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13 Brilliant Gifts For Kids Obsessed With Music — Especially Singing Very Loudly

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Dear parents of musically-inclined children, I apologize in advance. The following are all things your children will love and I realize you might not share their enthusiasm. But consider this: The musical curiosity you help to foster today could evolve into a lifelong passion, hobby, or even career. So yes, the banjo I’ve included below may be agonizing to listen to now, but consider the pay off! Three words: college music scholarship. Hey, it could happen. Especially if these gifts for kids who love instruments and singing can nurture their musical talents.

And really, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that many of these music makers could be fun for the whole family. Gone are the microphones that just made kids’ voices echo. Today’s children's mics can connect to Bluetooth so you can sync them with a song of each child’s choice — the ultimate in living room karaoke performances. But that’s not the only innovation. Rather than invest in a baby grand, brands like Melissa & Doug have made mini pianos to introduce children to the ivories. The classic keyboard mat of Big fame still exists and still rocks, but there are also new things like the Munchkin Mozart Cube that will blow your baby away.


The Singing Machine

If your little darlin’ is ready to go full pop star, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better Christmas gift than this Trolls World Tour mic. They can show off their moves like Jagger while crooning in this microphone that also flashes lights, connects with bluetooth, and comes with sound effects.


Feel The Beat

Let your music lover keep the beat with this tiny drum set designed just for toddlers. Including two 4.5 inch Tom-Toms, a Tom-Tom, a metal cymbal, and two plastic drumsticks, what more could your mini Dave Grohl need?


Cool Headphones

Love their love of song but not always down to listen yourself? Give your children the gift of personalized playlists by handing them a pair of BuddyPhone headphones. Made with built-in volume-limiting capacity, they’re designed to avoid damaging your child’s ears.


A Just-the-Right-Size Guitar

Little hands can have trouble with string instruments but not with the Schoenhut acoustic guitar. This instrument was made to be played by children and is a great introductory tool for future guitarists.


A Learn-to-Play Piano

Billy Joel didn’t become the piano man overnight. While he was a piano playing prodigy, it still took hours of practice, not to mention lessons at the Royal Academy of Music in London beginning at age 11. Set your child on the same path with this mini piano.


A Banjolele Set

Want to get your child a real musical instrument, but aren’t prepared for the sonic horror of a recorder or the price tag of a piano? Meet the kid’s banjo, a small wooden toy-like instrument they can enjoy without costing you a fortune.


A Music Cube

You can encourage even the youngest listener’s passion for music with this Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube. With sounds of the harp, flute, French horn, piano, and violin, lights flash to the tempo of the music allowing even little babies to work on their composing skills.


A Mini Keyboard

Y’all, if it was good enough for you in 1997, it’s good enough for your kids in 2020. Casio has been hitting all the right notes in the keyboard department for decades, so share a nostalgic tune with your children on one of these bad boys.


A Harmonica

Stevie Wonder took the harmonica and made it sound like rock and roll. Your kid may very well do the same and the best part is, all this instrument takes is some good lung capacity.


Retro Record Player

This Fisher Price record player may be the very definition of peak retro toy nostalgia. You bopped your little diaper bottom to this awesome toy. Now your kids can too.


A Wooden Instrument Set

No one wants to be the person to break up the band. Avoid that by giving all of your kids their own instrument. This little five piece set ensures that no one will be a tambourine man alone.


A Piano Mat

Step aside Tom Hanks, two can play at the piano mat game. For fans of the movie BIG, or just kiddos who love to toe tap, this keyboard mat is a must have item.


Double Mic Karaoke

Give your child the joy of saying “And on back up vocals, my little sister, Kimber!” with this double mic stand. Might as well go ahead and make your living room into a performance hall. Kids will never stop singing with this.