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20 Hilarious Memes To Send Your Pal This International Friendship Day

Perfect for sharing with your squad.

Want to make sure your buddies know just how much they’re appreciated? The friend memes to share for International Day Of Friendship are heartfelt, sweet, and sometimes hilarious. Because friends definitely deserve their own holiday, you can make this meme-fest an annual tradition.

Observed every July 30, the International Day of Friendship is a UN holiday dedicated to celebrating the role that friendships play in inspiring peace and bridging differences, according to Time and Date. And if a strong meme game is the basis for your friendship, then sharing these sweet and funny friend memes is a wonderful idea. Whether your buddies live in the same town or another country, your bond is unmistakable.

And if you really want to think deeply about the subject (and maybe cry a little bit), then here’s what 6 girls had to say about their best friends. It’ll make you think fondly about your childhood friendships, and maybe value your adult buddies a little more, too. And really, who doesn’t want to hang out, color, and watch movies with their bestie?

Now that you’re feeling a bit misty and nostalgic, here’s the best memes about friendship you can share with your own crew. Let them know they’re loved and appreciated.


Roommates Forever

Because your BFF already knows everything about you, why even bother with privacy? A house next door with an attached friendship walkway just makes sense. It’s the easiest way to visit as often as you like (AKA always).


Best Work Friends Forever

Here’s to all the work friends who make the daily grind just fly by. Seriously, colleagues who are also your BFFs make any job about a hundred times better. After all, they’re going to understand your work frustrations like no one else.


Let’s Go

Jumping into a new adventure with your bestie is how you make the best memories. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant or taking a spontaneous road trip, your bestie is the one who can always help you step out of your comfort zone. What are your best memories with your best friend?


The Best Pics

You know the friendship is real when you send your best-worst selfies to one another. Sure, your carefully posed pics are posted for all to see. But only your closest friends can be trusted with those intensely silly photos of you pulling a duck face with crossed eyes.


You Just Get Me

There’s nothing better than a friend who accepts all your weirdnesses and quirks without question. They just get your whole vibe. Best of all, you’re totally OK with all their quirks, too.


Here’s To A Bright Future

If you don’t have post-retirement plans with your bestie, what are you even doing? Imagining your golden years together can be hilarious. You can keep being impossibly inseparable for years to come.


Perfect Plans

Friends who can share a pizza and dish about anything are so special. Whether you drop by your local shop or bake a homemade French toast pizza recipe together, pizza friends are the best, any way you slice it. (Yes, pun intended.)


You Share Everything

Do you regularly share clothes or accessories with your best friend? At some point, it’s no longer “my” stuff and “your” stuff. It’s just our stuff.


One Mind

You think alike. You speak alike. Sometimes you even share the same thought at the same time, just to prove this connection.


Best Friends FOREVER

Honestly, isn’t it time BFF bracelets made a comeback? Guess I’m off to shop at Claire's for the first time in ages. Which design would my bestie like most: hearts or butterflies?


Fiercely Supportive

To be fair, you don’t have to be perfect to lift anybody else up. Simply knowing when to listen or send a supportive text about friendship is enough. Your friend gets it. (Sharing a list of friend memes in honor of International Friendship Day is another wonderful option.)


Opposites Do Attract

Sometimes best friends seem to have almost nothing in common. They just get each other anyway. (Well, a shared sense of humor helps, too.)


Wait What?

Sure, the *mature* and *adult* thing is to be supportive of your friend’s new social life. But sometimes that twinge of jealousy kicks in. It’s OK.


Lend An Ear

There’s a special place in the world for friends who listen to you complain about the smallest things. They’ll listen to you go on about traffic, laundry overload, and any other tiny life thing that bothered you today. Sometimes you just need to rant.


Pics Please

Here’s to all those photographer besties. Friends who will do anything to get your angles and lighting right are invaluable. And those who get your permission before posting any pic? Priceless.


I Choose You

But doesn’t it feel great to be chosen as someone’s person? You have someone to text and post to Insta about all the time. (If you need inspiration, here’s some cute best friend captions to share with your BFF.)


I Will Love And Support You Not Matter What

It’s tough to hear your BFF dumping on themselves. You want to say, “Hey! Don’t talk about my friend like that.”



Sometimes you can have an entire conversation with one glance. It’s one of the purest forms of communication ever.


Totally Qualified

Honestly, why would you take advice from anyone not wearing snacks? It’s the biggest confidence-builder there is.


Every Time

It doesn’t matter how old you are. This will always be funny.

Whatever you’re up to in the final days of July, take a moment to share some sweet friend memes for the International Day of Friendship. Your bestie will love it.