Teenage girl wearing graduation gown and cap greeting her family on video call
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14 Graduation Zoom Backgrounds For All Your Class Of 2021 Celebrations

Hats off to you!

It’s graduation season, huzzah! Finally your kindergartner, or eighth grader, high school senior, or college student is heading off to the next step in their journey. Time to celebrate! But, you might be thinking, “Aren’t we still in a pandemic? Is it safe to invite people over?” If you prefer a virtual event over an in-person one, or just want to loop fam in who can’t attend in-person, fun Zoom backgrounds for graduation are here to set the right celebratory tone.

If you haven’t used Zoom too much (lucky!), it’s easier than you think to apply a background to your screen. The platform spells it out with complete instructions at its support page, but for a non-TL;DR version, try clicking on Settings and then selecting Virtual Background. Select your image (note: it needs to be1920px x 1080px) and then, voila, you’ve got a party-ready scene.

But what kind of image should you use? Don’t stress. This list has a variety of options perfect for your fete. There are balloon motifs, chalkboard looks, and even customizable choices where you can import a picture of your grad’s face. Whether you’re celebrating the class of 2021 or the class of 2033 (that’d be the year current kindergartners throw their high school caps in the air!), a graduation party can still be had online with the help of these fun Zoom backgrounds.

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Customizable Zoom Graduation Background

If you’re not feeling generic backgrounds, Etsy has the answer. With this backdrop you can customize the image to include your grad’s picture.


Custom College Backdrop

Is your teen pumped about their new college? Then celebrate their excitement by having this Etsy vendor personalize a graduation party Zoom backdrop with the initials of their new alma mater.


A Silly Dogecoin Backdrop

Have a silly tween or teen who loves memes and enjoys pop culture comedy? Then this dogecoin graduation backdrop is ideal.


Free Sea of Red Caps Background

Pixababy is a great platform to source free Zoom background imagery. And naturally they have quite a few graduation celebration choices, like this rad cap photo.


Free Black and White Image of Grads

There’s something about a black and white image that gives it a timeless quality. This free picture of grads evokes all the memories your grad might be feeling at their party.


Kindergarten Graduation Background

Let’s not forget the kinder kids who have been so resilient in a year of virtual, hybrid, and in-person learning. They deserve a graduation party too and this backdrop fits perfectly.


Pink Zoom Graduation Party Background

Whether or not your grad can legally imbibe, this fun champagne and balloon motif expresses the celebratory spirit and makes for a cute image for your party.


Personalized Name Zoom Background

Making your Zoom background a little more personal will help a virtual party feel more intimate. And you can do that with this Etsy option tailored with your grad’s name.


Virtual Cap Backdrop

Thanks to the Boys & Girls Club of America, you can look like you’re wearing a graduation cap without actually wearing a graduation cap. This great backdrop has a space for you to sit so it appears that you’re actually at graduation.


Free ‘Grad Vibes Only’ Backdrop

Understated yet entirely accurate, this “Grad Vibes Only” background is for the senior too cool for school. Or one who refused to wear their cap and gown online for Grammy to see.


Adventure Awaits Background

Whatever your grad is doing next year, one thing is for certain: it will be an adventure. Embrace the thrill of the unknown with this free background.


A Beach Party Background

If you’d normally be celebrating graduation with a big old beach party, this background can suggest the same vibe. Palm trees and the see sit behind the words “celebrating the grad.”


Party Poppers Graduation Background

What says “party” more than party poppers? This beautiful layout sets the tone for a fun event no matter how far away your attendees are viewing it from.


Free ‘You Did It!’ Background

Finishing another year of school is no joke, especially not this past year. So send up a cheer for your grad with this ‘You Did It!” background from Zazzle that you can customize.

Now that you have your graduation party Zoom background planned, you can focus on the important details, like snacks and embarrassing stories to share about your special graduate.