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Target's Thanksgiving Day Hours Are A Little Different Than Usual

Can you stroll the aisles of the best store to avoid family and great-aunt Ruby's dry turkey this year?

Target is my happy place, and I shop there way more than I should. It's partly out of necessity, and partly an escape. But is Target open Thanksgiving, or will I be forced to find some other store to grab all the crap I forgot like a new pie dish and a can of cranberry sauce? Because make no mistake, I will definitely forget something, and it will be crucial. Something like butter or rolls or beer.

Unfortunately (or very fortunately, if you're an employee of Target), unlike in years past, Target will not be open this Thanksgiving. The store noted on their website, "This season, you can count on getting extra-big savings without the extra-long lines, with plenty of opportunities to score the best deals on the hottest items both before and after November 26." They are encouraging shoppers to really rest and enjoy the holiday (it's like they don't know me at all even after all these years). I get it, they've taken a lot of heat in recent years when they made the decision to stay open, and with the pandemic and all the unrest in the country, it makes sense to close. This year, Thanksgiving will not be filled with trips to Target and Best Buy to get an early scoop on Black Friday deals with both major stores closing for the holiday. Instead, we're all going to have to figure out how to stay home a bit longer (we're all experts by now), rest a bit more, and plan for the next day's shenanigans.

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However, is open 24/7 and if you get wifi in your bathroom, I see no reason why you can't abandon your family to hide for a little while and shop on your phone while sipping an ice cold Diet Coke (can't stop-won't stop) and find all the best deals for your holiday shopping while they fight over pie. It's a better time than it sounds, trust me.