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18 Scorpio Baby Names For Your Smart & Clever Baby

These names are all scorpion, no sting.

You made it past both the sweltering summer and the back-to-school season, and now you’re in the home stretch of your pregnancy. Nothing but sweater weather and pumpkin picking to look forward to until your own lil pumpkin’s arrival. And if your due date is somewhere between the end of October through most of November, you probably have a little Scorpio on their way. If you’re still scrambling to come up with something to call your kiddo, these 18 Scorpio girl names just might sound great for your little scorpion.

One of the most oft-misunderstood signs of the zodiac, Scorpio doesn’t have the sting that many people might believe it to have. Sure, it’s a stoic sign, strong and powerful, but that just means that your child will be very self-confident and independent, traits that are totally admirable. A Scorpio’s determination usually takes them very far, and while they might be deep thinkers, they’re also equally passionate people, too. (Be prepared for some very big feels from your little lady.)

Scorpio definitely gets a lot of astrological attitude from some of the other signs, but that doesn’t mean that this water sign is as tough as they might seem. So if your baby arrives sometime between October 23-November 22, you’ll definitely want to know about these Scorpio girl names that have more sweetness than sting.



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Although it’s technically the gemstone for the month of July (we won’t tell if you don’t), Ruby is an ideal Scorpio girl name. Its name derives from the Latin word “ruber”, which means “red.” The name Ruby connotes spunk and fire, which exactly epitomizes the Scorpio sign.



While the name Poppy might make you think of a toasted bagel with a schmear of cream cheese, its base is actually botanical. That’s right, Poppy means “red flower” and is of Latin origin. Poppy is not an exceptionally popular name in the U.S., but it can be common in the UK. And since Scorpio’s signature color is red, Poppy is the perfect pick.



Okay, so technically the geranium is the official flower for Scorpio —but that’s kind of a mouthful to say. If you want to pass on that plant name, Roisin might be right for your baby girl. Sure, it can look like the word raisin, but Roisin (pronounced ro-SHEEN), is an Irish name that means “little rose.” It can be a subtle way to slip some Scorpio color to your kiddo’s name.



If you’re looking for a gem of a name, look no further than Opal. It is the birthstone for the month of October, and it derives from the Sanskrit word “upala,” which means “jewel.” It’s one of those gemstone names (think Diamond, Jade, or Pearl) that are popular. Opal has an old-fashioned sound to it that can be very appealing if you’re looking for something classic, and it definitely beats other jewel-themed names… like Lapis Lazuli.



Maybe it’s just us, but Citrine just sounds like your baby girl should be born wearing a beret and eating baguettes. Alas, it’s another gemstone name, since Citrine is a kind of quartz. It has rich citrusy colors (think deep oranges and yellows) that reflect the leaves during the Scorpio season. Oh, and if you’re stumped on the pronunciation, it’s spoken as “Sih-treen”.



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Inspiration for your Scorpio girl baby name can come from anywhere, even from taking a stroll outside. So as you soak up the scents of fall, let the season inspire you and name your baby Autumn. It means exactly what you’d think, and sounds a whole lot sweeter than its synonym, Fall. And while seasonal names are popular (think Winter or Summer), Autumn is the one that continues to rank in popularity on baby charts.



There are 21 days in the month of November that are solely for Scorpio babies. And naming your baby after the month that they’re born isn’t unheard of (we’re looking at you, April, May, June, and July). That’s why some of the fall and winter months deserve some baby-naming love, too, like November. There are a bunch of cute nicknames that come from November, too, like Novi, Nova, or even Ember.



Sure, it’s one of those old lady names, but Mildred might work for your Scorpio baby. It means “gentle strength,” a characteristic of your little scorpion. But while the name Mildred shouldn’t fill you with dread (get it?), its nickname Millie is also equally adorable. And Mildred beats Bertha any day.



If you thought that Scorpio was a fire sign, you’d be in good company — and, welp, incorrect. Scorpio is actually a water sign (along with Pisces and Cancer), and draws its energy from the depths of existence, choosing to connect with a deeper level of understanding and connection. That’s what makes water-based names — like Lake — so aquatically awesome. Lake doesn’t have a deeper significance than what it sounds like… it just means Lake.



Depending on who you ask, Nina can mean a whole lot of things, from “little girl” in Spanish, to “grace” or “favor.” It’s a totally multicultural name, with roots in many countries, cultures, and religions. Nina can also be a nickname for longer names like Antonina, Karina, Christina, and more.



Of all its traits, Scorpio signifies strength and resilience. And you want a baby name that reflects that, which is done adorably in the name Adira. It’s of Hebrew origin and means “strong.” Of course, the strength we’re talking about isn’t necessarily physical, but rather an emotional and mental wherewithal to withstand life’s challenges.



Strong. Honorable. Noble. Those are just some of the adjectives to describe the name Briana. It’s of Irish origin, deriving from the Old Celtic for the word “brigh.” Bryana has been on the baby charts for a while now, and has so many different spellings to choose from, like Bryanna, Breana, Brianna, or Brianne.



Feeling floral? Then take inspiration from the plants at your local home improvement store and make Marigold your top baby name pick. The name, which is of English origin, means “golden flower.” Because no matter where you wander during October and November, you’re bound to see tons of marigold plants dotting driveways and placed on windowsills everywhere.



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She might have come out kicking and screaming, and that should have been a big indicator that she was channeling her Scorpio roots. So let the name Isa roll around on your tongue to see if you like it. Pronounced “Ee-sah,” it can be a nickname for Isabel. And, not surprisingly, it means “strong willed.”



If you want to continue on in the watery way, you can look to Marina — literally. Marina is not just the place for boats, but it’s also an excellent Scorpio girl baby name. It means “from the sea,” just like your little scorpion is. It has Latin roots, and is a popular name in a plethora of countries, like Spain, Catalonia, Brazil, and Croatia.



It’s hard to say the name Audrey and not think of the iconic (and always elegant) Audrey Hepburn. But Audrey is a cute name for your little Scorpio baby. It means “noble strength” and is of English origin. Although Audrey alone is precious for a baby girl’s name, with nicknames like Addie, Drey, Drea, or Audie, you can’t run out of wonderful ways to call your baby.



In a wink and a nod to your Scorpio baby’s sting, you might want to make Marcella a top baby name contender. Why? Well, it means, “strong,” “martial,” and (eek), “warlike.” The name is of Latin origin and it means “dedicated to Mars,” which quite coincidentally, is ruled by Pluto and (you guessed it), Mars, the god of war and ambition.



Let’s say that you want a Scorpio baby name that honors your little one’s strong character but isn’t so… war-like. Valerie might make more sense, since it signifies “brave,” and not, you know, carnage. It derives from the Latin root word “valiant,” and suggests overall strength of the body and mind.

Forget everything that you’ve heard about the astrological Scorpio sign. This sign might be fiery, but it’s certainly tempered by its water element, making your baby one that will stand on their own two feet (when they can stand, that is), and will be passionate about what they believe in, loving, kind, and just. That certainly takes the sting out being a sign that’s symbolized by a scorpion.