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These Father's Day Gifts From Costco Definitely Won't Disappoint

You’ll find everything on your list.

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Sometimes it can feel like you’ve barely finished celebrating Mother’s Day when Father’s Day rolls around. It’s understandable, because there’s usually so much end-of-the-school year stuff to contend with, that it’s easy to kind of forget about the day you honor dear ol’ dad. But what do you get the guy who might not need too much — and where do you go to pick out such a present? Well, these Father’s Day gifts for the Costco dad might be a great place to start.

Sure, Costco is known for its bulk buys, but it can also be a field day for Father’s Day gift shopping. Think about it: you have almost every imaginable area covered, from home improvement to tech gadgets (think huge TVs!), to fitness equipment to skin care for soothing his freshly-shaved skin. You can even pick up some platters for a foodie father, or gardening tools for a guy who has a green thumb. No matter what the guy you're shopping for is interested in, from entertaining to playing sports to enjoying the great outdoors, there's probably a Father’s Day gift from Costco that'll work. Of course, you could always shop online, but you’ll probably have a better chance at snagging a great product at an even better price if you shop in-store.

So the next time you’re grabbing a rotisserie chicken or two, (or just stocking up on a ton of TP), keep an eye out for the Father’s Day gifts from Costco below — any one of them would make an excellent gift, and if not, they can always exchange them for something they do love — like those buttery croissants.

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An air fryer for all those chicken nugget needs

If your guy is a gourmand, then he’s going to need some appliances to master his culinary techniques. And the Gourmia 7-Qt Digital Air Fryer is going to find a permanent place on your countertops. It has (count ‘em) 10 one-touch cooking functions, which means that sides will be so simple to make. Plus, by using the air fryer, you’re going to get up to 80% less fat. The multi-purpose rack allows you to cook chicken nuggets on one level, and fries on the other. Clean up is quick and easy, and if you’re still struggling to think of what to make in the air fryer, you can always refer to the already-included recipe book.


A grill/griddle pan for making his BBQ even more delish

Father’s Day is all about fun — and food. Now your father can have the best of both worlds by using this reversible grill/griddle from The Rock Pro. It has a cast aluminum base and a ceramic non-stick finish. It can be used on multiple cooking surfaces, such as a cooktop, the oven, and, of course, a BBQ grill. You can use it for grilling meats, but it can be especially helpful if you’re grilling smaller foods, like veggies, tinfoil-wrapped packets of salmon — even s’mores. Yum.


A water bottle for his workouts

Healthy hydration is important any time of the year, but especially so around Father’s Day, when temps tend to get warmer. The ThermoFlask holds up to 1.2 liters of H2O, or other drinks that will quench his thirst. It has an antimicrobial straw and spout lids, so you won’t have to worry about bacteria build up. It can attach to a bike, a belt, or just be held in his hand while he works out or runs. And because it can be washed out after each use, he’ll do his part to keep things eco-friendly by not using disposable water bottles after a workout.


A golf putter to crush it at the golf course

When you can’t get your guy off the golf course, this putter from Kirkland Signature makes sense (of course!). It has 100% precision CNC milled 303 stainless steel body and face insert. It also has Truline Hosel Technology so that he never misses a beat — or a ball. The putter comes equipped with a deluxe head cover with plush lining, and it conforms with the rules of golf. But be sure to buy the right one (literally), since this putter is sold for both right-handed and left-handed individuals.


A hair trimmer to tame his lush locks

Nose hairs no longer have to be nasty, thanks to the Philips Norelco Stainless Steel All-in-one Trimmer. This pint-sized powerhouse does a lot, from being a body shaver and nose trimmer, to even performing precision trimming as well as offering both beard and stubble guards. It also has an eyebrow trimmer for unibrow situations, and the box set has 21 pieces, including the body shave attachment. Your man will be a hairless wonder when he gets his hands on this cool Costco gift.


A toothbrush to keep his pearly whites looking white

Give the gift of good oral health with the Oral B Smart Clean 360 Rechargeable Toothbrush. Not only does it allow you to have a deeper cleaning, but it has a feature that protects your gums in case your brushing gets a bit too rigorous. That’s right, the 360 degree sensor will turn red and automatically slow down your brushing speed to give your gums a break. It can remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush, and the built-in timer gives you a heads-up when you’ve been brushing for two minutes solid. And if your teeth are looking a little yellow, there’s even a whitening mode to help get your pearly whites all polished up again. Best part: it comes in a 2-pack, so you can both rinse and spit together.


A charging pad so he can always stay connected

Your pops will feel the power when you gift him the Cygnett Power Bank 10K Duo Wireless Charging Dock. You can take your phone or AirPods directly on the power bank and they’ll start to charge — immediately. The cool thing is that you don’t even need cables, so it cuts down on the clutter. The super-fast charging station allows your gear to have plenty of power in no time flat, and with two charging ports for smartphones or tablets, you’ll always be back at a 100% full battery. The charging dock comes with an extra USB-C and USB-A ports to help you charge any other tech that’s at 2%.


A sweatshirt because he’s the champion (wink, wink)

For the fashionista father, you can’t get more comfy than a Champion sweatshirt. The sweatshirt comes in three colors (gray, black, and red). It has the signature Champion logo on the left chest, and is made from 70% Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton and 30% recycled polyester. It’s soft and stylish, and easily pairs with jeans or sweats. He can wear it at nighttime when it’s cooler outside, or put in on over a tee shirt for a layered look.


A belt to help style his look

There’s one fashion item that men often are short on, and that’s belts. Well, for $14.99, you can help your partner keep their pants up (ha) by buying a Tommy Bahama braided belt. They’re available in a variety of colors (think black, khaki, burnt orange, or navy), and all have a braided weave pattern. They allow for a lot of stretch, so the dad in your life won’t feel constricted by their belt. The Tommy Bahama logo is embossed on the tab as well as the brushed nickel buckle. It’s made from 87% polypropylene, 13% spandex, and has 100% leather trim.


Underwear, because he needs it

When your dude needs some new drawers, you can always pick some up at Costco, and the 32 Degrees Cool Underwear offers the ultimate in comfort. The 6-pack has two 3-packs of underwear each that are 88% nylon and 12% spandex. With a functional fly opening, they’re breathable, have lots of stretch, and are (ahem), anti-odor. They have a braided elastic waistband, so your guy won’t have to worry about his knickers falling down around his knees — unless you want them to, that is.


A knife set for his culinary adventures

For the super dad who’s also a sous chef, he’ll need this 6-piece knife set from Cangshan. The handcrafted set has been forged precisely and hand sharpened to an Asian style edge. The blades are easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about knicking yourself on the knife. The set comes with a lifetime limited warranty, and all of the knives can easily be stored in the bag that comes with the set. Just make sure to keep it out of your kiddo’s hands.


A shower head for an unbelievable bath

Treat Dad to a spa-life experience with the Kohler 3-in-1 Shower Combo. You can easily switch between a shower head and a hand shower, thanks to its ergonomic design. The shower head can adjust to create a rain head experience, and the secure magnetic docking feature means that you can always put it right back in its place... even when things are steamy in the shower. It comes with four unique sprays and has a 72-inch metal shower hose, so that he can use it for bathing or as an imaginary microphone for his shower singing sessions.


An at-home car wash system so he can do it on his own

Weekends during the summer can often be spent on getting your car cleaned. Well, forget about those long lines at the car wash, because now he can do it in his own driveway when he gets the Double Shot Ultimate Car Wash System as a gift. It has a patent pending Double Shot Suds-n-Rinse brush, and a professional Flow-Thru pole with water control. The premium wheel and bumper brush with a 2-in-1 microfiber wash mitt means that he can bathe his baby (er, his car) without worrying about scratching it. It also has a wash and rinse lever, so it will always dispense the right amount of soap.


So much storage for all those AAs

If you’ve never stolen a AAA battery from a remote control to power up a child’s toy, can you really call yourself a parent? Well, finding Cs, AAs, or those dreaded D batteries won’t be a problem, thanks to the Battery Daddy Storage Case. It helps store up to 180 batteries of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll always know if you’re running low on those coin cell batteries that you thought you had. It even has a battery tester to try out a battery to ensure that it still has some juice left in it. The double-sided design lets you see quickly and easily if it’s time to buy some new AA’s again… which it probably is.


Work gloves to protect his hands

Whether he’s working on a home improvement project or needs them for work, the Cestusline RockHard Leather Work Gloves will keep his hands safe — and soft. They’re made from high-quality genuine goat leather, and offer an ergonomic fit, thanks to spandex and terry cloth material that will conform to his hands. You won’t have to worry about the gloves ripping at the seams, since the palms are double-stitched for added support and protection. They’re also touchscreen compatible, so even if he’s working on the weeds in the garden or taking down a wall to give you an open concept kitchen, he’ll still be able to use his phone, too.

You can’t beat Costco when it comes to finding last minute gifts, no matter what the holiday — but Father’s Day is an especially perfect time for shopping the best the store has to offer.

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