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6 Things To Know About Scorpio Babies

Their sting is a lot sweeter than you might think.

Sometimes people make false assumptions about a sign simply because of its name. And that definitely holds true for Scorpio, the misunderstood sign of the cosmos if ever there were one. Maybe it’s because its symbol is a scorpion that people believe that this zodiac sign will be challenging, but that’s the farthest thing from the truth. As it turns out, Scorpio is a sweet, passionate sign that has big feelings, as you’ll find out from these facts about Scorpio babies.

While you might think that Scorpio (born between October 23-November 21) is a fire sign, it’s quite the opposite: water. It’s ruled by Mars, the planet of survival, physical activity, separation and war, according to Dana DeFranco, an astrologer. “Because of this, Scorpio children have an inherent understanding that life isn’t always easy, strategy is important, and suffering is an inherent part of life,” she says. Wow. But when you look at the flip side of those traits, you’ll find that Scorpios are fearless, resourceful, and are kind of like the superheroes of the cosmos in that they fight for what’s right based on their deep understanding of the Universe.

If you’re looking for more facts about Scorpios, read on. You’ll be happily surprised to find that the Scorpion is much sweeter than you’d think.

Scorpio Is A Deep Thinker

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Everything about Scorpio symbolizes depth, from their thoughts to their feelings. It’s because of their innate intensity that it’s important to know how to handle them. “Scorpio children emotions intensely and are more likely than any other sign to process their emotions in private,” says DeFranco. “It is crucial for Scorpio children to be allowed to feel their emotions.” One way to achieve this is by teaching your child that all emotions are okay, so that your little Scorpion doesn’t curl up and retreat into themselves. (You can tell something is wrong when your Scorpio child doesn’t eat.) You can avoid them bottling up their emotions by leading by example and showing them how parents, too, process their emotions in appropriate ways.

Scorpio Can Get A Bad Rap

Well, when your zodiac symbol is a scorpion, it makes sense that people might make inaccurate perceptions about you. And so it is with sweet little Scorpio, whose stinger isn’t as strong as some might think. “Scorpio children can seem brooding, quiet and/or pensive,” says DeFranco. “They are sweet and extremely caring by nature, and it is super important for their parents to cultivate an environment where their little Scorpions feel comfortable exposing the softer sides of their nature.” Unlike what they might have been told, Scorpio children need to know that caring is absolutely okay, and that their intense ability to care is among one of their greatest assets.

Scorpio Children Might Feel Distrustful Of Others

You might not think that kids could have problems trusting people, but this can be the case for a Scorpio child. “Scorpio is the sign most likely to deal with trust issues,” explains DeFranco. “This means parents of Scorpio children need to learn to walk the tightrope between encouraging their child to share their feelings and respecting their child’s privacy.” To handle this, you can teach your child some self-soothing techniques to help them cope and process their emotions.

Scorpio Children Love To Snuggle

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Sure, every kid wants to be covered in kisses, but none so much as a sweet little Scorpio. Since they experience emotions in such a big way, it stands to reason that they also want all that love and affection returned to them, too. “Physical affection is important for Scorpio children,” says DeFranco. “Since they are the sign most likely to experience intense emotions and the sign most likely to bottle up these emotions, physical affection is a positive way to make them feel safe and loved while respecting their right to privacy.” So whether they get a good grade in school or eat most of their veggies, slather on the sloppy kisses so your scorpion feels self-assured and loved.

Scorpio Is A Curious Sign

Blame it on their stinger, but Scorpio likes to dig deep to find out the real meaning behind, well, everything. From conversations on the meaning of life to how birds fly, to why you made lasagna for dinner, a Scorpio child will never take anything for granted. “These investigators have an incredible ability to pierce the surface and see beyond face value,” Georgia Marcantoni, an evolutionary astrologer tells Romper. “They love a good mystery so allow them to explore their intense curiosity of the hidden and magical.”

Scorpio Is Always Aware Of What’s Going On

While all the other babies in the hospital nursey might be snoozing or screaming, it’s likely that the Scorpio baby will be wide awake, giving everything a good once-over. “Scorpio babies may have an intense stare,” Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Astrological Self-Care Journal. “It’s like they come into life already sussing out their environment.” It’s nothing to be concerned about, but just know that your little Scorpio will always be sizing up the situation — and giving you their opinion.

With their inner strength, passion, and desire to dig deep into the meaning of life, it’s hard not to fall in love with the sweet little Scorpio. They’re truly the meaning of not judging a book by its (astrological) cover — or stinger.