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Dress Up The Whole Family In These 'Peppa Pig' Halloween Costumes

Party in Peppatown this Halloween.

If your kid is all about the posh pig from Peppatown, then there’s no mystery about what you’re going to wear this October 31. The best Peppa Pig costumes for Halloween include looks for both children and adults. Other members of the Pig family, as well as some of Peppa’s BFFs, are also included in the mix.

And one of the best things about dressing your child in a Peppa Pig costume for Halloween are all the group costume ideas that come along with it. Adults are welcome to dress as Mummy Pig and/or Daddy Pig, and other littles can get a costume of George, Peppa’s younger brother. Don’t forget Peppa’s best friends like Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit, because they all have cute costumes as well. If you’re into the idea of mother-child Halloween costumes but want to include more friends and family in the fun, then Peppa Pig group costumes are a cute and recognizable option.

If your kid is still a bit young for the scary child costumes for Halloween, then the toddler-friendly costumes featuring Peppa Pig and friends are well worth your consideration. Whether your kid is just getting into the Pig family’s adventures, or they’ve seen every episode a few times over, the Peppa Pig Halloween costume ideas are sure to make your family squeal with joy.

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Peppa Pig Ballerina Costume

This sweet dress, with a red top, tutu skirt, and Peppa Pig hood, makes getting your toddler dressed for Halloween a cinch. Because the outfit is so simple, it’s easy to personalize to fit your toddler’s personality, as well as adjust for the weather. If you live in a warm area, for instance, then a pair or pink tights and some ballerina flats are all you need. Folks in cooler climates can layer a long-sleeved shirt and warm tights underneath it, and there’s always the option for adding a jacket on top. Whatever accessories you choose, this bright red and pink costume is undeniably Peppa Pig all decked out in dance gear.


Daddy Pig Costume

The foam tunic body, with fabric sleeves and a neck insert, will transform any adult into Daddy Pig in no time. Simply flip up the hood, which is brought to life with embroidered facial features, and boom: the costume is complete. If your whole family is dressing up in Peppa Pig-themed costumes, then Daddy Pig definitely needs to be in the mix, too. Best of all, you can just pop this simple Halloween costume over whatever you’re already wearing and instantly be ready. Plus, taking your kids trick-or-treating while dressed as Daddy Pig is a surefire way to find all the other Peppa Pig fans who are out and about that night.


Mummy Pig Women’s Costume

This costume consists of a dress and character hood that helps you instantly become Mummy Pig, the cool matriarch of the Pig family. Now you can wear a cool orange dress just like this cool author and volunteer firefighter. The dress and blushing pig hood will be instantly recognizable to any Peppa Pig fans who are out and about, and the costume gives you the chance to try out your best British accent all evening. (Assuming you aren’t already British.) Have fun accessorizing this simple but iconic outfit with a jacket, tights of your choice, and sneakers, flats, or boots. It’s one of the easiest Halloween outfits to throw together for a mom who’s wrangling her own Peppa and George in real life.


Peppa Pig Pirate Costume

With a printed skirt, attached pig tail, and pig hood with a pirate hat, this toddler costume is all your kid needs for Halloween. Really, it’s like two costumes in one, because your kid is dressed up as Peppa Pig who is dressed in pirate garb. Plus, it’s incredibly detailed with the blue and white striped top, black skirt, and bright red trim. The cartoonish skull and crossbones on top of the pirate hat is instantly recognizable, too, without being too scary for the littles. Throw on some cool boots (and maybe a parrot to pin on your kid’s shoulder) and Pirate Peppa is ready to go.


Peppa Pig Toddler Costume

This clever red dress with pink sleeves and an attached hood will instantly transform your toddler into Peppa Pig. For the littlest fans out there (AKA Peppa Pig’s target audience), this puffy and fun costume is super-easy to put on and comfy to wear. The red dress and pink pig hood are distinctly Peppa, and the pink sleeves definitely help sell the whole look. Your kid will be ready to pose for Insta-perfect Halloween costume pics in seconds flat, because unfussy, simple costumes are a bonus for toddler parents. Just watch out for muddy puddles when you are out trick-or-treating, because you know how Peppa loves them.


George Pig Toddler Costume

For family Peppa Pig Halloween costumes, you basically have to include George, Peppa Pig’s younger brother and playmate. The classic George toddler costume features the character’s recognizable blue shirt, which easily slips right over their head. Then add on the cute piggy hat and your toddler is all set. Your toddler can wear whatever pants and shoes they like, and your can easily make the costume warmer by adding a long-sleeved shirt underneath and a jacket on top. Whatever adventures your family is planning this Halloween, having one kid in tow with a George Pig costume will complete your Pig family group costume.


Mummy Pig Costume

Funny t-shirts are the perfect option for people who want to celebrate Halloween without going all-out on a costume. This solid-color cotton t-shirt features Mummy Pig’s smiling face and “This is my Mummy Pig costume” as well. It’s maybe the easiest Halloween costume for adults out there, but it’s still perfectly on-theme for a Pig family group costume experience. Fellow parents will definitely appreciate your simple take on costuming. If you want to add a little more to your look, then wear some pink pants or leggings and maybe a pair of falsies to recreate Mummy Pig’s iconic lashes. Whatever you decide, it’s a cute costume you can reuse as a pajama top the rest of the year.


Rebecca Rabbit Child Costume

Don’t forget the rest of the characters in Peppa Pig’s world, including best bud Rebecca Rabbit from playgroup. This cute costume replicates Rebecca Rabbit’s turquoise dress, and there’s even a cute little pompon tail sewn in to the back seam. The washable dress runs true to size, and the handmade ear headband is included in the cost. The headband is flexible and designed to fit either children or adults. Feel free to incorporate carrots, Rebecca’s favorite food, into the costume as well. (For an easy option, simply tote a little bag of carrots around while trick-or-treating. Your little bunny will look beyond adorable in this Halloween costume.


Suzy Sheep Child Costume

This handmade pink cotton twill Suzy Sheep costume dress, in Suzy’s signature pink, is an adorable costume for any kid. It comes with the little fleece sheep tail attached, and you can add on Suzy Sheep ears ($7.50) or Suzy Sheep’s toy owl ($30.00) at checkout for more accessories. The sheep ears headband is covered in satin and designed to be comfortable for adults and children. Although Suzy and Peppa don’t always see eye to eye, they are still best friends at the end of the day and enjoy plenty of adventures together. With kids dressed as both Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep, you’re sure to have a wonderfully fun Halloween.


Peppa Pig Tutu Dress Toddler Costume

This is quite possibly the fanciest Peppa Pig costume available, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves a little glitz and glam. The red dress includes an image of Peppa on the front (wearing a crown, no less), as well as a super-sparkly red skirt. The included Peppa Pig headpiece also wears a crown, because this Halloween costume is fit for royalty. This Peppa Pig tutu dress costume is ideal for Halloween, and it will also make a great piece for any kid who enjoys playing dress-up. Simply pair it with some sparkly flats or sneakers and a cool Halloween candy bucket for a memorable night of trick-or-treating.