Valentine's Day

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68 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Everybody From The Dog To Your S.O.

Don't wait, grab these Valentine's gifts before it's too late.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you’re anything like me, you’re just starting to think about what to give. Panic in these present-finding moments can often lead to weird purchases (like the year I bought my husband a monogrammed lip balm. Yes, yes, I know. WTF?). So don’t be like me and wait until the night before. Take time out now to find your fam the best possible gifts like these 68 thoughtful last minute Valentine’s gift ideas.

We’ve got it all covered here, from awesome items for your BFF to super sweet things for your favorite pet. Yes, they should get a Valentine's gift too. Those loyal companions provide so much comfort, how could we possible leave them out? Plus, we have toys for kids and babies so everyone feels the love on V-Day. Go ahead, play Cupid for a bit.

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For Him

Have a guy in your life who is just the best? Don’t toss him a tiny Hershey’s kiss and call it a day. Shower him with one of these super sweet items that say “I don’t just love you, I luuurrrrve you.”

For Her

Hey ladies, you know what you want? Some acknowledgement this Valentine’s season. So kids, spouses, partners, friends, listen up. Don’t forget the fabulous women in your life. They deserve a little something too.

For Friends

Whether you want to tell your bestie just how much she means to you, or give a good pal an overdue vote of appreciation, these are some easy to snag gift ideas you can pop in mail faster than you can say “you mean the world to me.”

For Dogs

Furbabies deserve Valentine’s gifts too! Just think of all they do for you. These loyal companions comfort you in times of need, play with you when you’re down, and generally make your life better. Throw them a bone, alright?

For Cats

Like a very fuzzy roommate, cats bring their big personalities into your life and make themselves right at home. Surely that deserves a V-day present. These ones are purrfect.

For Babies

Valentine’s day is just another golden opportunity to shower the drool doll in your life with something sweet. A onesie perhaps or a silly toy. Even if they can’t talk to tell you so, we’re sure they’ll love these items.

For Kids

If your kid is like mine, he’s been talking about Valentine’s since school came back in session after winter break. That’s the kind of enthusiasm we need more of these days, so reward it with one of these presents that celebrates the season.