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45 Powerful Names For Your Scorpio Boy

These names are perfect for this serious and thoughtful sign.

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Why is it just so hard to come up with a name for your baby? There are, like, a billion baby names out there, right? So why can’t you choose one for your little one? Well, it’s for that very reason — there’s too many possible choices to pick from. That’s when you’re going to need to narrow down the playing field and look to specific themes (like astrology, for example), to give you some out-of-this-world guidance. And if your baby is coming between October and November — meaning you’ve got a Scorpio baby on the way — these 45 Scorpio boy names should definitely go on the “maybe” list.

Every sign is known for its strengths and weaknesses, and Scorpio (which runs from October 23-November 21) is no exception. It can be hard to get cuddly vibes from a sign who’s represented by a scorpion, but you shouldn’t judge them by their sting. In fact, Scorpio is a powerful, passionate sign, preferring to spend their time thinking deep thoughts and connecting with those they love rather than fighting. And just like Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio is (shocker) a water sign, which gives them additional depth and connection to the human experience.

So, take some inspiration from this interesting astrological sign, (or the season itself), and check out these Scorpio boy names that are beautiful like your little guy.



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In the month of October, it seems like the world is alive once again in hues of gold and orange. That’s what makes Aurelius a great Scorpio boy name. It means “the golden one” and is derived from Latin. Although the name might make you think of Marcus Aurelius, (the Roman emperor), the name is really a love song for the season.



Sometimes Thanksgiving falls earlier in November than other years. But you can still have an attitude of gratitude when you give your baby the name Jayden. It means “thankful,” and is of Hebrew descent. There are a slew of spellings, (like Jaydon, Jaden, Jadin, Jaydyn, and so on), it still means the same thing. It’s pretty popular, so chances are your kid might be in preschool with another similarly-named child, but it’s worth it. It’s such a beautiful name.



Falling leaves are synonymous with autumn. And, while you might not want to name your baby boy Leaf, using the name Leif is an excellent way of getting a homophone in. Technically, Leif is a Scandinavian name that means “heir” or “descendant,” which is, you know, what your baby boy is. And if you want to be technical, Leif isn’t pronounced exactly like Leaf; it’s more like “Layf.” But no matter, it all still symbolizes the beauty of your baby and fall.



Another nature-inspired baby name, Birch is one of those names that should be way more popular than it is. It derives from Old English, and means “bright” and “shining” for your Scorpio baby. Of course, it also means “birch tree,” and if you’ve ever seen one in fall, you know that its striking yellow leaves are every leaf peeper’s dream come true.



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Little known fact: Scorpio is a water sign. That’s right, Pisces and Cancer, Scorpio is also taking a dip in the pond, too. So if you’re looking for a Scorpio baby name that relates to its water sign, Brooks is it. It means “dweller by the brook” and is from the Old English “broc” which is a word for “brook” or “stream”.



Keeping up with the watery theme comes Wade. While it means “able to go” (which your baby should start doing in a few months when they start crawling), it can also be the verb wade, which is to wander out into water. It is of Old English and Scandinavian origin, and since it’s one syllable, it might be hard to come up with a nickname that’s cuter than the name itself.



Naming your child after the month they’re born in is nothing new (just look at names like April, May, or June, for example). But for the most part, naming your child after their birth month was reserved for girls — until now. Tobias, which means “God is good” is the Greek version of Tobiah, a Hebrew name. What does all this have to do with October, you ask? Well, Tobias can be a version of October, and Toby is an adorable nickname that matches both the month and the name.



You can never have too many water-based names to choose from, we say. So if Brooks and Wade aren’t doing it for you, River just might. Although it’s a gender-neutral name, River is still considered to be more of a boy’s name, and it means just as its name implies, a river.



Phoenix is of Greek origin, and means “dark red,” which fits with Scorpio’s symbolic red color. And just like names that end with “Z”, Phoenix ends with “X”, which gives it that certain, well, X factor. But it might be the imagery of the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes that sells you on this unique Scorpio boy name.



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If your baby came out of the womb full of fire and fury, you’d best bestow the name Martin upon him. Martin, which is of Latin origin, comes from the Latin name Martinus, a direct derivative of Mars, the Roman god of war. It’s an homage to Scorpio’s sign ruler, which is, not so coincidentally, the planet Mars. Does it mean that you’re going to have a little warrior on your hands? No, but you’ll probably have a tough little tyke who stands his ground — of course, when he can stand, that is.



A gender-neutral name (add an “e” and it can work for a girl), Sloan is an Irish-Gaelic name. It means “warrior,” and is pretty popular on the Emerald Isle. Scorpios, somewhat unfairly, are often portrayed as these feisty beings, and while there may or may not be some truth to it, there’s nothing wrong with giving your little guy a strong name that will inspire him to be confident and proud of who he is.



Scorpio is a strong sign if ever there were one, and so you’ll need a name that encapsulates all that power. Well, Magnus has entered the chat. It’s a boy’s name of Latin origin, and it means, of all things, “greatest.” Many kings have been named Magnus (it’s popular in Denmark and Norway). And with a name like Magnus, your little guy just have a magnetic personality.



Another water-based name, Rain is an American name. There are no hidden meanings here; Rain means exactly what it is: Water drops that fall from the sky. Obviously, Rain pays tribute to the fact that Scorpio is a water sign. It can also be a calming way to counterbalance the belief that Scorpio is an aggressive sign. Of course, if you like the sound of Rain, but want to add some oomph to it, you can always spell it like Reign, which might align more with what Scorpio represents.



Welp, it might not be a scorpion, but how about a dragon? Yes, that’s exactly what Drake, an English name, means. The single-syllable name is simple to say, and isn’t too common, which will make your little serpent stand out at school. Unlike some other Scorpio baby names, it’s not as obvious, unless you explain the connection.



On the surface, Adrian doesn’t seem to be a Scorpio boy name. But dive a little deeper (just follow us here), and you’ll “sea” why this is an awesome name for your October or November Scorpio baby. Adrian is a boy’s name that means “of the Adriatic,” a sea that borders countries like Italy, Slovenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Montenegro. Given how Scorpios tend to be big thinkers and live life on a deeper level, (combined with their love of all things aquatic), and Adrian just… works.



More names for Scorpio baby boys

  • Truman
  • Leonardo
  • Hawke
  • William
  • Lionel
  • Benjamin
  • Cole
  • Duncan
  • Blaine
  • Dorian
  • Aidan
  • Blaze
  • Eleven
  • Archer
  • Bernard
  • Niall
  • Durand
  • Amin
  • Mark
  • Louis
  • Dillon
  • Autumn
  • Maize
  • Navy
  • Gregory
  • Ashton
  • Vincent
  • Casey
  • Beck
  • Dante

There’s so much more to Scorpio than meets the eye, such as their dedication and devotion to friends and family, as well as their undying ambition. That’s why you can score inspiration from the astrological sign itself, the season it falls in, (or both), to come up with a Scorpio baby name that’s got just enough sting to make it even more sweet and special.

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