Trick or Treat!

A map of the most searched Halloween costumes in every state in 2022.
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A Map Of The Most Popular Halloween Costumes In Every State In 2022

Cats and witches rule supreme.

If you’re still looking for a Halloween costume for your kids, you might benefit from a little intel on which Halloween costumes are most popular in your state. The safest bet out there appears to be to dress your kid as a cat or a witch. Those old stand-bys are marked safe for all, it seems, because those are the two most-searched-for costumes by state in the entire country.

AT&T’s All Home Connections recently shared data on the most searched Halloween costumes in every state this year. There were a few stand-alones in the crowd, a few rogue states where people decided to go their own way. Especially noteworthy are both Alabama and Oklahoma, where the most searched Halloween costume was Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. Does this mean people are dressing their kids as Jon Snow or looking up the costume for themselves? Fascinating.

Otherwise the research offered up a real mix of traditional and somewhat surprising. Even more surprising than the mental image of a bunch of baby Jon Snows solemnly trick-or-treating in Alabama and Oklahoma.

A map of the most searched Halloween costumes in every state in 2022. All Homes Connections

Here’s a look at what the research found:

  • Cats came out on top, with 12 states registering these cute/ominous pets as the most searched for costumes.
  • Next in line was a cat’s best friend, the ever popular and enduring witch costume, which came out on top in 11 states. Thank you Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2.
  • Vampire costumes came in third, which could be based on the popularity of Twilight or maybe just because throwing on a cape and a pair of vampire teeth is cheap and easy.
  • Montana is firmly an Addams Family state, apparently. Their most searched costume was Wednesday Addams.
  • Elvis is alive and well in Mississippi and Nevada, which makes sense since he was born in Mississippi and performed in Las Vegas, Nevada pretty frequently. Hopefully kids in Nevada wear the full jewel-encrusted jump suit.
  • Disney still reigns supreme in some states, with Buzz Lightyear coming out on top in six states and Encanto costumes taking the lead in five states.

Perhaps one of the most shocking pieces of information to come from this list was the absence of superheroes. No Batman, no Superman, no Spider-man. Maybe kids don’t really want to worry about rescuing anyone when they’re just trying to get some candy.