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Everyone Deserves A Sonic Drink On Thanksgiving

But franchises do what they want.

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There isn’t a time that we pass by Sonic Drive-In and my kids don’t beg to stop for a slushy. It’s one of the “fun” fast food places that gives us a modern-day feel of what some restaurants were like in the ‘50s, with waiters wheelin’ around on their roller skates to cars as they balance trays of food for customers. It offers a totally different vibe to enjoy while you grab a bite to eat. You may or may not be planning a big Thanksgiving meal, but Sonic is always good for a quick fast food nibble or even one of their signature desserts. And when you get that hankering, you want to give in to it. But will Sonic be open on Thanksgiving?

In 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Sonic was founded, but it was called Top Hat Drive-In at the time. In 1959, the name changed to Sonic Drive-In, and the owner, Troy Smith Sr., made it a franchise with Charlie Pappe. Franchised locations rightfully can create their own hours and determine if they’ll be open on holidays.

Is Sonic Open on Thanksgiving?

That depends.

“Yes, we will be open on Thanksgiving,” a Sonic corporate office member told Romper. But for further clarity, she added, “If you live around a drive-in that is franchise-owned, they may not even be open. But those owned by corporate will be open.”

A Sonic Drive-Thru member confirmed the corporate member's words saying, “No. We’re not open on Thanksgiving.”

Several locations in the fast-food chain seem to be closed. A different Sonic member said, “We’re normally closed on Thanksgiving.”

Although you may not be able to swing through, it’s nice to know that some Sonic employees will get to enjoy this holiday off to spend it with their families. Just call ahead if you’re really hankering for an Ocean Water or a Cherry Limeade.

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