Mother's Day

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Here Are 25 Mother's Day Gifts Any Grandma Is Guaranteed to Love

Not only will they love these gifts, they’ll actually use them.

Mother’s Day is coming up quick, but it’s not just a day for mamas with young children. How about the grandmas who raised their own children and now pitch in to help care for their grandchildren? Grandmas provide such a critical role in a family and child’s life. And that’s why you should consider giving them one of these 25 Mother’s Day gifts for grandmothers.

Some of these items are for the grammies who carry around old school brag books; others focus on providing grandmas with some much needed R&R. But all of them were chosen to express to the gran in your life how much she means to you, your family, and your children.

The good news is, the retail industry has caught up with the move to include grandmas in Mother’s Day celebrations, so you won’t have too much trouble tracking these items and their ilk online. Better yet? These gifts span the spectrum of prices ranges so even if you’re not looking to break the bank this holiday season, you can still find something suitable to say “We love you, Grandma.”

Ready to shop? Check out these grandmotherly gifts that the glam-ma in your life will love.

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The Perfect Grandma Mug

She’ll never forget the year that made her a grandma, but let her share that awesome news as well with this charming mug.


A Shirt for A Grammy Who Loves Her Cubs

Does the grandma in your life care for her cubs like a big ol’ grizzly? Then give her a t-shirt that says “we love you beary much.”


A Charm for Grandma

The fun of Alex and Ani jewelry is that the first piece is just a building block. So you can give your Grandma this charm and she can add additional charms she wants, collecting a new one for each grandchild.


A Diaper Bag For Grammy

If Grandma wants to help out, give her a hand with this lovely diaper bag she can make all her own. Now you won’t have to drop one off each time baby comes for a visit.


Grammy Self-Care Bath Bombs

Even Grandma deserves a break, so let her take a good long bath with this luxurious bath bomb soak.


A Silky Sleep Mask

A catnap in a rocking chair may have been the way grandmas of old grabbed some shut-eye. Nowadays you can do your grandma one better with this silk sleep mask.


A DIY Foot Massage

A gift certificate to a spa is fab, but how about having a spa on hand at all times? Now that’s a gift she can really use.


A Little Sleep Serum

Not to oversell the need for sleep, but, well, grandma needs her sleep! You know why? Because you need your sleep and when you can’t get any, she just might be your number one hope for a last minute grandkid sleepover.


A Fresh Shower Cap

I don’t know about you, but the grandmas I know are still using the shower caps they bought back in ‘61. Give her a fresh one to keep her hair protected.


A Handy Gardening Tool Set

Have a gran in your life who loves to garden? This 7 piece set is the perfect gift. Not only does it store all the tools, it doubles as a seat, all the better to get to spring weeding.


For the Grandma Far Away

Not everyone gets to enjoy seeing their grandma each day. If your gram lives across the country, this heart map is a great way to share your love.


A Digital Frame

What’s better than one framed photo of grandkids? Multiple photos that virtually rotate!


Something Pretty & Pastel

Handcrafted in Uganda, these delicate earrings are made with colored bone beads and recycled glass beads, and proceeds go to a good cause (Akola’s mission is to provide employment opportunities to women in Uganda).


A Brag Book About Grandma

You know what never gets old? Reading compliments about yourself. So imagine how good grandma will feel when she gets this book all about her on Mother’s Day.


A Customized Calendar

Mark time by giving your grandma a calendar filled with fun family memories for every month. You can personalize your calendar using Shutterfly’s customization tool.


A Super Beach Recliner

If vacationing with grandma at the beach is a summer tradition, help your Gran take a load off with this zero gravity beach recliner.


A Grandma’s Book of Letters

Want your children to know all about their grandma? Invite her to share personal letters with her grandkids using this charming book.


A Picture Book Just for Grandma

Story time with grandma can be such a special time. So why not make the subject of the snuggle session all about a child and grandma’s relationship?


The Perfect Grandma Sweatshirt

Grandma’s have a reputation for spoiling their grands. And this shirt completely sums that attitude up.


A Playful Wine Glass

OK, so this glass might cause a mother-in-law rift, but if your family has a good sense of humor, both grandmas will see the fun in this wine glass.


A Wall-Mounted Brag Board

Grammys love to brag about their broods, so give them a great way to display their love with this wall-mountable brag board.


A Personalized Rolling Pin

Making cookies with grandma is a childhood favorite. So give your gran a rolling pin with her name or title on it.


A Stunning Bouquet

Flowers are always a good idea. Repeat: Flowers are always a good idea.


A Box of Chocolates

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s nothing better than a box of chocolate. Is that your grandma? Then consider this Mother’s Day gift.


A Picture Perfect Blanket

Even when you’re far away, grandma can snuggle up with her grandkids thanks to this customizable photo blanket. Just find the shots you like and put your own personal twist on the photo throw.

Now go grab the gran in your life a great gift. And don’t forget to include a thoughtful card too!