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Scorpio, 2022 Is The Year To Focus On Your Family & Finances

It means you might have to adopt new thinking to get on the right path.

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Listen, if any astrological sign were seething about the turn of events during the past year, it would be you, Scorpio. Never one to hold your tongue, you voice your thoughts (good, bad, or otherwise), but it’s that same fearlessness that makes you a true leader. So naturally you want to know what your Scorpio 2022 horoscope is, because you’re ready for something new and better already.

Still, old habits can be hard to break, even for someone who has a stinger like you, Scorpio. But it’s going to require a whole lot of focus (and faith) in order for you to harness the healing and transformative energy that is coming in the new year. “Shedding, transformation and total renewal of self is on the cards, in total Scorpio style,” Jordane Maree, an astrologer and founder of Girl and Her Moon tells Romper. “With this transformation, how you show up in love is ready for renewal.” That’s right, you adorable little arachnid, you, you’re going to need to venture into 2022 with an open heart — and (as hokey as it might sound), you just might find your happy again.


They say the course of love never did run smooth, and that’s certainly the case for you, Scorpio. But instead of searching for the perfect partner, you need to invest in (and love) yourself first. After all, 2022 is a major year for love for your sign, but only if you’re ready for it. “Each year there are a minimum of four eclipses that fall on a certain astrological axis, and this year the eclipses fall into both your 1st house of self, and your 7th house of partnership,” explains Maree. “With the Eclipse energy threading across the year and bouncing between these areas of your life, there is incredible opportunity that can manifest in many ways.” Relationships will be ripped down to the studs, but in a good, cleansing way. You might give an existing partnership a perusal with fresh eyes, or understand exactly what you’re looking for in a mate and match with someone who has like-energy.


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Even though you might seem like a solitary soul, you’re really all about partnerships, Scorpio. So is it any surprise, then, that your finances are paired up with your partner’s? Expect to earn extra this year, but be mindful of what you do with your money, advises Wanica Dunn, an astrologer. “You've been giving too much of yourself away lately and it's taken its toll,” says Dunn. “In 2022 you'll find what makes you happy again and start to rebuild your life the way you want it.” This confidence will lead you to accomplish some amazing professional goals, You'll be feeling more confident than ever and this will lead to some great accomplishments both professionally and personally.


Sure, you might be pretty passionate, Scorpio, but that doesn’t mean that you want those feverous feelings to affect your fam. And that’s probably what’s it’s been feeling like for a while now, according to Maree. “Saturn has been in your home sector for the past year Scorpio, where it will continue throughout 2022 and into 2023,” she explains. “What this means for you is a building of something, whether this is a literal and physical building of a home, whether you are physically growing your family, or even strengthening the bond of family.” But be careful, since this transformation can take a toll on the people you love the most, according to Victoria Finlay, an astrologer. “Things could get tense around the house this year,” says Finlay. “This is a period of really changing your words and the way you communicate with yourself and others to keep harmony in the home.” While you should be proud of the strides you’re making, it can also feel frustrating, too. So find creative ways to channel your energy, so that these growing pains aren’t so, well, painful.


If you’ve been feeling frustrated at your job, that’s all about to change. In the new year, you’ll be able to express yourself at work in an entirely new and exciting way. It won’t be just telling your coworker what you really think of them, but it’s all expressing your ideas and getting them heard. “As we step into 2022, and again as we close out the year, you are being guided into free expression of self,” says Maree. “Your creativity will spark, ideas will flow, and there will be an unstoppable and free-flowing urge to create, for those of you with the opportunity, bring this into your career and you will make great impact.” You can expect some changes to occur during May-October, when Jupiter stops in your 6th house of routines. It might mean a raise, a promotion, or even a change in how, when, and where you work. It’s all meant to put you on a career path that brings abundance, happiness, and joy into your life.

Abundance is what it’s all about for your Scorpio 2022 horoscope. It might not be easy, though, since you’ll have to shed some old habits and learn to adopt new ones, but all in all, every change is meant to make you stronger, Scorpio — and maybe you won’t feel the need to use your stinger so often.

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