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20 Old-Fashioned Couple Nicknames We Should Bring Back

It’s time to bring back Dreamboat.

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Like anything else, pet names that couples give each other go through trends (remember the popularity of bae a few years back)? As it turns out, couples have been making up sickeningly sweet names for one another since forever. In fact, there are some pretty great old-fashioned couple nicknames that we should bring back now. These old-timey pet names are a great way to make your partner feel loved (and maybe mildly confused).

So what's in a nickname, after all? In general, these cute couple nicknames appear to mean positive things for a relationship, and it’s super common to call your S.O. an abbreviated name. Even Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sweet nicknames for each other; Haz and Meg. As long as both partners are cool with the specific nicknames, then it does appear to help with their bond. (That said, not everyone likes pet names, and that's OK too.)

So if you want to shower your partner with affection, look no further than some of the best romantic couple nicknames of all time. It's a fun and playful way to keep your relationship interesting, and these types of names can really bond you as a couple. And if the names are far too embarrassing to repeat in public, well, that's even better. Read on to find the next name for your beloved.


Apple Of My Eye

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This idiom refers to someone you absolutely adore. Not sure where the bit about apples in eyeballs came from, though.



Calling someone “my treasure” is adorable. However, using it often could mean getting that Bruno Mars song stuck in your head from time to time.



Honestly, it’s difficult for the nerdier people among us to hear this term and not picture Gollum from LOTR. But referring to your S.O. as precious is honestly pretty cute.


Gentleman (Or Lady) Caller

This term appears in the Tennessee Williams play The Glass Menagerie, where one of the characters goes on about all the “gentleman callers” (AKA potential boyfriends) she had back in the day. Although the relationships in the play aren’t exactly functional, the term itself is sweet.



This is such a lovely, traditional pet name. It's appropriate for anyone you happen to be dating.



Calling someone your kitten is another precious choice. Or use the French word for kitten, chaton, to be a little extra.



It's another sweet choice, and this one comes with endless variations. Doll-face and Baby-doll are also great.



Let me call you sweetheart… because it's an adorable term of endearment.


Cuddle Bug

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Snuggle up to your S.O. and call them your cuddlebug.



For a cutesy nickname with a British vibe, try pet. Also, using “pet” as a pet name just feels appropriate.



It's a cute, classic pet name. Plus, any name that references sweet treats is pretty fun.


Honey Bunch

And if regular Honey isn't enough, then go for Honey Bunch. (The only downside: this nickname might make you crave cereal.)



If you live for all things autumn and PSLs, then this is a perfect name. Really, calling someone Pumpkin is an honor.


Turtle Dove

For a cute name with connections to the bird world, try turtle dove. It’s especially fitting for anyone who loves “The Twelve Days Of Christmas.”



“Sugar” has been used as a pet name since... basically forever. It’s perfect for anyone you’re sweet on.



This one is used sarcastically pretty often, like in the phrase "Yes, dear." But it's still a sweet word at heart. To make it a little cuter, consider "dearie" or "deary.”


Main Squeeze

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This term also feels delightfully retro.


Angel Face

Angel Eyes or simply Angel also work.



It's another classic, short and simple.



Honestly, this one has such a delightful, old-fashioned ring to it. The next time you see your sweetheart, try out this or some other old-fashioned term of endearment.

No matter how long you’ve been with your S.O., referring to one another with cutesy pet names is a simple way to keep the relationship playful and fun. By using the retro old-fashioned couple nicknames for one another, you’re reinforcing your bond in a sweet (and silly) way.

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