A pregnant mom is saying "no" to her husband's breastfeeding rule.
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This Husband's Breastfeeding "Rule" For His Pregnant Wife Has Reddit Fuming

“He doesn’t want me to make his dad and bro uncomfortable.”

A husband is getting dragged on Reddit for coming up with an arbitrary “rule” for his pregnant wife who wants to breastfeed. According to the pregnant woman’s post on the popular sub-Reddit group Am I The A**hole, her husband has decided it’s okay for her to breastfeed as long as she follows this rule. And big surprise her everyone; she’s not into it.

“So I (23F) am pregnant and getting close to my due date. My husband (24M) and I are going over labor and recovery now. His family (m,d & bro) are coming to visit on their way to vacation,” the Redditor explained in her post, and it seems his family visit with the baby already has him stressed out. “He knows I want to try and breastfeed and he said his one ‘rule’ is to not BF in front of his family. He says he doesn’t want me to make his dad and bro uncomfortable and that I should go upstairs to feed our baby every time, every 1-3 hours.”

While her husband offered to accompany her when she was sent from the room to breastfeed their baby in a separate room, she was not having it. “My problem is I will be in recovery and am supposed to rest so stairs happening that often seems like a problem to me. I told him it’s about my recovery and bonding to baby and his family can just leave the room or just NOT LOOK if they’re uncomfortable.”

A pregnant woman is fighting back against her husband's breastfeeding "rule."ArtistGNDphotography/E+/Getty Images

She eventually dropped the subject since her husband continued to insist, but isn’t ready to give up the fight just yet. Nor should she, according to fellow Redditors.

“What I want to know is where the hell husband gets off telling his wife he has a RULE for her breastfeeding,” wrote one irate user.

“If they can’t handle seeing breastfeeding, they shouldn’t be visiting a new mom at this stage,” another commented. “They can either grow up or wait several months to visit.”

One more said, “If they’re uncomfortable then they’re the ones who can leave. It’s yours and yours child house. Why tf would you be the ones to hide?”

Finally one more declared, “NTA. Ask him if he’d be willing to walk up and down the stairs every three hours if his testicles and taint had been recently ripped open. I’m going to guess not. If they’re uncomfortable they can leave the room.”

Fighting public breastfeeding stigma has long been an uphill battle, and considering the AAP’s recent recommendation that moms breastfeed for two years, that’s an awful lot of time to be sent scurrying into another room to feed your baby. Whether in your own home or someone else’s, there is nothing shameful about breastfeeding. And if someone is uncomfortable, the burden is on them to leave them room. And maybe sort out their priorities.