will thrive.”

You can bring back the equilibrium to your life (and by extension, the world around you) by reading your Libra 2022 horoscope, which will offer solace and synchronicity.


What happens in the love department for you, Libra, is quite interesting. It’s not like you’re going to fall madly in love with a new partner, (or suddenly think it’s sweet how your partner leaves their dirty socks on the floor). While both of those things could occur, your love life in 2022 is more about energies opening up to help you get a clearer picture of what you want (and what you don’t) from that someone special. “The shift in energy that occurs when a major planet moves into a specific area of your chart is exactly that — a shift in energy,” says Maree. “The way in which this shift manifests in your life is so unique to who you are, where you are, what you are moving and healing through, and what you are desiring and calling in.” Jupiter will move into your 7th house of partnership from May to late October, bringing that shift to fruition. This is your time to look inward to determine how you want your love life to work for you. Says Maree: “Jupiter is the planet of joy, growth, and beautiful synchronistic luck — so let your joy guide your decisions now — and know that life is on your side.”


Maybe you fell behind a payment (or a few) with your credit cards, or you’re scrambling to come up with the cash to pay for your kiddo’s tae kwon do class. Money may have been a struggle up until now, Libra, but that’s about to change. “Finances will be a big area of focus for you this year, Libra,” says Maree. “With incredible opportunities to heal your relationship with money, to release any resistance towards receiving, and to up and solidify the worth you give to yourself.” While you might not win the lottery per se, the Lunar Nodes are working their magic in both your 2nd house of self-value and money, and 8th house of joint resources and transformation. Says Maree: “April and October will be ushering you into new money beginnings, whereas May and November will be asking you to release anything that is not allowing that free flowing abundance your way.”


If you’ve been feeling like a hamster on a wheel lately (and haven’t we all, tbh), there is space coming up in 2022 to change all that. But before you start filling up your kiddos’ calendars with incessant activities, it’s time to breathe and reassess just what kind of parent you want to be. “Stepping into 2022 Venus will be in retrograde in your 4th house of home and family until January 29,” says Maree. “Before the pace of 2022 picks up, take this short moment in time to reflect on what environment you desire for your family.” That could mean spending more quality time with your kids, finally painting the kitchen, or any other modifications (either physical or emotional) that will make home feel like, well, home. Adds Wanica Dunn, an astrologer: “Changes in your living arrangements will be very likely during this period,” so use the retrograde to really figure out how to make your family (and home life) the way you always envisioned it would be.


Your career has been humming along for a while, but now, it’s time to shake things up, Libra. There will be two time periods in 2022 when you’ll really have the opportunity to take your career to the next level: December 28, 2021 — May 10, 2022 and again October 28 — December 20. “During these two pockets of the year Jupiter will be hanging out in your 6th house of work, day-to-day-living and habits,” says Maree. “This is where you bring incredible abundance, joy, expansion and growth into your career — particularly supported is anything health related in your work.” There will be a focus on making money, so jump on Jupiter’s ability to maximize all that it comes into contact with, and seize the opportunity for greatness, because it’s all right there. Just be careful not to panic, oh Balanced One, because all this intensity might tend to throw you off. “Jupiter transitioning through your house of daily routines and work can easily expand this area of your life, but it can also get your scales off balance,” warns Dunn. “Find balance to support your beliefs and what you want to do, to support your dreams.”

Libra, 2022 is looking good for you. It might be a bit overwhelming at times, but by taking it slowly and keeping a firm grasp on what feels right, you can truly come into your own in the New Year — and be happily balanced, too.