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18 Costume Ideas For Parents & Baby To Slay Their First Halloween

It’s a family affair.

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One of the most exciting things about having a baby is getting to choose their first Halloween costume. As parents of older kids know, it’s not long before your little one will want to choose their own All Hallow’s Eve disguise, opting for a Paw Patrol or Disney Halloween costume. But that precious first year, you can find the perfect Mom, Dad, and baby Halloween costume trio of your dreams.

Some parents plan their first family costume way ahead of time (*ahem* guilty), some choose multiple mom, dad, and baby Halloween costumes and hope they have more than one occasion to dress up for (guilty again), and some are so caught up in the new baby haze that it’s almost Halloween before they even notice it’s October yet. And hey, there’s no shame in that. Those first few weeks and months are a doozy with a baby.

That’s where these ideas come in. If you haven’t had time to think about your family of three’s costume yet, or need some inspiration for your family’s Halloween costumes, there are so many approaches you can take, from being the cutest Kangaroo (or other type of animal) family, to dressing up as iconic characters from your favorite TV show or movie of the year. And even if these aren’t the perfect fit, they should spark some ideas of other iconic trios you can fashion your family after.


Scooby Doo Characters

Ruh roh — there couldn’t be a better Scooby costume for a baby than this one! It’s basically a onesie with a cap. Parents can dress up as Scooby’s friends — Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Fred. You can even dress up as the Mystery Machine.


A Family of Pumpkins

Throwback to the classic pumpkin costume. Seeing a baby in a round orange one piece with a little stem cap never gets old, and adults pull the look off pretty well, too. Parents can try an orange jack-o-lantern poncho or t-shirt if the round belly doesn’t work for you.


A Whole Meal

This one piece hot dog costume is perfect for the family that loves to barbecue. The adults can wear ketchup and mustard costumes to match. Alternatively, check out these hamburger and corn on the cob costumes.


Star Wars Characters (Including The Cutest One)

What cuter character could your baby could dress as than Grogu? This infant The Child costume from Party City is absolutely adorable, and comes with both the robe and headpiece. Check out their Mando, Darth Vader, Leia, and Storm Trooper costumes to choose how you and your partner will dress.


A Top Gun-Inspired Ensemble

A baby Maverick flight suit costume? Add. To. Cart. Your little one will look so cute suited up to fly a fighter jet. Party City also has adult sizes for parents to join the flight crew. One important note though: you’ll need to provide your own sunglasses to complete the look for this mom, dad, and baby Halloween costume.


A Whole Skeleton Crew

If your No. 1 priority in a Halloween costume is being comfy, the Halloween skeleton jumpsuit from Carter’s (and adult versions from elsewhere on the internet) are the perfect family costume idea. It’s got strong snap closures, soft fabric, and cuffed sleeves and legs to keep baby cozy on a chilly night trick-or-treating from the stroller.


Hermione & Harry Potter Company

There are so many amazing Harry Potter costume ideas in the world, but when you have a baby, you want something simple that won’t make them uncomfortable, too hot, or too chilly. The Hermione costume dress and headband set from Target will feel like just another onesie to your little one, but if you and your partner jump in as Harry, Ron, Luna, Bellatrix, or your favorite characters, the three of you together will still stand out.


Mario, Luigi, & Princess Peach

This SUPER MARIO Nintendo baby costume bodysuit and hat set is adorable and comfortable for babies of any age. Each parent can to dress as their favorite Nintendo character — think Luigi, Peach, Wario, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, Bullet Bill, and so many more. The only way this group look could get any cuter is if baby is old enough to shout, “It’s a-me!”


The Cast Of A Halloween Classic

If you’ve got a chunky baby on your hands, celebrate this stage with a fitting costume: the Ghostbusters Stay Puft Man. With Mom and Dad in their jumpsuits and ghost-battling backpacks, the three of you will be a hit with the whole neighborhood when you take to the streets.


A Superhero Squad

Do you or your partner love the Marvel universe? In that case, dressing your little one up in a baby Hulk muscle costume, complete with a foamy strong man suit and angry eyebrow headpiece, is right up your alley. Whether your fave is Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, or Thor, any of the other MCU superheroes will pair perfectly with little Hulk’s look.


Patrick Star & Friends

OK, how adorable is this Baby Patrick Star costume? Just thinking about your baby laying around like Patrick on top of his coconut house is enough to start the laughs. For Mom and Dad, Spirit Halloween also carries adult sizes of a Sandy Cheeks costume, as well as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy ensembles, so you can basically just take the population of Bikini Bottom on parade when you go trick-or-treating.


A Nightmarish Trio

Yes, Jack Skellington is supposed to be tall, but even diehard The Nightmare Before Christmas fans will make an exception for how cute this costume is. The baby Jack Skellington costume from Party City is part of their line from the movie, which includes adult Jack and Sally costumes, as well as a dog one to dress your pup like Zero.


Your Little Minion

For Minions-obsessed parents who are dying to see their new baby in a little yellow, pill-shaped, overall-wearing body, wishes do come true. Party’s City’s baby Minion Kevin costume is perfect for babies and toddlers, and has adult costumes to match so you can look like a whole troop of Gru’s finest banana-loving employees.


Sully, Celia, & Mike Wazowski

What could be cuter than dressing your baby as everyone’s favorite neon green, perfectly circular one-eyed cretin? The Baby Mike Wazowski Costume pays homage one of Disney and Pixar’s most recognizable characters with his giant eye, wide smile, and two little horns. And you and your partner can easily find Sully costumes in adult sizes (both true Halloween costumes and giant onesie pajamas if you’d prefer), or you can pay homage to Mike’s love interest from Monsters, Inc., Celia, by dressing as her instead. Don’t forget to help your baby apply their odorant. Mike’s signature scents include smelly garbage, low tide, and wet dog.


‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Crew

The scarecrow who just wanted a brain. The tin man and his newfound heart. The lion and all his new courage. Or Dorothy in her classic red slippers. No matter which one you choose to dress your baby as, he or she is bound to look adorable. This baby Happy Harvest scarecrow costume is the perfect option for a little one you want to be festive yet comfortable.


The First Baby’s Security Detail

Sorry not sorry, this costume is just too funny. Dad can wear his best suit and sunglasses and give the Secret Service and POTUS parent and baby costume to the real brawn in the family: Mama. This one doesn’t come with clothes for whichever parent is wearing the POTUS baby, but just do your best with whatever black clothing items you have on hand. Plus, if you want to keep people socially distanced from your baby this year, you can do it in a comical way, telling people to please step back with one hand on your ear and your most official sounding voice.


A Recipe To Remember

This chef and spaghetti baby and me costume comes with a silver pot cover to slip over a baby carrier, a spaghetti and meatballs headpiece for your baby, and a chef’s hat and smock for Mom or Dad to wear. Since the costume only covers two out of three family members, you’ll have to decide if the other parent will be a chef as well, or perhaps they could dress as a jar of tomato sauce? Some moms have done this dressed as Prego-brand sauce to announce they’re expecting baby number two, but you could choose a generic version if you’re happy with your one little meatball for now.


Two Thieves & Their Loot

Just like the chef and spaghetti baby costume, this bank robber and money bag getup is intended for two, but it’s easy to add in a costume for Mom or Dad. This set includes a money bag baby carrier cover and faux cash headpiece for baby, as well as a black beanie and eye mask for either Mom or Dad to wear (you’ll have to supply the shirt, pants, and shoes). You could either have your partner dress as another burglar, or they could be a bank teller, police officer, or anything else you can think of.

Did you find your family’s perfect mom, dad, and baby Halloween costume here? No matter what you choose, take lots of pics to remember it by.

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