Father's Day

These last-minute Father's Day gifts are perfect.
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15 Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Because everyone forgets a holiday once in a while.

I get it. Sometimes these holidays sneak up on us. And thanks to the pandemic, it’s easier than ever to get foggy-brained and busy, making it more likely that things will slip through the cracks. So, if you haven’t picked up a gift for the dad in your family yet, don’t stress yourself out. There are several last-minute Father’s Day gifts that you can quickly grab and he will be totally oblivious to your lack of preparedness. (I say that with zero judgment).

In the early 1900s, community leaders started what would be a decades-long battle to solidify the importance of Father’s Day and have it recognized nationally. A proclamation signed by Richard Nixon in 1972 finally made it a federal holiday and since then, the third Sunday of June has been dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the dads in our lives.

Some people do that by gathering and treating dad to a big feast at his favorite restaurant, and some dads just like to spend the day resting or enjoying activities at home. But one constant is finding the gift that hits his sweet spot. And one of these will definitely fall somewhere on his radar.

To fit your particular dilemma, most of them have fast shipping.

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If He Loves Smoothies

If the dad in your life likes to have a smoothie daily (or even occasionally), the BlendJet allows him to have his own mix of fruits without having to use a large blender. This is a handheld one and a newer kid on the block among blenders which can cut through ice and frozen fruit. Another plus is it ships within a day of purchasing.


When Dad Needs Help Organizing

Men and children have a knack for losing things (or just not putting much effort into searching). And that typically leaves us moms to stop what we’re doing and come to the rescue. This organizer gives him a place to zero in on and unload all of his daily essential gear like his phone, watch, and glasses.


For His Glorious Beard

Growing a beard can change a man. He now has a reason to spend more time in the mirror. At least he cares, so help him keep primping and looking sharp with this Beard Box. Shipping is fast and free.


For The Sports Fanatic Dad

When was the last he got to see his favorite team play? There may be some distancing restrictions, but if you can secure a ticket for him, it would blow his mind. Prices are a wide range depending on the event and choice of seats. This isn’t one you have to deliver on immediately. But he’ll be happy to know he has a golden ticket on hand to use at his leisure.


Gift Him a Haircut

Find his favorite barber and pay for his next couple of haircuts. This Etsy printable will be a cool way to present it to him. The next time he goes to gets out of the barber chair, he’ll feel like a boss when he says, “Take it from my tab.”


For The Dad Who Eats Out

This e-card covers several places to eat and you have the option of selecting the amount you want to add to it.


Since He Champions Cornhole

You don’t have to take the cornhole tournament to the backyard anymore, but he will still feel like the reigning champion. And it’s so cute! The launch pads are adjustable, and this product ships within a day.


His Own Fridge

A personal fridge may not be a gift he has ever thought about asking for. But that makes it all the more of a surprise when he has his own for his special dad drinks or snacks. Let him take it to work, in the garage, or even in his man cave.


For The Dad Who Likes To Relax

Gift him his very own paradise with this hammock. It can fit nicely in a sunroom, patio, or even outdoors. A cherry on top of this gift is adding a rule that he can have a set time there undisturbed.


For The Dad Who Doesn’t Want To Miss It

This product lets dad safely take his phone with him in the shower. Now he doesn’t have to pause his favorite TV show or game to get clean.


Help Dad Keep It Together

Dad loves to be the Mr. Fix It hero, even if it doesn’t always work out. But that means his trunk could quite possibly be full of jumper cables, tool kits, and other whatnots. This trunk organizer will help keep all that stuff pretty and out of the way until he needs it.


For The Dad Who Needs Muscle Relief

This massager will rest comfortably around his neck and relieve his stress. Give him some quiet time to test it out. P.S. He may not ask for massages anymore.


For The Dad Who Doesn’t Skip Breakfast

This will be an answered prayer for him if he likes his breakfast sandwiches. It will also add a fancy feel to his meal.


For The Napping Dad

If dad is a religious napper, this mask will help him block out all the light so he can gently float into his REM cycle.


For The Efficient Dad

Forget the diaper bag. Dad just has to throw on this hoodie! It has several built-in pockets and offers the perfect solution to being hands-free when you’re with the kids! Quiet as kept, it’s also a great way to sneak snacks into the movies.