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This Is The Lucky Number For 2023

And it’s already got a reputation.

Perhaps it’s the promise of a fresh start or closing the chapter of what might have been a crappy year. But there’s something to be said for the romanticized optimism that comes with the New Year. It’s the chance for the proverbial slate to be wiped clean, and it makes you believe, even for a moment, that absolutely anything is possible. In order to achieve that, though, you might want to have a little luck by your side, and that can come not only from your astrology sign, but colors and numbers, too. But what is the lucky number for 2023? There are a few to remember.

So let’s start with how the lucky number for 2023 (or any year, really) is calculated. It all comes down to some simple math, according to Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2023; Traversing the Bridge. “In numerology, 2023 is reduced into 7 (2+0+2+3=7),” he explains. Now by itself, 7 is a pretty popular (and lucky) number. Think about it: 7 plays a pretty big part in our everyday lives. There are 7 days in a week, seas, continents, deadly sins, virtues, and so on. In short, the number 7 is everywhere and as such, it makes it a special (and sometimes sacred) number. “The number 7 is considered auspicious by many traditions, including Kabbalah and symbolizes spirituality and the connection to the Divine.”

But if you thought that seven was the only number to know for 2023, Deborah Graham, a celebrity psychic and host of the radio show, The Psychic Connection with Deborah Graham, says there will actually be several lucky numbers for 2023: 2, “as well as odd and uneven numbers, particularly 7, 9, and 11.”

Now that you know that there are several lucky numbers for 2023, what do you do with that information? Well, it all comes down to being aware when you see them and understanding what they can mean for you. “Two is all about connecting and becoming aware of something,” explains Graham. “Every time you see ‘2,’ be aware of the change that's occurring. It's all about patience and needing to be patient as well.” When you see the number 7, it’s about becoming more accepting of who you are. If you spot a 7 somewhere, take some time to pause and reflect on what you’re doing in that moment. Remind yourself of your own self-worth and who you want to become. As for 9 and 11, those are master numbers that focus on completion and the idea of feeling complete.

The lucky number of 2023 isn’t just one single digit, but several that are all designed to help you live your best life. So if you’re looking at the calendar or the clock and happen to see 2, 9, 11, and especially 7, know that it’s a sign from the universe to keep going, keep improving, and be open to the opportunities that will make your life better than you could have ever imagined.