Make The House Spooky Inside & Out With These Skeleton Decorations

No bones about it.

Halloween is known for things like ghosts, witches, monsters, and all things spooky, including skeletons. While seeing the real thing would make just about anyone run away in terror, most of us can appreciate some fake Halloween skeleton decorations, right? Thematic decor always adds a little extra fun to trick-or-treating.

The question is not whether or not to display some skeleton decor this Halloween (because you absolutely should), it’s how far and big you want to go with it. Do you want something spooky and realistic? Maybe you have little kids and want something with more of a cartoon look. Or, perhaps you love all things haunted and want to turn your front yard into a spooky scene, regardless of the cost. Once you have a direction in mind, it’s time to bring it to life (or, back from the dead, mwa ha ha).

There are so many amazing Halloween skeleton decorations to choose from to help you create your ideal spooky scene, it’s just a matter of finding the ones that are right for you. Whether you’re looking for something fun and cute, a skeleton that moves on its own, or something for the lawn that will scare the entire neighborhood, here are some fantastic options to consider.

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A Boney Path Marker

Line your walkway or fence in your yard with these skeleton hands shooting from the ground (trying to escape the grave, obviously). Each set is 4.5 feet long and includes four skeleton arms that are attached with a chain. The arms each have a stake at the end so that you can easily stick them into the grass or other soft ground as well as pull them out with ease once Halloween is over. Head’s up, though, they are made from plastic, so you’ll want to move them out of the way before you do any mowing or edging or they’ll get shredded up.


A Skeleton Pup

We all love our living pups, but there’s something extra cute (and spooky) about this Halloween skeleton decoration, don’t you think? This dog stands a little over nine inches tall and perches in a sitting position, like the good boy it is. Change up how he looks as he guards your haunted house using his bendable tail, moveable head, and hinging jaw. While the pup is safe for all weather, it is made out of plastic so you might want to keep it somewhere covered so it doesn’t get swept away in a storm or on a chilly windy night.


A Talking Skeleton

With this skeleton, you get wall decor, a little light, and some fun conversation. It’s an indoor prop with a sensor so any time someone walks past it, the candle lights up, the skeleton’s arms move, and it speaks (there are five preset phrases). If you’re not a fan of talking, then you can set the skeleton to just light up, or can turn it off completely for a cool prop.

It seems to be a hit with shoppers, too. One person wrote, “This is actually one of my favorite buys this Halloween season. The skeleton is easy to hang and is very festive. He has a lot of phrases and his jaw moved a lot (very cute and funny).”


A Coach-Driving Skeleton

For the very serious Halloween enthusiasts out there is this animated skeleton driving a carriage hearse. This fun piece measures five feet tall and just over six feet wide and can be set up indoors or outside. It takes six AA batteries which give it enough power to light up the skeleton’s red eyes and make the lanterns on the hearse flicker. It’s definitely an investment piece, but one that seems to be worth it because shoppers rave over it and even say it holds up well in rough weather.


A Skeleton Call

Do you hear death calling? Just kidding, this phone doesn’t actually work, but it does light up and serves as a great conversation starter. It has blue LED lights for the eyes and measures about 8”x7”x6”, making it great for a table or mantle decorative piece. The phone doesn’t ring, but if you want to really creep people out, set your phone’s ringtone to a classic ring, then tuck it away somewhere nearby the prop and call it from someone else’s phone to make it seem like the skeleton phone is actually ringing. When it happens, act like you have no idea what’s going on to really sell it.


Glow-In-The-Dark Skeletons

For Halloween skeleton decorations that are less creepy, consider this pair of glow-in-the-dark props. They have strings attached to the heads so you can hang them from somewhere, or you can set them somewhere by bending their joints to prop them up. Each boney creature stands a little over 14 inches tall, is made from all-weather plastic, and just needs a little time in some light before it can glow in the dark (the glow will slowly fade and the skeleton will need some light to re-charge again). These are perfect for anyone who wants to create a fun vibe instead of scary.


A Skeleton Family

With this set, you will get five separate skeletons that have strings attached to their heads for hanging. They each measure 16 inches tall and are made from plastic that is safe for indoor and outdoor use. The skeletons’ joints move, too, so you can pose them however you’d like. Based on shopper reviews, they seem to be quality made and a great deal, too. One shopper, Lisa, wrote, “Great - exactly as pictured, very sturdy and very pose-able. Able to stand up on their own. Aren't big but have lots of well made moving parts. Jaw, hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and feet. Should last for years.”


A Sweet Skeleton Kiss

Apparently, saying “until death do us part” in their wedding vows was unnecessary for these skeletons. This decoration features two smooching skeletons, one who even has a flower accent covering a crack in their skull. It stands a little under seven inches tall and is made from calcium carbonate and resin, so it’s only meant to be displayed indoors. These deathly lovers will look great anywhere, but if you want to give your guests a spooky surprise, try tucking it away nonchalantly on a bookshelf or an end table, making sure it’s not drawing a ton of attention so that visitors just happen upon it by chance.


Casket-Carrying Skeletons

In this picture, these two little casket-carrying skeletons are being very helpful by holding a few cupcakes, but if you’re looking for something with a little more spook to it, simply replace the pastries for some fake cobwebs and spiders and the piece is much scarier looking. This decorative display is definitely attention-grabbing because it measures 22 inches by 17 inches and plays music. The arms of the front skeleton can be pushed forward or back depending on the scene you want to create, and it’s best if this piece is only displayed indoors, as outdoor weather could damage it (and the music is the best part).


Skeleton Window Clings

If you have some windows you want to decorate for Halloween, then this 70-piece window cling set has you (and them) covered. You get six sheets of clings that include the different pieces of large skeletons, individual bats, ghosts, and spooky faces. To apply them to your window, simply clean it off, peel away the cling from the sheet and then apply it the window, then use a credit card (or something similar) to smooth it out and push out the bubbles. When the holiday is over, simply peel them off and give a window a quick cleaning to look as good as new.


A Skull & Crossbones

This Halloween skeleton decoration is simple, a classic design, and can either be styled to be spooky or part of a more fun display. It measures 5 inches high and 16 inches wide and is safe for indoor and outdoor use. You can either sit on a table for display, or it has a spot on the back to hang it on a wall or door. And, one shopper noted in her review that this is a piece of decoration that can be used beyond Halloween, especially if you have a kid who has a love for all things pirate.


Colorful Skeleton Lights

With these icicle-style lights, you can brighten up your porch or mantle, add some color, and give it a little extra spook thanks to the hanging skeletons. The strand of lights measures six feet long with 23 purple lights as well as 12 clear lights with different colored skeletons hanging from them. Unlike a lot of string lights, if one of the bulbs goes out on this strand, the others will continue to stay lit, and they’re safe for indoor or outdoor use. These little guys make for great decoration in general, but will really be a hit with kids or at a fun Halloween party.


A Dapper Skeleton

This dapper guy isn’t scary at all, he’s simply there to smile and welcome trick-or-treaters on Halloween night. It’s made from a mixture of wood and metal that is safe for indoor or outdoor use (but you’ll want to keep it in a dry, covered spot outside). It measures just over 28 inches tall and stands on its own, so you can prop it up on the floor or up on a table as a statement piece. Shoppers have left glowing reviews for this skeleton, too. One person wrote, “I couldn’t leave the store without him. He is just too cute plus great quality!” and another said, “I love this and almost want to get another it's so eye-catching.”


A Skeleton Greeter

At four feet tall, this skeleton may stand taller than a lot of your trick-or-treaters (which is great if you’re going for the really spooky effect). This statue is safe for using indoors or outside and is made of heavy-duty materials so it won’t tip over from a simple gust of wind. What really makes this statue stand out is that it has green LED lights and purple fiber optic lights around the “Beware Dead End” sign which are powered with three 1.5-volt batteries (which are not included). And, if you really love its look, there’s a similar pumpkin statue that would work as a great complementing piece.


A Dressed Up Skeleton

There aren’t any bells and whistles with this Halloween skeleton decoration, but there don’t need to be because it’s spooky all on its own. This skeleton is safe for using indoors or outside, it comes dressed in a black and white hooded cloak, and is 45 inches tall. It comes with a string connected to the skull for hanging, which is really the only way to display it since it doesn’t actually have a body under the cloak (so it’s really just a head and a couple of boney hands). It also features red eye sockets for a little extra fun, and you seriously can’t beat the amazing price.

So, are you going to go with something scary, fun, or a mix of both? Whatever you decide, make sure you get your spooky friends ASAP because Halloween will be here before you know it.