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The Lucky Color For 2023, According To Astrologers

You’ll either love it or love to hate it.

Some people swear by lucky charms and four-leaf clovers as a way to infuse good luck into their lives. But did you know that in astrology there is actually a color that’s assigned to each year that is supposed to symbolize a bounty of blessings, too? That’s right, sometimes a certain color can bring about positive change in your life. So what is the lucky color for 2023? Get ready to rock the rainbow.

In 2022, neutrals (and other calming colors) were considered lucky. And seeing as how wacky everything has been lately, it shouldn’t be a shocker that the lucky color for 2023 isn’t just one hue, but several shades. “In 2023, Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time in 250 years,” says Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2023; Traversing the Bridge. “The color of Aquarius encompasses all shades of purple and violet and, lo and behold, the official color of the year prediction is ‘Digital Lavender.’” Digital lavender? Well, if you’re not familiar with that specific shade, it’s a soft pastel that is supposed to be calming and a stable color. It’s also getting a lot of praise for being gender inclusive and is starting to be seen everywhere from fashion to home goods.

But don’t be so quick to pick out some purple pants to wear or purchase some lavender lilies to adorn your home with. Digital lavender has some competition when it comes to the lucky color of 2023, and this one is green with envy — literally. “Overall, the lucky color for 2023 is green,” says Deborah Graham, a celebrity psychic and host of the radio show, The Psychic Connection with Deborah Graham. “Green is the soul energy color for God and God consciousness as well as the heart chakra.” As you did holiday shopping, you might have noticed the abundance of verdant-colored products. That had less to do with the colors of the season and more about what’s to come in the New Year.

Now, with both digital lavender and green as the two top colors for 2023, you’d think that the New Year is going to be colorful enough. But you’d be wrong, since there are other secondary colors that are also equally important. “In addition to green, grounding colors like blood red and cerise pink are important,” adds Graham. “These colors connect with energy, angels, meridians, and the heart center. The pinks /reds deal with grounding, and it is going to be an important year to ground.”

As it turns out, the lucky color of 2023 isn’t just one tone, but quite a few fun shades. And by wearing digital lavender, green, or even red and pink, you just might bring some extra good energy. Just don’t wear them, ahem, all together, because you might clash instead of creating good cosmic karma.

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