McDonald's Halloween Buckets Are Coming Back To The Delight Of Every '90s Kid

Boo! You’re old!

While most people get all worked up about their actual Halloween costumes, it can be easy to forget to focus on the equally important candy-collecting accessory — the pail! Some costumes have obvious bucket accompaniments, like a Toto-toting wicker picnic basket if you dress up as a ruby red slipper-ed Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz. But other outfits are more open to interpretation, leaving costumed cuties a little clueless about what to carry. Leave it to McDonald’s to come through with a great dress-up solution and some pretty awesome nostalgia as they bring back its iconic Halloween Happy Meal buckets from 1986!

With a trio of spooky selections to look forward to, McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin are ready to hold your kids’ most prized and sugar-laced loot. Each pail features a Halloween staple with a signature smile and comes in three holiday-friendly colors. You can’t go wrong with the orange bucket, which is of course your classic pumpkin. And it’s finally fun to get ghosted if you go with the white bucket that’s an adorable ghost. Not to be confused for a neon green witch, the final option is probably the most ghoulish, as it takes on the shape of three-toothed goblin with a pointy little hat to go on top.

In a recent Instagram video adorned with Halloween-themed spider webs, the famed golden arches shared the delicious announcement on Instagram. “Guess who’s coming back,” McDonald’s captioned the post of the buckets coming to life with changing expressions and even a cheeky wink.

The pails will be available in McDonald’s restaurants nationwide from Oct. 18 – 31, while supplies last.

To the delight of hamburger gobblers everywhere, McDonald’s has really been upping its Happy Meal game. First came the tremendous addition of adult Happy Meals, and now this epic epicurean surprise! Twitter is definitely ready for a little dose of holiday and childhood nostalgia with this re-created ad of Boo Buckets from back in the day.

So there’s no better time to scarf down some fries, slurp up a milkshake, and thrown down some tasty chicken nuggets during the scariest of all seasons. And in case you’re wondering, these highly-anticipated buckets aren’t just child’s play either and will last you past when you have to take down the Halloween decorations. They make great instruments and plant pots too! In other words, you finally have the excuse to indulge in some of your favorite kiddie comfort food for the ultimate edible throwback.