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Mickey Mouse Is... Fairly Old

Mickey has stayed so relatable that your kids wouldn’t believe his real age!

I was in the middle of potty training and told my toddler it was time to sit on the pot. In her refusal, she yelled out for help and said, “O’ Toodles!” Many of us can’t help but know that Toodles is the yellow disc shaped like Mickey’s head on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he flies in (at their beckoning) to offer help when they get in sticky situations or need to solve a problem. This is the Mickey that my kids know. But for us, the songs and look were a bit different — I mean, Mickey Mouse’s age is pretty up there.

And even through his transitions, how Mickey makes you feel is the same for the generations before us. They remember him differently, but with the same joy. But how far back in time did the bubbly Mouse enter our world?

How Old Is Mickey Mouse?

On Nov. 18 2021, Mickey Mouse turns 93 years old. Since Mickey has been a staple of child enjoyment for our younger years, it is amazing to know that he’s been a source of amusement to generations for decades.

The most magical place in the world, Disneyland, began with a mouse, but that’s because the Walt Disney Company as a whole started that way, too. The high-pitched, jolly character jumped onto screens as a black-and-white voiceless cartoon. In May 1928, Disney developed the first quiet cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse, but the studio didn’t release it. It wasn’t until six months later that Steamboat Willie, a different black-and-white film featuring Mickey, was available to the public. And that’s where it all started.

Since then, we’ve watched stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera as children become Mouseketeers, enjoyed Mickey Mouse Christmas movies during the holidays, and let the Mickey Mouse Funhouse cartoon series amuse the kids while we did a chore or two. All the different Disney-powered series centered around the adventures of Mickey and his assorted crew have created many great memories for us. There’s jsut something enchanting about the mouse that pulls little children into his world.

Through the changes of technology and cinematics, Mickey stays fresh-faced and relevant, and our babies would have little reason to think he’s anything far above their age. And although Mickey’s look and sound have been tweaked here and there as he’s gotten older, his charm and ability to connect with children hasn’t faltered.

Happy birthday, Mickey Mouse!