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22 Gifts Grandma Didn't Realize She Wanted For Mother's Day

Not only will they love these gifts, they’ll actually use them.

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Mother’s Day is not just a day for mamas with young children. How about the grandmas who raised their own children and now pitch in to help care for their grandchildren? Grandmas provide such a critical role in a family and child’s life. And that’s why you should consider giving them one of these 20 Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers. Some of these items are for the grammys who carry around old school brag books; others focus on providing grandmas with some much needed R&R. But all of these Mother’s Day gifts for grandma were chosen to express to the gran in your life how much she means to you, your family, and your children.

These gifts on this list span the spectrum of price ranges so even if you’re not looking to break the bank this holiday season, you can still find something suitable to say “We love you, Grandma.” And the truth is, Grandma most likely prefers a meaningful and thoughtful gift rather than something that costs a lot of money.

Ready to shop? Check out these Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers. You’re sure to find something that will make her feel loved and appreciated.

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A Grandma-worthy tote bag

Packing her things to come to your house won’t be a problem anymore when you give your grandma this darling Grandma Tote bag. And she’ll never get it confused with anyone else’s canvas tote since it reads: “Grandma’s Tote. Visit. Hug. Spoil. Escape.” Does your grandma prefer a different name? Maybe Meemaw or Oma? Not a problem. You can customize the tote to her preferred title. This bag can hold up to 30 pounds and measures 20"W x 15"H x 5"D with 23-inch long handles, perfect for pulling onto her shoulder.


A grandkid birthstone necklace

What’s better than a big old brag book? A Birthstone Grandkid Necklace that grandma can show off to all of her friends. This personalized piece of jewelry allows you to adorn a necklace with individual disc charms featuring a grandchild’s birthstone along with their name and/or birthday. Then, each time a new baby joins the family, give grandma another charm to add to her chain. Shoppers can choose from gold, rose gold, or silver and match the charms accordingly. Necklaces are 18-inches and the pendants are 18 millimeters. This meaningful Mother’s Day gift for grandma will let her keep her grandchildren not only in her heart but by her heart at all times.


An affirmation deck to boost Gram’s self-esteem

You might think of grandma as the one you turn to for support, but she needs it too and these “I Am Everything” affirmation cards will remind her to love herself just as much as she loves her family. Called the card game “where you always win,” designer Tarisha Clark packs the 30-card deck with powerful messages like “I Am Compassionate” and “I Am Grateful” that are accompanied by paragraphs spelling out reminders to reaffirm oneself. Each is 2.75” x 4.75" inches, so grandma could keep them by her bedside or carry them in her purse for a constant reminder of her importance.


Another way to display photos for the grandma who just can’t get enough

Photo calendars are so last year. Give grandma images of all of her grandkids all the time with a stack of Photo Coasters. Now every time she tucks in to watch her favorite TV program with a cup of tea or glass of wine, she can rest her beverage on one of her grands. Sets are sold in packs of 4 and can be produced with one single image or four different images. Each coaster has a cork backing to protect furniture and a glossy finish to the photos. They measure 4.25 x 4.25 inches. And there’s no need to sweat over your photo files. The Etsy vendor will crop the images for you.


A keepsake for grandmas who love to cook

For lifelong cooks who have been keeping favorite recipes on tear sheets and scraps of paper for years, keeping their best dishes organized might be a challenge. So help grandma get her receipts in order with this Decorative Recipe Tin. Available in 6 different designs, including florals and geometrics, the tins easily hold 4 x 6-inch recipe cards. It’s designed with a retro feel, and the lid pops off entirely so there are no hinges to worry about either.


A beautiful bandana for accessorizing

A scarf is always a solid Mother’s Day gift for grandma, but why go with something plain? Give her a wearable piece of art with this Me Time Bandana. The blue design features an elegant woman surrounded by stars holding a flower and is meant to represent self care and recognition. What a fitting tribute to a woman who deserves so much. The 23" x 23" bandana is produced on 100% cotton and is a limited edition piece that could be worn around the neck, on the head, or displayed at home.


A garden for Grandma to grow

Shopping for a Mother's Day gift for grandma can be challenging. You might think “just buy a bouquet.” But why do that when you can give grandma flowers that live beyond a week and have a lot more meaning with the Birth Month Flower Grow Kit? Just select grammy’s birth month and she’ll be mailed seeds, a glass bottle to grow them in, soilless growing medium, instructions, and info about what your flower symbolizes. For instance, March birthdays get mini yellow Snapdragons, while August is poppies. A cork that comes in the kit doubles as a coaster for the glass container.


Super efficient gardening gloves for a greenthumb granny

While on the theme of flora and fauna, consider Extra Long Gardening Gloves for the grandma in your life who is always digging in the dirt. Not only do these provide additional sun protection, she’ll be saved from getting scratches from prickly roses or stray branches when she rocks these pretty floral gloves. And for added protection, the palm of the glove is made from synthetic leather, a bonus for cruelty-free enthusiasts. An adjustable cuff also means grandma can tighten or loosen the gloves as she sees fit. They can even be machine washed. But if you want even more of a selling point, tell her that the brand, Womanswork, is an entirely woman-owned company that’s been operating for 32 years. She’s bound to appreciate that.


A super silky mask to help Grandma sleep

A catnap in a rocking chair may have been the way grandmas of old grabbed some shut-eye. Nowadays you can do your grandma one better with this Washable Silk Sleep Mask. The height of bedtime luxury, this dream machine will help grandma get her beauty rest thanks to its light design that fully cloaks the eyes. Think of it as black-out curtains for the face. It comes in 5 color options and fits comfortably thanks to an extra wide band that gently wraps around the back of the head. Plus it can go in the wash and be air dried thanks to its 100% silk exterior and 100% polyester filling.


A little sleep serum for Grandma’s beauty rest

Not to oversell the need for sleep, but, well, grandma needs her sleep! You know why? Because you need your sleep and when you can’t get any, she just might be your number one hope for a last minute grandkid sleepover. Make sure everyone gets their Z’s by giving her this lavender-fragranced Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. The 2.5-oz. bottle is filled with a signature blend of the aforementioned lavender, vetiver and chamomile, designed to calm the body and mind. No sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone or talc are included. Just spritz it onto pillows and breathe deeply for a relaxing snooze.


A fresh shower cap to protect Granny’s hair

I don’t know about you, but the grandmas I know are still using the shower caps they bought back in ‘61. Give her a fresh one to keep her hair protected with this great Mother’s Day gift for grandma, the Fetti Showercap. Super colorful, this cap adds a playful element to the otherwise everyday act of taking a shower. The comfortable turban design means gram can tuck all of her hair inside and keep it water-free without feeling like her head is being squeezed too tight. If she does get on it or it gets dirty, she can throw it in the washing machine for its own rinse. Made for all hair types, this is a gift idea she might just steal for her own friends.


A luxury pool float for the summer

If lounging pool side is your grandma’s idea of a perfect weekend, get her a luxe Kai Infinity pool float to do so in style. This is not your average pool inflatable. Essentially a water hammock, this float actually swaddles the user so they feel extra relaxed in the water. And rather than the typical plastic material you see on average floats, this one is made from a marine fabric that makes it long lasting summer after summer. The Kai can support up to 300 pounds and is 28 inches wide and 70 inches long.


A skillet to make Grandma’s recipes shine

If grandma’s Sunday supper is the stuff of legend, but she hasn’t swapped out her kitchen tools since 1976, it’s time to upgrade her utensils with this Smithey Cast Iron Skillet. Ten inches in length, this skillet has great additional features like two pour spouts and a so-called “helper handle” on the end when one hand can’t get the job done on its own. Thoughtfully and beautifully designed, this is as much a show piece as it is a kitchen work horse that grandma can display when she’s not making her legendary biscuits or steak. Because it is cast iron, it’s on the heavy side — roughly 5.5 pounds — so keep that in mind when shopping.


A digital frame for easy photo sharing

Sharing photos of their grandkids is one of a grandma’s favorite activities. But it can be hard to keep up with new images, especially for families that are separated by long distances. Rather than texting endless streams of images, put them right inside a frame in grandma’s house without ever leaving your own. It’s possible with the Brookstone® Digital Frame. This tech device allows families to load a digital frame by sending up to 50 images at a time for a total of 5,000 high resolution photos. The attractive unit can stand up or be wall mounted, depending on grandma’s preference. And is easy to install. Once up, all she needs to do is enjoy the view.


A soda maker for DIY fizzy drinks

Sometimes a cold glass of water just doesn’t cut it and that’s why soda has seen a mega boom in popularity. If your grandma’s fridge is packed with single serving cans of soda water, introduce her to the beauty that is the SodaStream soda maker. With this tool, she can say goodbye to store bought soda forever and batch her own. With one simple button, the SodaStream makes brewing DIY soda easy. All grandma has to do is plug the attractive unit — available in black and white — into the wall. Mount the C02 cylinder and fizz up.


A super soft sheets set

Summer is on the horizon and if grandma hates to be hot, treat her to a fresh set of Linoto Linen Sheets. Called “heirloom level linen,” these super soft bed coverings will keep grandma cool and comfortable all night long. And with 38 colors to choose from, you can be sure you’ll find something grandma will like. You could even mix and match the pillows to the sheets. The artisanal American-made product is made from fine linens sourced from Italy and Belgium. And if grandma decides she doesn’t like them after all, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.


A wine cooler to help Granny chillax

Help your grandma chill, literally, with a gorgeous polished marble wine cooler engraved with her very own monogram. A truly original Mother’s Day gift for grandma, she can break this out for formal occasions or the odd Friday night. The lovely chiller sits on a wooden base to protect it and her furniture and will keep her favorite chardonnay nice and chilly throughout the evening.


A picnic basket for outdoor lunches

Does gram love to go for a ride, find a beautiful vista, and then pull out a great picnic? Let her do it in style by swapping out her old cooler for this Woven Picnic Basket. Everything she needs for a lovely al fresco lunch is included in this perfect picnic basket for two including: two 8-inch porcelain plates, two wine glasses, two linen napkins, and a waiter-style corkscrew. Throw in a bottle of wine with your gift and she’ll be ready to roll.


A retro kettle for a quick cup of tea

Granny’s tea kettle is great and all but why not show her the wonderful world of kitchen design by upgrading her pot with a Smeg Electric Kettle. As gorgeous as it is practical. It has a 7-cup capacity, so she can throw a tea party any time she wants, but it also features a chic retro look a nostalgic grandma will appreciate. It automatically turns off so there’s no need to worry about unplugging it either. And you can give granny a little bonus by buying the warranty for hassle-free repairs.


An instant camera for on demand images

Digital images are great, but some grandmas might crave the old school printed pictures. That’s harder to come by these days with fewer and fewer photo producers in brick and mortar shops. Let grandma enjoy some tactile images by giving her a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera for Mother’s Day. Using this cute camera — available in 11 wild colors — she can make the most of the next family reunion by producing instant images. Film packs are sold separately but come with 10 images per pack and can be purchased in color or black and white depending on Granny’s preference.


A pretty and packable sewing kit

Whether she’s always being asked to darn holes in her grandkid’s jeans or constructing elaborate holiday dresses, some grandma’s could really use a new sewing kit. This Pioneer Woman Sewing Kit is especially attractive as it not only comes packed with the essentials — a fabric ruler, sewing cushion, scissors, sewing needles, seam ripper, needle threader, and pins — it also has a lovely floral design with an easy to grab handle for the grandma on the go. The kit features a clear plastic window, so it’s easy to find the odd notion in a pinch. As a bonus, it measures 2.20 x 6.50 x 8.90 inches, making it just as easy to pack.


A retro record player

Did you find grandma’s old records gathering dust in her attic? Think she’d love to hear these tunes again? Then why not give her a Victrola Vintage Record Player? With a design she’ll instantly recognize, this suitcase-style three-speed record player looks and feels just like the players of old, but with improved sound modifications. It even has a handle so grandma can take it on trips. The speakers are built-in so there’s no extra equipment required. And when you come over for a visit, you can link it to your Bluetooth device to play wireless songs of your own choosing.

Now go grab the gran in your life a great Mother’s Day gift, and don’t forget to include a thoughtful card.

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