New Peppa Pig Toys To Inspire Plenty Of Piggy Play

Oink! Oink! Snort!

Peppa has been busy, you guys. The adorable character will don her red dress and take her British accent on the road for the Peppa Pig Live! tour and open a theme park this spring. But she’s also got a new TV special airing on the Nick Jr. preschool block on Nickelodeon in May, welcoming every kid to her new clubhouse called Peppa’s Club. To celebrate, new Peppa Pig toys are coming soon to a store near you and Romper has all of the exclusive details!

First up, your little piggies can tune in to a special four-episode arc of Peppa Pig on Nickelodeon to learn all about Peppa’s Club. The show will introduce Peppa’s brand new clubhouse where she and all her friends will play, dream, and imagine their little sweet hearts out. Once your kids see Peppa’s clubhouse on TV, you know they’ll want one of their own. Thankfully, they won’t have to wait too long to have a clubhouse all their own to play with.

Available Aug. 1, 2022, from Hasbro, the Peppa Pig Kids-Only Clubhouse set lets little ones reenact their favorite moments from the show and dream up their own scenes to play out with Peppa and her friend Rebecca. When the figurines are placed on the clubhouse’s hotspot, the set comes alive with real sounds and phrases from the show.

The purple and teal clubhouse’s backdrop is interchangeable, so Peppa and Rebecca can play in different places. Simply flip the backdrop and suddenly, they’re in a sweet little bakery, snacking on their favorite treats. With moveable furniture and a fun slide attachment, there are plenty of opportunities for your kid’s imagination to come alive with this set. The Peppa Pig Kids-Only Clubhouse is intended for kids ages 3 and up, and will retail for $49.99.

For even more Peppa-inspired fun, Hasbro will also release the Peppa Pig All Around Peppa’s Town Playset on Aug. 1. Retailing for $69.99, this set has so much to offer fans of the show, giving kids the opportunity to imagine much of Peppa’s world right in their own play spaces.

Your kids can zoom Peppa’s Mummy’s red car around an adjustable track that takes the included Peppa figurine all around town. Rearrange the path to connect the road to visit different places like Peppa’s house, the schoolhouse, playground, and Mr. Bull’s construction site.

As kids push the car around the track, it plays different sounds, music, and phrases when it passes over each of the four sound-provoking hotspots on the track. There’s even a story narration that plays three different story-starters, prompting kids to move the car to different destinations while the story plays.

Not only can kids enjoy rearranging the track, they can also play with Peppa at all of the different locations included. She can swing on the swings or bounce on the see-saw at the playground, have a lesson at the schoolhouse table, and more. This playset is truly so versatile. Your little piggies are gonna love it.